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Best Materials For Custom Garment Bags

There are a ton of different types and kinds of garment bags for different types of people. But do you know the best materials for garment bags?

Opinions about it will differ from one type to another. However, we here at The One Packaging Solutions believe in our strength, skill, expertise, and experience.

Before we get to that though, let us first swivel through what garment bags are!

What are Garment Bags?

A garment bag, by definition, is a type of container or a storage component that are used for – you guessed it – garments. Traditionally, garment bags are utilized to ease the transport of people especially when they’re carrying suits, jackets, and other types of formalwear.

Many people like to divide garment bags into two (2) categories: male and female. For us here at The One, though, we keep it simple! We can even give you custom garment bags that can be specific down to the thread of what you are looking for!

What Are the Best Materials For Custom Garment Bags?

So, what are the best materials for garment bags? How do people classify and consider them as “their best?” With over 2 decades of experience in bagmaking here at The One, we’re proud and confident enough to say that we have made tens of thousands of garment bags in a wide array of material selection.

We have even received requests for dual-fabric or material garment bags (PEVA and vinyl, for instance). Now we present to you the best materials for garment bags!

Nylon Garment Bags

One of the most common materials used in producing or manufacturing garment bags is nylon. Here in China, nylon is an inexpensive and easy-to-get type of material. Many fabric and textile suppliers have nylon right off the bat.

It is a part of the synthetic polymers family made up of polyamides, making sure that the other side of the nylon is untouched and uninfluenced by whatever is on the other side. Some of the benefits and advantages of nylon include:

  • Extreme durability
  • Lightweight and easy to machine and work on
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Cost-effective and affordable compared to other waterproof and dustproof materials

Therefore, nylon garment bags are chosen and wanted by consumers because they’re sure that their products won’t be ruined inside.

PEVA Garment Bags

For those of you who have little-to-no knowledge in materials, PEVA could be an interesting term or word. PEVA, short for polyethylene vinyl acetate is a type of material that is commonly used as a substitute component for PVC or polyvinyl chloride.

To give you a more concrete idea of what PEVA is, think of your shower curtains – those are typically made from PEVA. It’s not really plastic but it is a part of the family.

Part of the main reasons why PEVA is chosen is because of its environmental friendliness. PEVA garment bags are usually reusable, which helps save 500 pieces of plastic. Other than that, PEVA garment bags are also used in fashion shows as they typically appear transparent or translucent.

Clear Garment Bags

Now, people often think of “clear” material as plastic, when they are, in fact, not. Clear garment bags or those that allow you to see through it are usually made from heavy vinyl and poly plastic. The vinyl component helps keep dust out of the entire cover, while the clear plastic film is responsible for ensuring that the view is not obstructed.

Compared to leather garment bags, these clear garment suit covers and protectors are cheaper, more versatile, more flexible, and a lot more accessible as most garment bag and cover suppliers have them on-hand.

NOTE: There are instances where Tyvek is used in replacement of heavy vinyl or PEVA for clear garment bags.

Vinyl Garment Bags

Vinyl garment bags are among the most common when it comes to suits, dresses, tuxedos, and other similar formalwear. Vinyl garment bags are also scattered all around the country, giving you the space and chance to choose from multiple suppliers, businesses, and companies.  

It is a type of related polymer in which it consists of several chemicals and compounds that make it durable and longer lasting compared to other material types. In other words, it is a buffed and enhanced type of plastic used to prevent water and dust from penetrating the inside.

Generally speaking, vinyl garment bags are partnered with other materials to produce that garment or suit cover that you always wanted to have.

Non-Woven (NW) Garment Bags

Non-woven garment bags or NW garment bags are also common especially in the events industry. The material looks, feels, and gives premium vibes and energies because it is flexible enough to be used in whatever color, it can be shifted to a different measurement or size, and it’s printable, too!

Garment bags that are built by non-woven material, like with shirts, would not have any type of uneventful experiences with whatever’s inside.

Whatever fabric you’re using, if it’s non-woven, you can be assured that:

  • The absorbency rate is higher than the usual
  • It’s breathable and is sustainable
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Not harmful to the as it allows people not to purchase

Zippered Garment Bags

From what they’re called alone, zippered garment bags aren’t a part of the materials. They are, in fact, a variation of garment, suit, or formalwear bags. A zippered garment bag can be made of cotton, canvas, or another material .

