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Canvas Drawstring Bags Buying Guide


 What Are Drawstring Canvas Bags?

To be able to understand what drawstring canvas bags are, you need to know what a drawstring and a canvas bag is.

What Are Drawstring Canvas Bags

Sample image of what drawstring canvas bags are

The most common misconception when it comes to canvas bags is that the material is different. When, in reality, canvas is a type of weave, which is plainly woven.

Drawstring bags, on the other hand, are small bags that you can access and open using drawstrings.

Therefore, a drawstring canvas bag is a type of bag that’s made with cotton or linen that is plain-woven that you can adjust using two (2) strings.

What is a Cotton Drawstring Bag?

A cotton drawstring bag is a type of drawstring bag that’s made with cotton.

What is a Cotton Drawstring Bag?

A small-sized drawstring bag made of cotton

The difference it has with drawstring canvas bags is the fact that the weave pattern of cotton bags is in a convoluted pattern.

Drawstring canvas bags, compared to cotton bags, are sturdier and more defined. The reason for this is due to the fact that they’re made and produced through plain weaving techniques.

How Are Drawstring Canvas Bags Different From Canvas Zipper Bags?

For one, the materials used to produce and manufacture the two are different.

How Are Drawstring Canvas Bags Different From Canvas Zipper Bags

An example of what canvas zipper bags look like

Drawstring canvas bags have drawstrings or two (2) strings you can toggle and adjust to close and open the bag – it does not have a zipper.

Canvas zipper bags, on the other hand, are bags that have zippers instead of drawstrings. The latter is more prone to damage and breakage because of zippers. Drawstring canvas bags, though, are stronger and are lighter because zippers are made of nickel, aluminum, brass, and other metal types.

Can You Wash Drawstring Bags?

Yes, you can put drawstring bags in the washer, but it would be best if you put it in a washing bag.

custom cotton & canvas laundry bag manufacturer

Heavy duty Washing drawstring canvas bags – enclose them in a laundry bag

Doing so can help and assist in making sure that it doesn’t get too worn out.

Alternatively, you can also wash your drawstring canvas bags by hand. It’s safer for the overall condition of your drawstring bags.

When it comes to washing drawstring bags, you need to consider the material used to manufacture and produce it, as well as the processes and the procedures done. There are different materials used to produce drawstring canvas bags, so, you need to make sure of it as well.

What Can You Put Inside a Drawstring Canvas Bag?

You can use drawstring canvas bags as an alternative to your regular backpacks.

What Can You Put Inside a Drawstring Canvas Bag?

Some of the items you can store inside drawstring canvas bags

Therefore, you can place clothes, gadget devices, school stuff and accessories, shoes, and other more things.

Some of the most common things and items you can put inside it include:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Chargers
  • Glasses
  • Makeup
  • Clothes
  • Etc.

How Do You Make a Canvas Drawstring Bag?


Manufacturers and suppliers perform different processes and methods to produce and create heavy duty drawstring canvas bags.

But, if you are to make drawstring canvas bags by yourself, here’s the procedure you can follow:

  1. Cut the different fabric pieces according to their sizes and dimensions. Double them so that they form the entire drawstring bag.
  2. Decide on the measurements of the edges you want to fold, then…  
  3. Fold and press the three (3) edges (not including the top) so that they retain their shapes.
  4. After that, proceed to sew the edges that have been folded. Avoid sewing the two (2) rectangular fabrics together – sew along all the edges.
  5. Proceed to fold the top edge, which is almost twice as long as the other three (3) sides. This is to make sure that you have space for the drawstrings.
  6. Perform topstitching to the casing down –sew it as close as the bottom part.
  7. Assemble the two (2) sides of the drawstring canvas bags together. Pin them together at first to avoid dismantling of the two (2) pieces together.
  8. Proceed to sew the drawstring canvas bag starting from the bottom edge, as well as the side edges – make sure you have allowance for the seams. S
  9. Punch out the two (2) bottom edges and attach a detailing hole.
  10. The two holes at the bottom part of the canvas bag will be the space for the drawstring. It should go and be fit to the top pocket (the one you did in step 5).
  11. Pull the cords and test it for closing. Try pulling open the mouth or the unsewn part at the top.

That’s the process of how you can produce and make drawstring canvas bags.

Could You Supply Plain Canvas Drawstring Bags or Backpack?

Yes, we can both supply bulk plain canvas drawstring bags or backpacks and printed canvas drawstring bags or canvas drawstring backpacks. Because we are canvas drawstring bags manufacturer, so any custom canvas drawstring bag we can make for you.

Where Can You Order Heavy Duty Canvas Drawstring Bags?

You have the option to choose and work with American, Mexican, Vietnamese, and even Chinese drawstring canvas bag suppliers.

If you want to get the best and the highest quality of drawstring canvas bags, you can choose to work with a Chinese manufacturer. Across the whole of China, no other drawstring canvas bag manufacturer is trusted but us here at The One.

Why Should You Choose The One For Your Drawstring Canvas Bags?

For more than a decade, The One has been the best and the most relied on supplier of custom heavy duty drawstring canvas bags.

Our strengths directly answer the needs and the requirements of all clients and businesses. Whether your business involves the distribution of drawstring canvas bags, if you supply promotional canvas drawstring bags to small businesses, or other things of the sort, you can absolutely place your complete trust in us!

Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you with what you need!

Other than drawstring canvas bags, you can also trust us if you need help manufacturing:

Work with us and get a free estimate of all the orders you need!


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