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We are professional beach cooler bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply custom beach cooler bags, insulated beach bags,  mesh beach cooler bags, beach cooler backpacks, etc. Here the best beach cooler bags maker for you to kinds of options.


Just like you, a lot of people are avid beach fans, therefore, the market for beach cooler bags never went down! In this guide, we’ll be guiding you in understanding beach cooler bags more – what they are, as well as the things that people are looking for about it on the web.

So, without further ado, let’s head right to the guide!

What Are Beach Cooler Bags?

Beach cooler bags are simply cooler bags, which you can use to store temperature-sensitive contents like beverages and food.

beach cooler bags

Figure 1 – Sample image of a soft beach cooler bag

You can purchase soft cooler bags, those that do not have a hard exterior or casing. On the flip side, you can purchase hard cooler bags or those that are enclosed and encased in a PP or polypropylene plastic exterior.

Both of them share the same purpose, and that is to maintain the temperature of what’s inside it. If it’s hot food, then the temperature of the food will remain hot for a few hours; if it’s cold or if it has ice, the ice would melt at a much slower rate than normal.

Where Else Can You Use Beach Cooler Bags?

Figure 2 – Soft cooler bags used in camping

Contrary to what a lot of people believe in, beach cooler bags aren’t necessarily used for the beach only, you can use it for other events and outdoor activities as well such as mountaineering, hiking, camping & glamping, trekking, and many more!

So, don’t restrict yourself by marketing your beach cooler bags for beach-goers only. In fact, market it because of its ability of keeping the same rate and temperature for longer periods of time.

What Styles Of Beach Cooler Bags Do You Have?

Beach Bag With Cooler Bottom

The One’s beach bags are so versatile and complex that we’re able to produce beach bags with cooler bottoms, very flexible to whatever your needs are! Whether you need a solid body for your beach bag, or if you are more into the mesh type of beach bags, you can count on us!

Insulated Beach Cooler Tote Bags

If you’re not into beach bags, don’t worry, we here at The One can offer insulated beach tote bags for you, too! We have a complete lineup of different types of beach bags that you can feel free to choose from!

Mesh Beach bag With Cooler

What’s the beach without tagging a beautiful mesh bag with cooler? Keep track of all the things and items inside your bags with our mesh beach bag with cooler! To top it all off, you can have it equipped with a drawstring or a zipper, depending on your choice!

Beach Bag with Hidden Cooler

If you’re not fond of bringing heavy cooler bags, you can purchase our beach bag with hidden coolers! It’s an all-in-one type of container that’s equipped with a pocket containing insulated material to keep the temperature of the contents inside it at level!

Beach Cooler Backpack

You’ll be able to find multiple types of beach cooler backpacks in the market. In fact, you’ll find most of them online. But, if you’re looking to acquire a backpack in the style of a beach cooler, we here at The One can supply you with it! We have all different kinds and types of beach cooler backpacks that come in all shapes, sizes, and forms!

Soft Beach Cooler Bags

Want to bring a beach cooler bag but you find it too heavy to carry? Worry not, because we here at The One are ready to offer soft beach cooler bags for you! We are employed with some of the industry’s top professionals and experts in creating beach cooler bags, you won’t have any doubts with it!

Just because they’re called soft cooler bags doesn’t mean that they would not be effective.

While it’s true that hard cooler bags function and perform better than soft cooler bags, there are a couple of pros of using soft cooler bags than hard cooler bags – we’ll discuss that in the latter part of this guide.  

You will be able to find many different types and kinds of soft cooler bags in the market. In fact, Amazon, WalMart, Ace Hardware, and other stores can offer good-quality soft coolers!

How Long Do Soft Coolers Hold Ice?

Figure 4 – A soft cooler that you can use to put ice inside

You can consider soft coolers to be effective and efficient. As a matter of fact, a newly bought and properly maintained soft cooler bag is capable of holding ice for as long as 48 hours or two (2) days!

These would be high-end soft coolers, though.

On the contrary, cheap soft cooler bags can help you maintain and hold ice for about 18 to 24 hours. All succeeding hours might already have adverse effects on the contents inside it.

What Materials Are Used in Beach Cooler Bags?

Soft cooler bags are usually made out of flexible, durable, and heavy fabrics such as polyester and nylon on the outside.

Figure 5 – A soft cooler with a complete picture of its exterior

That’s for the exterior – the inside or the interior of beach cooler bags are lined and installed with multiple layers of foil and flexible foam, this is what keeps the temperature inside the vessel contained.

Hard beach cooler bags, on the flip side, are made from a combination of raw materials.

cooler bags manufacturers-1

Figure 6 – A hard cooler with its plastic exterior and an insulated interior

The outside or the exterior of hard cooler bags is comprised of two (2) plastics that are separate: a polypropylene (PP) shell that’s blow molded and a tube of melted plastic to offer better protection to the PP layer.

The inside of hard beach cooler bags is made of expanded polystyrene or polyurethane. This is the material that makes the insulation inside the hard cooler possible.

However, there are a couple of manufacturers that include spray foam to help fill the gap between the outer and the inner walls of the vessel.

Soft vs. Hard Beach Cooler Bags

Figure 7 – An image comparing a soft cooler bag and a hard cooler

One of the most common dilemmas consumers have when purchasing beach cooler bags would be whether to purchase a soft cooler bag or a hard cooler bag – or both?

Kidding aside, it can be a challenge to know what the best type of beach cooler bag would be. So, let us quickly give a comparison to these two (2) beach cooler types.


Soft Cooler Bag

Hard Cooler Bag


Lighter and easier to carry.

They’re harder, so, they carry more weight.


Portability is never an issue as they are lightweight. Can be carried by one person.

Lifting hard cooler bags requires strength. Often needs to be carried by two (2) people because of its size.