They’re just identified as a type of garment bag material because of the metal part of it. Other than that, it’s just like how your regular garment bags are structured.

Canvas Garment Bags

Canvas has been one of the most sought-after materials in the bagmaking industry. A lot of people either decided to use canvas for their personal and professional lives or they could complain and NEVER come back again.

These canvas storage or garment bags can be in many different colors that you want. They can go for khaki, off white, black, etc.

Canvas is a durable material and it’s flexile, too!

Cotton Garment Bags

Believe it or not, there are garment or suit bags that are made of regular cotton. You can come in and think that cotton garment bags wouldn’t be effective, but it is. A lot of world-renowned brands consider it as their go-to, thanks to the elegance and sophistication it offers.

You will never find a shortage in supplying you with cotton for anything. Anything.

The only thing about cotton garment or suit bags is, they are not as durable as other fabrics. Moreover, these materials can also help deflect dust and water.

Luxury Garment Bags

Of course, these are the brands that shaped my maturity when it comes to fashion and that was when I started to recognized luxury from non-luxury. These luxury garment bags that are offered by specific companies like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana. However, did you know that the garment bags from these brands are just sourced out from a Chinese manufacturer?

Yes, The One is an extensive company that offers in the manufacturing of bags and different types of storage racks locally  and globally.

We consider our products “luxury” as it was able to accommodate a few people, but would usually have the intent to sell but not know the price. Whether you ‘re looking for PEVA garment up and down, Joey, etc.

What to Look For When Buying a Garment Bag?

There could be a lot going on when you are choosing the next garment bag you will own or sell. There are, however, a few different things to look out for and to consider when buying one.


The first thing you want to look for would be how comfortable it will be when you carry it. Most of the time, you’ll be using your garment bags for traveling. So, you need to be extremely comfortable when you’re carrying it – comfortable in such a way that you won’t be burdened by it, it’s not hot or heavy to the touch, and your movement is not impaired with it.

Color and Texture

It would also be nice if the garment bag befits the color and the texture of your shoes and belt. This selection will most likely be for people who will be using the garment bags instead of selling them.

On the selling side, you want to manufacture and produce as much colors possible so that people have many options when choosing from your brand. What’s even better is that the more colors you have, the bigger the chances that you’ll be able to accommodate the needs of specific buyers and companies.


Convenience and multifunctionality is another trait you want your garment or men’s wear covers or protectors to have. A lot of people look for garment bags that either have pockets, included hangers, as well as other inlets and/or outlets for better functionality.

Remember, when it comes to our daily lives and routines, functionality is the number one ally. The more functional an item is, the better and easier it can have on your lives.

Material Quality

Of course, the quality of the material is also of utmost importance when choosing a garment bag. Most traveler garment bags would be made of breathable but durable material. It can be a combination of different materials to pursue the effects the clients are looking for.

Selecting the incorrect material can be detrimental to the quality and the state of your fresh suit, tux, or even dress.

These are among the most important things to note about garment bags. So, ensure that you are aware before you purchase!

Why Choose The One’s Garment Bags?

The One’s garment bags became popular due to a number of reasons – the major one being our products are made from high quality materials and have undergone complete assessment and inspection.

Apart from that, though, companies and businesses both locally and internationally placed their complete trust in us in producing and manufacturing garment bags. To name some of the honorable mentions of our topnotch service, they are:

  • All our custom bags are AZO free
  • The One has consistently passed SEDEX and CE Certifications
  • We have a good and constant source of material supply from China’s top suppliers
  • We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most popular and most prominent brands
  • Our company improved and developed as we move from time to time to get more space
  • You can get your products within a lead time of 1 month to a month and 15 days
  • We have expert English speaking people who can take care of pre-sales and after-sales services

The One has many more offers in store for you! You will be able to find those along the way!

Whether you’re in the market for retailing garment bags on your own, if you are looking to rebrand suit or garment bags, or if you want a clear and excellent source of wholesale garment bags in whatever material possible, The One is more than ready to be of assistance to you.

Contact us via any of our available channels and we will be more than happy to help you!


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