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15 Best Wedding Garment Bags For Bridals and Dresses

Are you in the market for 15 of the best wedding garment bags for dresses and bridal gowns, but you’re not sure where to go for it? Don’t worry, we got you covered! In this list, we will be enumerating some of the world’s best manufacturing companies and suppliers for wedding dress, bridal gown, suit and tie, and other similar garment bags that could go on your arsenal!

We’ll be dividing it into different areas and regions in China – and we’ll give you some hints of global wedding garment bag manufacturers, too!

Top 3 Best Wedding Garment Bag Manufacturers in Jiangsu

While Jiangsu is known for the exportation and production of technology and high-tech appliances, it’s also a province you can bank and count on when it comes to textiles, fabrics, and other similar materials. From that alone, they’ve capitalized their location toppled with their experience and skill in creating high-quality garment bags.

Here are the top 3 wedding garment bag manufacturers in Jiangsu.  

The One Packaging Solutions

The One Packaging Solutions has been one of China’s most trusted garment bag manufacturing companies in the province of Jiangsu and in the world. After proving our expertise and professionalism, we were able to create timeless pieces and designs to our clientele and gave our best in giving them.

Our bridal and formalwear garment storage bags and covers are produced and made with fine-quality materials, weaved and formed with accuracy and precision.

Not only that, but we offer complete customization of the garment bag that you wish to order! Whether you’re looking for garment bags for wedding dresses and gowns, dress protectors, clear dress and suit covers to cotton garment and travel dress bags, we got you!

Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you with what you need! We’ll send a free quotation of your orders over!

Jiangsu Yibo Color Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Being one of China’s most trusted garment bag suppliers, Yibo Color Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. has been on the ladder to be the best and most trusted garments bag suppliers and manufacturers in the world.

They started out as a regular bag, textile, and cloth manufacturing business but ended up transfiguring their business into something more.

One of their primary offers is a wide array of garment bag covers and protectors that are more than what customers and clients would expect. They offer high-quality garment and suit covers, custom canvas garment bags, transparent PVC bags, and many others more!

You can count on them like how thousands of businesses worldwide do!

Changzhou Precise Package Co., Ltd.

Last but most definitely not least in the province of Jiangsu is Changzhou city’s Precise Package Co., Ltd. Like how they named their business, the company is all about providing and producing accurate and precise items for their clientele.

One of the things they take pride on is that their huge selection of garment bags, covers, and storage options are customizable. They’re able to produce and manufacture exact copies of what their clients are looking for.

They’re able to manufacture anything from duffle bags, laundry bags, shopping bags, cooler bags, and even garment bags, too! When it comes to dress garment bags, they are skilled in producing polyester suit bags, reusable foldable garment bags, custom wedding dress bags, and many more!

Top 3 Best Wedding Garment Bag Manufacturers in Guangdong

Guangdong’s prime location makes it one of the best when it comes to exports and development. Also known as China’s economic powerhouse, it’s a special place as its geographical location, manpower, skills and experience are all propped up and compressed.

Nevertheless, the province is also home to some of the country’s most popular and most trusted wedding garment bags for dresses, bridal gowns, and other formalwear.

Guangzhou Fu Li Ya Industry Co., Ltd.

One of Guangzhou’s most trusted manufacturers of dress bags or garment bags is none other than Fu Li Ya Industry Co., Ltd. Originally, the company is not a dedicated manufacturer of garment or dress bags, and instead, they are a general bag and storage manufacturer. But, in the recent years, they’ve migrated and produced garment bags as one of their primary products.

Like its competitors, Fu Li Ya is fully equipped with high-quality materials, state-of-the-art machines, and highly experienced professionals in bagmaking.

A few of their most-sought-after units and products include non-woven polyester suit storage bags, OEM polyester PEVA garment bags, polyester suit dress bags, breathable and foldable garment bags, and many more!

Guangzhou Modicci Fashion Co., Ltd.

Modicci Fashion Co., Ltd. is one of Guangdong’s go-to options when it comes to wedding and dress garment bags in this side of the country. They’re technically not a full-on garment expert and supplier, but they are an exclusively high-quality manufacturer of different types of storage and bags.

For their garment bags, you have the option to choose from their zip-lock dustproof garment suit bags, reusable bags, custom dustproof printed garment bags to non-woven dust bags and polyester garment covers.

TexPack Manufacturing

When we’re talking about storage and garments bag suppliers and manufacturers, we’re not just referring to bag manufacturers exclusively. In fact, it can go from your typical textile and fabric manufacturers and suppliers to those that are experts in assembly and sewing.

TexPack Mfg is one of Guangdong’s main choices when it comes to wedding garment bags. Just because they’re labeled and referred to as wedding garment bags mean that they are restricted and limited to it. In fact, their garment bags are part of a bigger and larger selection – from PP non-woven garment bags, PEVA garment bags, dance garment bags, plastic garment bags, oxford material bags, and many more!

Top 3 Best Wedding Garment Bag Manufacturers in Shenzhen

If you aren’t aware, Shenzhen is known as “the world’s factory” as most of the products you see in your home are manufactured in Shenzhen. Furthermore, according to 2019 studies, the data says that 90% of the electronics and technology in the world are manufactured and created in Shenzhen.

Apart from that, Shenzhen has also been the home of many different types and kinds of manufacturers of wedding garment bags for cocktail dresses, formal wear, gowns, and many more! Here are 3 of Shenzhen’s 3 most trusted and relied on manufacturers.

Shenzhen Jasun Packaging Co., Ltd.

Also commonly referred to as Jasun Packaging, this company is one of the best when it comes to storage. They might not be like competitors that offer a wide array of garment bags and products that only vary in style, but their products are well worth it, especially with the innovation they came up with.

