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We supply custom bags for business, like custom retail bags, custom reusable shopping bags, custom paper bags for business, etc.

Most of our clients use custom shopping bags for their business. Whether they’re selling them for profit, if they’re using it to upsell other products in their business, or if they’re interested to use it for their own advantage.

We mainly offer them for organizations, companies, and businesses, but we can also help them use it for their own benefit as well.

We can produce custom tote shopping bags, custom drawstring shopping bags, and even large reusable bags as a form of shopping bags and we can market them to the best of our ability.

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Our custom bags for business could be made with zipper, handles, pocket, shoulder strap, etc. any you want. 

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Are you looking for a reliable custom bag for business supplier but you can’t seem to get a hold of a trustworthy one? Do you have questions and inquiries pertaining to custom bags for business?

If so, then you are in the right guide! We here at The One are always ready and prepared to provide you with all the necessary details you need before we offer quotes and estimates! Our guides are so complete that you won’t need any other guide to learn from!

Without further ado, here are the questions you’re most likely asking about!

What Do Custom Bags For Business Mean?

A lot of people have the misconception that custom bags for business are those that are STRICTLY used for business. But in reality, that’s not what it entirely means.

When we say custom bags for business, it can mean one of two things: bags that are offered and sold to businesses or bags that are used for work and business.

Here at The One, we can produce high-quality custom bags for business in many different areas and business fields. We can produce messenger bags, duffle bags, custom pouches, as well as many other different kinds of bags that can be utilized flexibly.

Get to know the custom bags for business that we offer below!

What Materials Are Used to Produce Custom Bags For Business?

The materials and raw products used for custom bags for business depend on the type of bag that will be produced. For instance, if the bag is a messenger bag, then most likely the material could be any of the following: leather, canvas, non-woven fabric, vinyl, cotton, or polyester.

On the other hand, if the bag needed is a drawstring bag, then the materials would usually be burlap, fleece, jute, cotton, mesh, etc.

There is a wide array of materials that can be used for custom bags for businesses, and it will depend on the type of bag that you want produced.

Here at The One, we are experienced and equipped with the skill of producing many different types of bags for businesses – whether you need leather, fleece, jute, mesh to cotton, polypropylene (PP) and other types of thermoplastics, you can count and bank on us!

Customized Plastic Bags With Logo

Plastic bags are one of the best and most marketable bags for business because of the fact that they can be used for anything, anytime, and anywhere. We here at The One are offering a wide array of types and kinds of plastic bags with logo, and we will never stop in innovating what we think is best for our clients. And you don’t have to stress out on it because we have our R&D team to help you!

Custom Paper Bags Wholesale

Purchasing custom paper bags in bulk or in wholesale can give you a lot of discounts, credits, and promotions that you can fully take advantage of. While there are multiple suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of business custom bags, you won’t be able to find another manufacturer you can trust like us here at The One. We can produce wholesale custom paper bags that you can use for your business. Whatever size, shape, or style you want – we will help you!

What Bags Are Appropriate For Work?

Many bags are appropriate for work and for business. However, the most common would be the following:

Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags are tote bags that are made from plain non-woven cotton. It’s durable, trendy, fashionable, and it’s easy to source out, too!

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are the bags that are more formal than totes, but a lot smaller than duffle bags. Usually leather, messenger bags are mostly worn by men as it can fit anything from jackets, sweaters, phones, keys, and many other stuff!

Laptop Bags

These are bags that are designed and engineered to be used for your laptops. The shape is often shaped as a laptop and would have compartments and pockets for different accessories.

Duffle Bags

Last, and most definitely not least are duffle bags or weekend bags, according to some. These are bags used by gentlemen for trips and for vacations, but can also be used for work especially if the user would bring a lot of stuff – it can fit a laptop, too!

How Are Custom Bags For Business Made?

Different bags have different methods and processes of manufacturing. To help you understand it a bit further, here’s a brief and concise general structure of how bags are made.

Step #1: Material Sourcing

The first step is to source out the materials to be used. Whether you want polyester, cotton, jute, fleece, or any other type of material, it needs to be sorted out.

Step #2: Fabric Cutting and Sizing

Then, the next step would be to cut and size these materials. Most fabrics will be sent as a large piece, and it’ll be the manufacturer’s job to work on it. So, it will be cut and sized according to the measurements required by the client.

Step #3: Sewing and Assembly

Once all fabrics and items are cut and sized, the next step would be to sew and assemble them. The type of assembly will depend on the engineering or the structure aspired by the client. For instance, if it’s a tote bag, then the assembly would simply be 2 sides and a base – and that’s it. If it’s a duffel bag, then it should be the sides, a base, and of course other components.

Step #4: Component Attachment

When the raw model of the bag is done, the next step would be the attach and install the attachments and accessories. These would include zippers, compartments, pockets, as well as emblems or any type of accessory that would be present on the bag.

Step #5: Designing and Printing

Last but not least would be the printing and designing of the custom bag. From the beginning, clients would usually have a design or a style in mind like the print, the logos, the text, as well as the colors – this will be where it will all be finalized.

