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Canvas Duffle Bags Buying Guide

Are you interested in starting or doing business that involves canvas duffle bags? Have you been looking for what products to sell that would bomb the market?

If you’re interested in starting a business in selling or merchandising canvas duffle bags, you are just where you need to be!

For this guide today, we will be focusing on giving you all the information you need about best canvas duffle bags. Not only that, but we’ll also help and assist you in terms of finding the best canvas duffle bag manufacturer in the market.

What Are Canvas Duffle Bags?

A canvas duffle bag simply is a duffle bag that’s made from canvas.

An image of a canvas duffle bag where the texture has been waxed

To clarify, the canvas isn’t a type of fabric but a type of weave. Canvas is plain-woven that’s usually made from cotton or linen.

Are Canvas Travel Bags the Same as Canvas Duffle Bags?

How do you understand what travel bags are?

In the simplest and most basic definition, travel bags are large-sized bags that you usually bring when traveling. Its primary and main function is to be able to carry all of the things for your trip; and they usually have wheels.

Duffle bags, on the other hand, are bags that are made for you to be able to carry important things. Because of their size, some people consider them to be a type of travel bag, too. But, duffle bags don’t have wheels.

To cut straight to the point, canvas duffle bags and canvas travel bags could be the same to some extent. It will really be up to you how you would look at it.

Military Duffle Bags vs. Canvas Duffle Bags

Since we already know what canvas duffle bags are, let’s now try to figure out what military duffle bags are.

A military duffle bag that is in the extra-large size

Military duffle bags are duffle bags that are used by people who are part of the military. The engineering of military duffle bags are better, more flexible, and more durable than traditional canvas duffle bags.

In addition to that, military duffle bags would also have more pockets than the regular canvas duffle bag.

Why? – Because they tend to bring more items. But, military duffle bags are made out of the canvas. Therefore, we can arrive at the conclusion that canvas duffle bags and military duffle bags are technically the same.

How Do You Clean a Canvas Duffle Bag?

Don’t beat yourself up too much – you can wash canvas duffle bags the same way you wash your clothes.

An example of an image on how to clean a canvas duffle bag

You can wash them by hand, but it’s not most advisable to put them inside a washing machine.

NOTE: Only wash them by hand if the entirety of the canvas duffle bag is dirty. Like if you haven’t washed them in about ix (6) months or so.

If the spots or the dirt are minimal, you can simply use a toothbrush to smoothly and mildly brush the dirt off of where it is on the bag.

To prepare the solution, you’ll need:

  • Water (preferably warm)
  • Mild detergent or other cleaning solution
  • Cornstarch or talcum powder
  • White towel or toothbrush

To be able to clean off dirty parts, just damp the towel or the toothbrush to the warm water + cleaning solution. Then, use it to clean off or get rid of the spot that’s dirty from the canvas duffle bag.

Where Can You Find Best Durable Canvas Duffle Bags?

The market of canvas duffle bags has never been tainted, especially after it has been introduced to us.

Heavy Duty Canvas Duffle Bags
Heavy Duty Canvas Duffle Bags

A canvas duffle bag in the blue color that’s neatly made and manufactured

And if you’re trying to find the best quality of canvas duffle bags in the market, don’t look elsewhere – work with a Chinese canvas duffle bag manufacturing company.

Other than the fact that most Chinese canvas duffle bag suppliers offer ODM and OEM products, you’ll never have any problems when it comes to delivery and lead time, too!

Can Merchandising Large Duffle Bags Be Profitable?

Yes, a lot of people don’t understand this, but the market for large duffle bags have been one of the strongest and the most superior in the market.

A large duffle bag manufacturing factory where workers are producing and handcrafting bags

Imagine working with a Chinese canvas duffle bag manufacturer, you’re getting more than half of the price versus purchasing them from an American manufacturer.

And because they’re high quality and they’re custom to what they want, you can charge them more for it.

Just like any other type of bag or container, you can make good buck in merchandising or in selling canvas duffle bags.

That begs to have the question which manufacturer of canvas duffle bags should you work with? That actually leads us to the next question, which is…

Which Canvas Duffle Bag Manufacturer Can You Trust and Work With?

Out of all the different options you have for canvas duffle bags, no other Chinese manufacturer will be more efficient in helping you but us here at The One.

For more than a decade, many businesses have considered The One as their primary solution for all the bags and containers they need.

That brings us to the point that our products aren’t mainly focused at canvas duffle bags. Instead, we’re able to produce and manufacture other types of bags, too such as:

Work With The One For the Canvas Duffle Bags You Need!

Wherever you are in the world and whatever business sector or industry you might be in, you can always bank and count on us!

You will never have any troubles working with us because we have the best and the most accommodating pre and after-sales team that can guide you all throughout the process!

Contact us today and receive a free quote for all the orders you need!


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