They offer eco-friendly varieties of non-woven clothing; satin garment covers to bridal gown bags that are thick and can accommodate multiple dresses and hangers from within. They also offer breathable garment bags for your pieces, too!

Shenzhen Yuntong Garment Accessory

Yuntong Garment Accessory is one of the industry’s most collaborative, most trusted, and most-sought-after manufacturers of clothes and garment bags. They have a limited type of garment bag selection, but rest assured that they are capable of giving you superior-quality wedding and dress garment and storage bags.

From your typical polyester dustproof garment bags to cotton suit storage bags and custom non-woven

They’re mostly known for their highly affordable luxury garment hanger and dustproof, plastic-covered non-woven garment bags.

Shenzhen Yuchuangwei Luggage Co., Ltd.  

Last but most definitely not least is Shenzhe’s classic Yuchangwei Luggage Co., Ltd. The company is more commonly referred to as YW, and they’re prominent due to the fact that they are experts in bagmaking. Garment bags are just one of the main products they offer – and, apart from this, you can also entrust to them leather capacity canvas bags and men’s toiletry product categories.

They offer anything from oxford suit storage bags, suit carriers, convertible suit bags, polyester collective garment bags, and many more!

Top 3 Best Wedding Garment Bag Manufacturers in Zheijang

Zheijang is one of those provinces that are not really well into manufacturing modern products and materials, and instead, they’ve focused on producing and manufacturing tools, appliances, rubber, and textile products raw.

It was just recently that they tried to delve out further to the outside world and they tried out garment bag manufacturing. Here are Zheijang’s top 3 garment bag suppliers and manufacturers.

Hangzhou Herhon Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Zheijang, being one of the provinces that has been focused in the manufacturing and supplication of raw materials, is no stranger to garment and dress bags. They’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and they’ve gotten a good piece of the market’s frequenters.

Among their most-loved and most-sought-after garment bag styles and types are their custom-printed non-woven bags, luxury non-woven garment bags, PP non-woven (PPNW) fabric dustproof garment bags to PEVA garment dress bags, nylon suit covers and many more!

Wenzhou Hongtao Packing Co., Ltd.

The city of Wenzhou is as diverse as you can imagine it, and it’s one of the province’s cities to some of the country’s most influential and most trusted businesses and companies when it comes to garment bags creation – and if you want one of the best, Hongtao Packing Co., Ltd. is here to help you with it.

They’ve been regarded to as one of Zheijang’s main priority for garments supplication. They have knowledge in producing and manufacturing non-woven garment bags, fabric zippered wedding dress bags, polyester garment bags to non-woven garment suit covers and PEVA garment bags.

Cangnan Laijiu IMP & EXP Co., Ltd.

Cangnan Laiu’s Import and Export Co., Ltd. is another honorable mention in Zheijang’s best wedding dress, formalwear, and garment bags manufacturing. The company is not a stranger to making these types of covers and garment protectors from whatever state possible.

Some of their top garment bags and products include, but are not limited to standard clothes storage bags, breathable wedding dress bridal gown bag, non-woven dress bags, polypropylene (PP) garment bags, custom-printed suit travel bags, and many more!

Top 3 International Best Wedding Garment Bag Manufacturers

China is one of the best and the cheapest for literally whatever type of item – also with dress and formalwear garments. However, that doesn’t erase the fact that you can get quality products from other countries, too.

Now, to help you with it, here are three (3) of the world’s most trusted and reliable garment bag suppliers and manufacturers.

Basic Ltd.

The United States (USA) is one of the country’s we’d expect to see in this list, and here you are. Being one of the most popular countries in the world, it’s kind of counterintuitive if they don’t have an ace when it comes to wedding dress and formal wear bags.

Basic Ltd. is one of those! They have everything you would want from a manufacturer. They have coat bags, fur coat storage bags, tuxedo bag, breathable garment bags to suit bags, vestment bags, dress bags, and many more!

Reach out to them and find out what exactly you want and need!  

Hoesh International Ltd.

For suit protectors and covers, the United Kingdom (UK) wouldn’t let you down on what they’re able to offer! Hoesh International Ltd., one of the nation’s top and most-trusted dress and garment bags supplier, opened its doors to producing a wide array of garment bags that are in a large variety.

The company takes pride in their skill and experience in producing cotton covers, carrier bags, personalized and customized garment bags and packages, carrier bags, and many others more!

New Directions Australia

Last, but most definitely not least is Australia’s pride – New Directions AU. The company has long been one of Australia’s most-loved and most-sought-after companies and prime manufacturers when it comes to anything about garments, formal wear, dresses, and the like.

Their options span out from regular and standard clear garment bags, black zip-covered garment bags to white breathable transparent bridal gown bags, and many more!

NOTE: These international garment bag manufacturing companies can give the assurance and guarantee to produce and manufacture high-quality products, but not all companies can afford them. Why? Because of their premium rates. That is the reason they go to Chinese or Asian manufacturers for a more affordable path.

Why The One is Your Best Choice For Wedding Garment Bags For Bridals and Dresses

For over 2 decades, The One has been producing high-quality wedding dress and bridal garment bags for businesses and companies all over the world.

Our styles and designs encompass the usual and traditional garment bags that you are looking for as we offer everything from PEVA garment bags, nylon garment bags, clear garment bags, to household storage bags, zippered garment bags, cotton and canvas bags, and many more!  

  • We offer free samples and free designs for you to check and see
  • Our expertise in a wide array of materials is a positive factor
  • We have a fast lead time and timely delivery
  • Logo printing and color-combination is possible

Wherever you are in the world, you can bank and count on The One for the wedding dress garment bags for bridals, nightgowns, and formal dresses that would be partnered and that would go along with your products.

Contact us in any of our communication channels and we’ll be more than happy to send a free quotation or a free estimate over!


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