And there you have it! The general framework of how custom bags for businesses are made.

NOTE: Not all manufacturers follow the same process. Just take note that this is a general structure – we’re not saying that this is what SHOULD be followed.

How Do You Print Logo on Custom Bags?

Most manufacturers use silkscreen printing for their bags because this remains the most reliable. However, several suppliers like us here at The One adapted newer and better technology when it comes to bag printing.

Today, we use various types and kinds of printing techniques and processes such as thermal printing and digital printing because they’re faster, more accurate, and they can be automated. These things make up the market we have today – partly the reason why we’re able to handle multiple clients at a time.

Custom Tote Bags With Logo

We here at The One can be your main supplier if you ever find yourself in need of custom bags for business with logo. We have been the best and most trusted manufacturer of custom tote bags with logo in the entire country, and not once did we ever fail any of our clients. Take note, though, that we choose our clients carefully as we deliberate what would and wouldn’t work. Don’t worry – we won’t jump in the pool without your views and perspectives.

Custom Tote Bags vs. Custom Printed Bags For Business

A lot of people ask about the differences and distinctions of custom printed bags for business and custom tote bags – and to be frank, the two are not actually comparable. Why? – Because tote bags actually are part and are categorized within printed bags – let me explain that further.

Custom printed bags for business is a generic and vague term for it, whereas custom tote bags are bags in tote form that are printed and manufactured according to the wants and needs of the client.

If you think about it, custom tote bags are also custom printed bags for business, right? And while they’re not entirely the same, custom tote bags are also custom printed bags – they’re just more specific.

How Do I Advertise My Custom Bags For Business?

Advertising your custom bags for business doesn’t necessarily require you to do work. In fact, it’s part of what’s called “self-advertising.” Confused? Let me explain that a bit further.

Self-advertising is the type of marketing or advertising where the product or the service works by itself to promote or advertise your company. That’s actually how these custom bags for businesses work.

For instance, if you have a food delivery business and you’re offering custom bags as some type of add-on or a stepped offer whenever a target price is hit, then the customer will keep the bag, right? The bag being inside their homes is already enough advertising because people are seeing it and can be impulse to contact you should they need anything.

How Do I Look For the Best Custom Bags For Business?

There are quite a few things to look and watch out for when you’re purchasing custom bags for business. And while these things may seem basic and simple to you, it can actually be extremely effective for some – they include, but are not limited to:

Make and Manufacture (Material)

In bags, material is number one. Would you be comfortable offering bags to your clients that you are not sure of? Definitely not. So, you want to ensure that the material is durable, long-lasting, resistant, and is properly managed and worked on. Ensure that the material is legit and is strong enough for the purpose it will serve.

Type of Bag

The second thing you want to take note of is the type of bag that’s offered. As we mentioned multiple times, there’s not a single type of bag available for business custom bags. There are plastic bags, reusable bags, tote bags, duffel bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, literally anything you can think of. What you want is a type of bag that you’re sure is going to be effective for your purpose. And lastly…


The manufacturer plays a crucial role in this industry. Working with a new manufacturer could be good, but what if you can land a project with a trusted and relied on custom bags for business supplier for almost the same price? No beating around the bush –go straight to the point and ask if they can provide what you need.

These are the top three (3) things you want to look and watch out for when you’re about to purchase custom bags for business. Whether you are the one using it or if you are going to offer it – think about these three (3)!

What Styles Do You Have For Custom Bags For Business?

We supply various custom bags for business use. There are some styles below for your reference:

Custom Retail Bags For Business

Custom Retails Bags For Business are used for company promotion or retail shops, etc.

Custom Shopping Bags For Business

Our custom shopping bags for business, supply customized sizes and accept custom-made styles.

Custom Tote Bags For Business

Our custom tote bags for business could be made non woven, canvas, polyester, etc materials.

Custom Gift Bags For Business

Here are the best style of custom gift bags for your business, multiply styles for you, and various materials.

Custom Paper Bags For Business

Our custom paper bags for business had tote style, drawstring style, string style for you.

Custom Logo Printed Bags For Business

All our custom bags could be made logo printed and custom size for our customers. Lower MOQ to Start.

Where Can You Purchase the Best Custom Bags For Business?

You can purchase high-quality and best custom bags for businesses from many suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world. But if you want quality that are at par with affordable rates and prices, go with a Chinese custom bags for business manufacturer.

Out of the thousands you can choose from, we here at The One can procure and help you with custom bags for businesses. We can assure you of the quality you’re looking for!

Over the course of a decade, we have produced custom bags for businesses for a wide array of business industries and sectors. We have been in partnerships with a ton of organizations and companies worldwide, manufacturing a multitude of business custom bags.

Apart from custom bags for businesses, you can also entrust to us the mass production of other kinds of bags like grocery bags, cosmetic bags, cooler bags, drawstring bags, and many more!

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Work with the best and most trusted custom bags for business manufacturing company without burning a hole in your pocket!

Custom Bags For Business – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

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