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7 Tips You Should Know Face Mask For COVID-19

Several Dutch media reported on March 28 that the Dutch government recently imported a batch of masks from China, but a large number of them were found to be “substandard.” The masks have been distributed to hospitals and are being recalled by the Dutch Ministry of Health. 

A source of the Dutch media NOS pointed out that “these masks simply do not meet the FFP2 standard, not even a lower level of FFP1, at most FFP0.8 level.” 

The masks were not tested for quality before they were distributed to hospitals. After receiving the masks, some hospitals took the initiative to send the samples to the Dutch Institute of Applied Sciences ((TNO)) for testing. 

So, how many mask standards are there in China? 

  1. Disposable masks for civilian use are equivalent to FFP1,BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) > 80%, but the protective effect is general. 
  1. Disposable medical mask. 
  1. Surgical facemask, the common standard is YY0469-2010 or YY0469-2011, which is printed on the separate package of each mask.There is no requirement for particulate matter protection. 

       4. Surgicalprotective facemask: 
           N95 is produced according to the American standard NOISH. 

The difference between medical and civilian use lies in whether there is a Class II medical device production license and a medical device registration certificate for disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks. 

     5. FFP2 is the European  standard EN149; particle protection effect PFE               (particle filtration efficiency) > 94% PFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) > 95%.  

     6.FFP3mask, PFE (particle filtration efficiency) > 97%. 

  1. KN95 is the Chinese standard, ordinary KN95 mask Chinese standard is GB2626-2006, medical KN95 mask standard is GB19083-2010.


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