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We make bulk cheap waterproof clear plastic garment bags, clear zippered garment bags, clear hanging garment bags, clear costume garment bags,  clear gusseted garment bags etc. wholesale. Customized sizes: 24×40, 24×54, 24×72 inch, etc. 

Get an unlimited supply of high-quality clear garment bags wherever you are in the world, whatever business you may be in. We are equipped with the best, most experienced, and most professional clear garment bagmaking virtuosos, so you can count on us for all these that you need!
-Free and quick samples are all available
-Delivery time of our bags is fast and urgent
-We produce all OEM products
-We will assist all the way through (pre-sale up to after-sales services)
-The One is certified and licensed across all related standards

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Cheap Clear Garment Bags

We support custom waterproof clear plastic garment bags. Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

Clear Garment Bags Styles

Clear Plastic Zippered Garment Bags

Never leave your garments out of your sight with our clear plastic  zippered garment bags. Made from heavy-duty materials that can be custom depending on your needs, they’re extremely strong, resilient, and durable!

Clear Garment Bags with Pockets

Need garment bags equipped with pockets? Get our clear garment bags with pockets and include everything in it! You can choose from our options of having a single pocket, multiple pockets, even multi-layered pockets!

Clear Dress Garment Bags

Keep your dresses dust-free with our clear dress garment bags. Equipped with TPU, which is known to deflect any type of dirt, you can expect it to take care of your dresses in the best and most effective ways it can.

Clear Costume Garment Bags

Particularly made for the storing or the safekeeping of costumes and other party dresses, our clear costume garment bags are the bomb. In a business perspective, they’re perfect because consumers and customers wouldn’t need to open the bags to see what’s inside – it’s easily visible!

Clear Closet Garment Bags

We are here at The One also offer a full closet of clear garment bags. Store up to ten (10) different garments inside it and be carefree with its maintenance because neither dust nor dirt will be able to get inside it. Furthermore, we offer additional accessories that you can add to complement your bag!

PEVA Garment Shoulder Cover

Protect the upper part of your garments with our PEVA garment shoulder covers. They’re perfect for cabinets and closets that are open, even those that are in places that aren’t accessed because it accumulates dust.

Clear Gusseted Garment Bags

Having a gusseted garment bag or closet is extremely efficient. This is due to the fact that you’ll be able to take it out at any time you want without the need to dismantle the entire thing. And our clear gusseted garment bags are perfect for it! You can easily attach and board them onto a hanger and voila, it can now serve as cabinet for your garments!

Clear Dance Garment Bags

For dance apparel and garments, we have our clear dance garment bags. They’re made clear so that people wouldn’t have a hard time identifying what’s inside. Don’t worry, The One’s dance garment bags are equipped with technology that can keep it safe and secure even though it’s see-through.

Bulk Clear Garment Bags Wholesale

We supply bulk clear garment bags wholesale business and all our garment bag could be printed with logo and customized sizes.

Clear Hanging Garment Bags

We manufactured not only suit carriers and but also hanging garment bags. Our Clear hanging garment bags is one of the most popular styles.

Don’t Like Above, Send Us Email For Your Customized Styles

Clear Zippered Garment Bags

Get easy view of what’s stored inside your garment bags with The One’s fully efficient and effective clear zippered garment bags! Keep your garments protected and secured at all times and never worry about spoiling them!

Clear Hanging Garment Bags With Pockets

Want to have added pockets in your clear garment bag? Even better, do you yearn to get a hanging garment bag so that it does not take up space inside your room? We here at The One are offering clear hanging garment bags with pockets, which are perfect for residential and commercial use!

Clear Dress Garment Bags

Get colored and clear dress garment bags with our help here at The One! Send over what your required style or design is and we’ll be more than happy to help and assist you with it!

Clear Costume Garment Bags

Costume or regular garment, our clear costume garment bags will be more than effective for your needs. We can manufacture them all according to what you require and you will never regret your decision of choosing us as your supplier.

Clear Closet Garment Bags

In case you find that you’re always getting a full closet, purchase our clear closet garment bags and have an extra platform or closet where you can store your clothes! Unlike other products from manufacturers, our clear closet garment bags aren’t only for regular garments, you can use it for other apparel, too!

PEVA Garment Shoulder Cover

When traveling, you can choose to equip your garments with a PEVA garment shoulder cover to protect it from falling dust, sprinkles of water, and even other factors that could potentially ruin the color, shape, and the state of the garment.

Clear Gusseted Garment Bags

With The One’s clear gusseted garment bags, you will be able to have another option for storing clothes that have hangers and other types of support. You can store garments, suits, dresses, and the like!

Clear Dance Garment Bags

Get high-quality dance garment bags that can be clear, colored, and even printed with particular designs from us here at The One! Our clear dance garment bags are made from the best and most durable materials!

Clear Garment Bags Wholesale

Here at The One, we’ll give you the opportunity to purchase cheap and affordable clear garment bags in bulk and in wholesale, regardless of the business sector you’re in!

Whether you’ll offer it to consumers directly or if you’ll use it as a complementary product for your primary offers, you can count on us!

The One’s complete lineup of clear garment bags will never go out of style! We don’t follow the trend; we make the trend!

Clear Garment Bags With Zippers vs. Clear Garment Bags With Pockets

A lot of people are currently doubtful about the primary differences between clear garment bags with pockets and those that are equipped with zippers.

So, what are the advantages of choosing a clear garment bag with zipper from those that only have pockets?

Of course, zipper-equipped clear garment bags are safer and more secure compared to products that only have pockets. In addition to that, you will never worry about things falling off or missing.

On the contrary, clear garment bags with zippers would carry more weight due to the material of the zipper being in place.

Overall, though, both products are safe and secure and can help you in making sure that your garments are well covered.

How to Choose the Best Clear Garment Bags

In choosing your clear garment bags, you have to consider a few factors.

Material Used For the Garment Bag

The primary thing that you need to note is the material that’s used for the garment bag. Yes, it’s clear, however, this does not give the guarantee that the material of these bags would be the same.

Choose the one that you’re familiar with and you know that will be effective in keeping dust, water, as well as other types of damaging factors away from the garment.

Size and Shape

Ensuring the size and shape of the garment bag will help you determine if it’s going to be helpful to your consumers. Here at The One, you’ll never worry about the size because we can customize the clear garment bag you’ll be purchasing!

Number of Slots/Garments

Lastly, you also need to consider the slots or the number of garments that would fit the bag. There are single clear garment bags and double garment bags – and their differences are distinguishable.

Reach out to us and get a free quotation for the clear garment bags that you need!

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