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Bulk Brown Paper Bags Wholesale

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Bulk Brown Paper Bags Wholesale | Printed Brown Paper Bags

We can supply bulk various types of Brown paper bags wholesale or custom brown paper bags for our customers.Pasting paper bags is an ancient handicraft industry. However, in the post-press processing, most printers know a little about the book box binding or carton rolling, but they may not know much about the production process of the paper bag. Paper bags are roughly divided into two categories: ordinary packaging bags and shopping bags. Ordinary packaging bags are completed by a rotary printing bag making machine with consistent production operations. Its advantage is that the production efficiency is fast, and the disadvantage is that the paper bag is not rough, so this type of paper bag is mostly used in the packaging of general ordinary goods. As for the shopping bags, they are printed in color on a single sheet of paper, then PP mounted or hot stamped, and then produced by manual or semi-automatic machines in the bag factory, and then manually threaded and knotted as handles to complete the paper bags. Its advantages are: the paper bag can be made in any situation, but the disadvantage is that the production speed is slow. Most of these high-end shopping bags are used for noble commodity packaging, or as gift bags, or as advertising bags for commercial activities. Later, these beautiful paper bags have become convenient shopping bags for young ladies to go shopping.

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