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Beach Bags Buying Guide

Canvas Beach Bags With Rope Handles

What Is A Beach Bag?

A beach bag is a hand, shoulder, or back-oriented bag specifically designed for use at the beach. Beach bags are designed to carry clothes, books, shoes, food, and valuables — with the elements of the beach environment in mind.

For this reason, beach bags have developed into many different sizes and styles, but with certain commonalities. Beach bags are meant to be portable and highly resistant to salt water, sand, and long periods of time in the sun.

What Are Beach Bags Used For?

Beach bags are primarily used for trips to the beach or shore. They can be designed for individual use, or made larger to accommodate the belongings of many people.

Individual beach bags are normally made to contain items like towels, bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, snacks, and books. In their simplest form, they consist of a bag body, two handles, and maybe a pocket on the interior or the exterior.

Individual beach bags are designed to for light and convenient use. In addition to this, they may contain a waterproofed coating and a meshed bottom for easy cleaning.

Larger beach bags are used for groups of two or more people, and families. Besides their bigger size, these beach bags contain more pockets, and may be made of more durable materials.

Large beach bags often consist of a sturdy body, a few handles, and zippered pockets. Their interiors are usually used for multiple beach towels or articles of clothing. Their pockets may also be used to contain smaller items, like electronic devices, books, snacks, games, or valuables.

Larger beach bags — to accommodate those walking for long distances — may also have a long strap for carrying the bag over the shoulder. Finally, their interiors may be waterproof, or lined with insulated material to keep snack foods fresh.

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What Are The Origins Of Beach Bags?

Beach bags were originally developed as holiday variants of women’s handbags. With modern handbags originating from the early 1900s to the 1920s, beach bags have been used at least since the 1930s.

The original beach bags were simple rope-handled bags whose bodies consisted of fabric. These bags were focused more on fashion than practical use, as they were designed to match women’s leisurewear and bathing suits.

As time went on, style and durability became the primary focus of the beach bags manufacturer. Simple cloth bags gave way to woven straw bags, then to other materials like cotton, canvas, vinyl, PVC, and other synthetic fabrics.

The features of beach bags changed as time went on. Beach bag manufacturers designed bags with more features like zippers, pockets, straps, waterproof bodies, and sand-friendly meshing.

There were also now larger pockets to accommodate clothes and valuables, and larger beach bags in general to accommodate group or family use. Beach bags have come a long way from their simple cloth-and-rope origins to the forms we now know them to take today.

What Are Some Traditional Beach Bag Materials?

The earliest beach bags were made of simple fabric and later woven straw. However, these materials were not entirely suitable for long-term use at the beach.

Early cloth fabrics were likely not waterproofed and would soak up water easily — and similarly would be hard to clean after contact with wet and dry sand. They had no meshing and likely took a long time to wash and dry.

Woven straw was also once a popular beach bag material. Reaching their height of popularity in the 1950s, woven straw beach bags were more suitable for sandy environments, given their porous construction. However, woven straw beach bags would often bend and crack after prolonged exposure to sun and salty seawater. Unless they were waterproofed, this caused such bags to fray and deteriorate over time.

What Are The Benefits Of Beach Bags?

There are several benefits to using beach bags. From the cleanliness and waterproofed fabrics, to portability, style, and convenience, beach bags have qualities that can improve almost any beach trip.


Unlike regular bags and backpacks, beach bags are designed to remain clean in beach environments. The wear and tear brought on by exposure to sand, surf, and sun may break down a normal bag — but beach bags are very different. Beach bags may contain features like meshing, waterproofing, and UV-resistant fabrics to help them last longer on extended periods near the shore. For this reason, you may not have to spend hours shaking sand out of your bag once you are off the beach, or run the bag through extended periods in a washing machine. A clean beach bag can be used for multiple beach trips, especially helpful if you are on vacation — going to the beach for multiple days in a row.

Waterproofed Fabrics

Almost in the same category as cleanliness, beach bags benefit from waterproofed fabrics. If the bag body fabric is canvas, vinyl, PVC, nylon, or other sythentics — chances are the bag has been waterproofed to some degree. It isn’t likely that you will carry a beach bag into the waves with you, but it does help if your bag is somewhat waterproof. If you have to put away wet clothes or towels, waterproofed interiors can help immensely, making the bag that much easier to clean once you return home.


Beach bags aren’t camping or duffel bags — they are designed to be more portable than that. A simple beach bag can be carried by the handle, or over the shoulder. If you are carrying larger items with you to the beach (like umbrellas, coolers, and large beach towels) you will appreciate the portability of well constructed beach bag.


. Because beach bags are tailor-made for the shore, they are extremely convenient for beachgoers. The amount of cleaning and care needed for normal bags at the beach might be excessive, given their conduciveness to soaking up water or wet sand. Beach bags, however, are more convenient because they are waterproof and easier to clean from exposure to sandy conditions. They are also somewhat smaller and able to balance on the sand (or blanket) near beachgoers.


Beach bags, since their original forms decades ago, are made in a variety of styles fitting to a variety of beachgoer personalities. From solid cloth colors, to intricate woven straw designs, to the many patterns you may see on beach bags today — can fit all types of beaches, trips, and seasons. Beach bags today are available in striped, floral, solid, print, and illustrated patterns, and have a wide range of colors to choose from. Whether you are at a local beach with your family or just looking for a getaway beach somewhere on a tropical island, there is a style of beach bag available for you.

How to Make A Beach Bag?

Each beach bag made out needed to be confirmed materials first, after these our workers will be cutting materials and confirmed styles. Most Of the beach bags are made by sewing machine. Some bags like vinyl beach bags will be made using a pressing machine.

How To Pack A Beach Bag?

Usually beach bags packed as an unfolding way, which will not let the beach bags crumpled. Some customers will need to save the space for the carton, then some times will let us to fold the beach bags.

Where To Buy Beach Bags?

Beach bags have been around for years, but only in recent times has the diversity of beach bags flourished. Beach bags are now available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, and there seems to be a bag for every type of use.

That said, there are still basic features that all beach bags have. Whether it is waterproofing, resistance to the sun and sand, or just easy convenience, beach bags are designed to make your trip that much easier.

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