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We support custom insulated cooler bags with logo and cooler bags, insulated lunch bags wholesale business. Lower MOQ to Start, Fast Lead Time!

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Custom Cooler Bags | Best Cheap Cooler Bags

If you’re looking for valuable but quality custom cooler bags, then you’re just in the right page! We here at The One are known as China’s top pick when it comes to custom cooler bags.

Not only do we offer the best cheap cooler bags in the market, but we’re also equipped with the skill of making high-quality custom cooler bags for the best and cheapest rates!

And although we have a lot of products under custom cooler bags, the following are the most-sold products and the best ones, according to our data.

Custom Cooler Bags With Logo

It’s not difficult to find a manufacturer of custom cooler bags that can print out your company or your business’s logo, but with The One, we can help you personalize and stylize it as well.

We can print high-quality images, texts, and even captions to your custom cooler bags for your logo. Our team can work on machines that can produce highly-accurate colors and images, and we can help you customize its sizes and shapes, too!

Whether you’re a small business who is just starting, or if you’re already established and you want to be recognized, we can help you!

Insulated Cooler Bags Wholesale

Most of our custom cooler bags have their own insulation technologies installed, but our insulated cooler bags will yield the best results.

Our insulated cooler bags have been famous for being able to keep the temperature for more than 24 hours! We use a combination PET film, fabric, polyethylene (PE), polyurethane (PU), and other materials that can restrict the movement of temperature within the bag.

We have a team of engineers and experts that can specifically give you the results you need. This may take some time, though, but we’re confident that our Research & Development (R&D) team can help.

Custom Cooler Backpack

Many of our clients request to get custom cooler backpacks because of the fact that they’re a lot simpler and easier to carry. They function exactly like how a cooler does, but with the help of two (2) straps you can use to carry it.

Our team made efforts in making sure that it’ll be kept lightweight and functional at the same time. We can produce it in the shape and form that you want, as well as the prints and colors.

We currently have deals that can help you save a lot of money by purchasing custom cooler backpacks wholesale!

Branded Cooler Bags

Out in the market, you’ll see a lot of branded cooler bags to start with. The most popular ones are Coleman, Igloo, Ozark, and Arctic Zone.

Would you believe that we can produce the same quality as those bags but in a much cheaper and affordable rate?

We produce OEM custom cooler bags, and we can specify it to the shape that you want and need. It’s not like we imitate these brands; it’s just that, we know the technique, materials, and the process of how they’re made by heart.

You can purchase bulk or wholesale branded cooler bags from us without shelling out a lot of money!

Custom Lunch Cooler Bags

The One can also produce custom lunch cooler bags for preschool, lunch cooler bags for middle school, and lunch cooler bags for high school students.

We make use of high-quality insulation to ensure that the contents of the lunch bags will remain and be kept accurately. We can produce it no matter what shape or size you want your custom lunch cooler bags to be.

They’re a perfect selling because of the customizability of the lunch cooler bags. They can be styled and personalized according to the wants and needs of your market.

Custom Size Cooler Bags

Our cooler bags come in all different shapes and sizes. The most-sold sizes for our custom size cooler bags are: 8.5 x 7.25 x 6 inches, you can purchase a 16 x 2 x 1 inches, and 12.5 x 13 x 9 inches.

Take note, though, that these are custom sizes. We don’t really have specifics when it comes to our custom size cooler bags – we let our clients decide on what specific size and shape they want their cooler bags to be.

You can draw out a sketch or submit to us a draft of the cooler bag you want to produce, and our development team can create a digital copy of the product for you. That’s what you can check before proceeding with the order – we can even give out samples of the fabric to help you even further!

Custom Beer Cooler Bags

Yes, we here at The One can also produce cooler bags that are specifically used for the carrying of beer cans and beer bottles. We offer anything from a standard 6-pack cooler bag up to a 30-pack bag!

We’re open to all different types of customizations when it comes to custom beer cooler bags, and you’ll never doubt or think about the results because you’ll know how it would look like before it’s made!

We can install pure semi or pure insulation on the beer cooler bags you want purchased, and it will depend on the type of requirement the market is asking for.  

Bulk Cooler Bags

And, of course, we have our bulk cooler bags ready to accommodate to all your needs and requests.

These are like the general cooler bags we offer our clients. They don’t have specific features, but they can definitely do the job.

They’re a perfect advertising or promotional product to beverage businesses and companies, and you’ll definitely see its value when you compare the prices we offer from other suppliers.

Custom Cooler Bags | Insulated Cooler Bags Wholesale

There are a variety of promotional cold storage bag styles to choose from to meet various needs. We provide stylish portable beach ice bags, environmentally high-end Tyvek cooler bags, ordinary non-woven ice bags, Oxford cloth ice bags, PVC combined bags, and so on. The ice pack has a wide range of applications and can be used for food transportation, outdoor sports, alcohol use, advertising and promotion, etc.

Giving away perfect items that customers love can be tricky. The company’s mission is to find items that are not only beautiful but also serve the lives of consumers and employees, so as not to be thrown into the trash can. Get rid of other companies that are still distributing standard items such as lanyards, sunglasses, and hand sanitizer, and make your company stand out from the crowd by gifting customized cold storage bags. This is a great way to excite consumers and help your brand stay relevant long after any conference or trade show is over.

Insulated Gift Bags

The One has a full range of insulated promotional insulated gift bags, allowing you to create valuable contact points for consumers and showcase your brand. Our customizable cooler bags will ensure to establish contact with customers and expand your promotion range further than you think. This is because The One has its own factory, which can meet any customization needs and material requirements of customers.

Please contact us as soon as possible, our professional business team will provide you with all the requirements you need. In addition, our fast turnaround and shipping time will ensure that your products are delivered in time before your next event. 

Why The One is the Best Custom Cooler Bags Supplier

The Chinese market is tricky, and it’s definitely not enough to battle with prices. That is why our company focused more on the aspect of features and functionality, rather than the pricing.

Yes, we may not offer the cheapest custom cooler bags in the market, and we might not have the best deals and discounts out there. What we can guarantee to you, though, is the value in which you’ll get superb-quality cooler bags at an inexpensive rate.  

What is your company’s need for custom cooler bags, it will definitely provide the perfect size and style to convey brand information and generate goodwill; the perfect way to enhance your company’s image in the eyes. Light weight, and can be folded into a small size. Compared with traditional hard shell coolers that are bulky and take up a lot of storage space, provide your customers with a choice of practical tools.

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