Ice Retention

Regular soft coolers can hold and keep ice for 24 hours. Better-quality coolers can hold ice for about 48 hours or two (2) days.

Hard cooler bags are better at ice retention as it can hold and keep ice for about three (3) to four (4) days before showing signs of melting.


The best soft cooler bags in the market can carry about 30 quarts.

You’ll be able to find hard cooler bags that are capable of carrying 60 quarts, double the size of soft cooler bags –but there are more that go as high as 80 to 100 quarts.


They’re durable enough but can be worn out by water.

Most hard cooler bags are waterproof, since its exterior is made out of plastic (PP).

These are some of the differences that soft and hard beach cooler bags have.

Beach Cooler On Wheels

Why go through the hassle of carrying hard cooler bags if you can purchase wheeled versions of it?

Figure 8 – Sample of what a beach cooler on wheels looks like

The market is filled with a lot of beach cooler bags on wheels – for both soft and hard coolers!

It will be more expensive and more costly than the traditional version, but, you’ll be able to save a lot of time thinking about how you can carry and transport them! Plus, you wouldn’t have to exert much effort in carrying them!

Amazon has a ton of beach coolers on wheels, but the prices might not be enticing, since you’ll be purchasing them in their retail rates.

For the best rates, you can choose to work with us here at The One for your wheeled beach coolers! We can even give you savings and discounts; learn more about our beach cooler bags by contacting us!

Beach Cooler Backpack

Figure 9 – Cooler bag backpack that you can use in the beach

Beach cooler bags that are in the form of backpacks would be soft coolers. And if you tend to side with beach cooler backpacks than wheeled beach coolers, you can also find a lot of them online!

Akin to beach coolers on wheels, though, they would be slightly more expensive than regular soft coolers. But, the convenience it’ll give you will truly be unmatched!

What Are the Best Cooler Bags For the Beach?

While you have limitless options for cooler bags to bring on the beach, the best one would always be the cooler bag that would not give you any headaches.

The combination of performance, effectiveness, and ease of portability shall all be considered when you choose your cooler bags.

Have a style or a design in mind and you’re not sure how to execute it? Send your sketch or drawing to us here at The One and we can produce and manufacture custom beach cooler bags for you!

We are equipped with a Research & Development (R&D) team that’s skilled in specifying and modifying parts and components of beach cooler bags so that it fits your requests well! With us, you will definitely be able to find high-quality custom beach cooler bags!  

What Size Cooler Do I Need for the Beach?

There’s actually no ideal size of beach cooler bags, in fact, it all depends on a few factors, which include where you’re going to use it, as well as what contents you’ll put and include inside it.

The usual and the regular size range for a beach cooler bag would be at an average of 18 and 45 quarts. However, there are several hard beach cooler bags that are over 50 quarts or could even house more weight.

Ideally, a beach cooler bag that has around 25 quarts would o the trick.

Insulated Cooler Bags

All cooler bags have insulation inside them. Soft cooler bags use multiple layers of foil and foam, while hard beach cooler bags use layers of plastic or polyurethane.

These are the general insulation materials that soft and hard coolers use. If we were to choose for performance between soft and hard coolers, though, you will always want to choose hard coolers. But, if you’re looking for ease of use, portability, and lightweight, choose a soft cooler bag.

Do note, though, that there are some brands of insulated cooler bags that don’t live up to what they’re promising. Therefore, it’s always best to check the specifications of the insulated beach cooler bag before you purchase them.

The Best Beach Cooler Bags in the Market

Should you be unsure where to go for your beach cooler bags, you can never go wrong choosing The One’s insulated cooler bags because we’ve engineered our products to withstand even the harshest of environments!

Most of our soft cooler bags are lightweight, but they wouldn’t fail in maintaining the temperature required for whatever the contents inside are!

Shoot us a sketch or a draft of your beach cooler bags and we’ll bring a sample right to your doorstep!

Are Beach Cooler Bags Bear Proof?

Bear-proofing a beach cooler bag won’t require you to install armor to it. In fact, to make sure that bears won’t try to go through your stuff, you just have to lock it properly and appropriately.

So, to answer the question, yes, beach cooler bags are bear proof, given the fact that it’s sealed and it’s properly closed when it’s not in use.

On the contrary, there are hard coolers that do not have enough vacuum to suck in the smell even if the cooler is kept closed.

Where Can I Find the Best Beach Cooler Bags?

Thinking about adding beach cooler bags to the library or the catalog of your products? If so, then, you need to consider looking at Chinese beach cooler bag manufacturing companies.

Here in the country, you will find a lot of different options from which you can choose different styles, functionalities, and features of beach cooler bags.

There will never be a shortage of where you can find good-quality beach cooler bags, but if you’re looking for quality partnered up with inexpensive and affordable rates, then The One would be the best choice for you.

For more than a decade, The One has been providing many different types of bags to businesses. They’re open to selling both in retail and in wholesale, so you would really be able to get and specify whatever you’re looking for.

Why Choose The One As Your Beach Cooler Bag Supplier?

Countless reasons are laid out on why we remain the best even after dozens of manufacturers sprouted in the industry. But, there are a few key points that allow us to stay at the top of the industry’s ladder:

  • We offer custom beach cooler bags wholesale
  • All of our materials are sourced and collected from trusted suppliers and manufacturers
  • The One is open to providing many different payment options
  • The One can offer tremendous discounts and savings if you purchase wholesale
  • We have a low MoQ – 500 pcs!

Wherever you are and whatever type of business you may be in, The One will never disappoint you! Apart from beach cooler bags, you can also get other types of bags from us, such as fish cooler bags, dust bags, home storage bags, custom wine bags, and many more!

Beach Cooler Bags – The Supreme FAQ and Buying Guide

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