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The One Best Custom Bags Manufacturer in China

The One is a custom bag manufacturer that offers a wide range of bag options in a variety of materials and quantities. No matter what you need, whether you are an organization needing a small quantity of bags for an event of a large business in need of routine bulk orders, The One can fulfill your bag design needs. Whatever look you desire we can make it come to life with our superior bag designs.

If you are here, be because you need a large number of personalized bags, then we can help make that happen. Whether you are a business, individual, or organization, we have the technology and the known how to make sure you get the products you need at an affordable price. We ship all over the globe, and our prices cannot be beaten. Not only do we have a wide variety of fabrics and printing options to choose from, but we also have experts willing to help you complete your custom design if you are new to the process and need assistance. We strive to provide only the very best service. We have what you need.

To make the ordering process straightforward, we have created this guide so that our customers can look at all the options and make a decision before moving over to our product pages. This will save you time and energy.

As we are custom bags manufacturer and supplier in China, So This guide will breakdown every aspect of the custom bag creation process and answer questions regarding how The One can fulfill your custom bag and retail packaging needs.

How To Make Custom Bags?

We have a streamlined process to ensure that our customer’s needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our printing methods, factory floor, and packaging center work in tandem so that we can develop hundreds of bags for clients as needed.

When we first get an order, the raw material is fashioned into the desired bag style, then any logos or imagery is added through one of our three printing methods. Then the bulk orders are packaged and ready to be shipped out to the client.

As a custom bags manufacturer, we can make any bags you want to customized with your logo. Just tell us your details or drawing.

Custom Bags For Business

Style of Customized Bags

We offer a wide variety of bag styles for any personal, professional, and retail needs. While we specialize in large bulk orders, we are also able to satisfy the needs of smaller organizations like schools, charities, and shops. Below are brief descriptions of some of The One’s most popular custom products.

Custom Tote Bags

Our tote bags come in a number of different sizes and materials, including the following.

  • Tyvek
  • PVC
  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Mesh
  • Non-Woven
  • Rpet

We can provide any custom message, logo, or image on our totes, which include the following styles.

  • Grocery totes made of mesh, cotton, and polypropylene non-woven fabric
  • PVC cosmetic totes
  • Tyvek cooler totes
  • Traditional totes of various materials

Custom Foldable Shopping Bags

Our custom designed foldable shopping bags can come in any desired color or pattern. They are sturdy, with both rip and water resistance built into the fabric.

Custom Drawstring Bags

These are incredibly popular for shops and individuals alike. We offer only the highest quality custom drawstring bags. Here are a few of the styles that we can use with your design.

  • Mesh pouches and bags
  • Jewelry pouches
  • Velvet pouches
  • Sports bags
  • Shoe bags
  • Satin pouches
  • Jute pouches
  • Cotton pouch
  • Waterproof bag
  • Nylon bag
  • Non-Woven bag
  • Transparent bag

Additional Types of Bags

The One has a whole lot more to offer, and you can check out our exhaustive list of customizable bags on our catalog page. 

Here are a few more categories that you will be able to choose from.

Adding Logos or Other Imagery

We can customize any of our bags, totes, or pouches with whatever imagery you prefer. If you do not have a design already figured out, that is okay! You can work with our team of professionals to get the perfect custom look for your bag.

Except this, it is not a difficult for a custom bags manufacturer to make your designs out, just to make details clearly.

Printing Technology Used to Create Custom Bags

The technology we use to turn your design into customs bags will vary depending on the appearance you want and the materials chose. There are some limitations as not every bag style and material can be used with every print option. If you find yourself uncertain about which is best for the appearance you desire, reach out to our team of experienced professionals, and they will be able to assist you.

  • Heat Printing

This process involves printing out the desired text or artwork onto a special type of transfer paper. This is placed across the bag’s fabric, and a heat press is used to both open up the material pores and presses the ink into it. The ink is then allowed to dry, and the transfer becomes permanent. This process will enable us to create high-quality images, and it works best with high-resolution artwork.

  • Digital Printing

Fabric is fed through a digitals printer with a roller, and then the ink is cured using hear. This printing option allows for increased control of detail and is excellent for small or highly intricate images.

  • Screen Painting

Screen Painting, or silk-screening, uses screens and stencils to create the image. It gives a unique appearance and is great for fashion and aesthetic gear. We provide only the best ink and screen painting results, which means they will not fade or crack.

  • Embroidery

Another form of design customization we offer is embroidery. This is a great option for jewelry pouches or corporate bags. We can turn any text or image into a beautifully embroidered one.

Custom Eco-Friendly Bag Options

We offer the best eco-friendly totes and bags. These laminated print bags are durable, look beautiful with custom prints, and can be reused up to 5,000 times. The laminated surface also makes them incredibly convenient to clean, allowing for more extended usage.

Laminated bags are also one of the strongest compared to others of the same thickness. This is due to the fact that it has several layers. The lamination process involves placing a polypropylene sheet printed with the desired artwork over an initial layer (usually woven) and then hear pressing them together. This creates a permanent

Materials For Manufacturing Custom Made Bags

We have already mentioned some of our more popular materials in previous sections, but here we want to give you a little more detail on each one so you can make a more informed decision. Whether your focus is on fashion, practicality, or affordability, we have the right materials to fulfill your custom order.

Our non-woven bags and totes are made from polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer. The fabric is created by spinning the polypropylene into long threads. These are then overlaid and pressed together to create a weave-like appearance. Non-weave is flexible, strong, and, best of all, recyclable.

  • PEVA

This is an alternative to PVC and is more environmentally friendly while being able to provide all the same benefits. It is made of polyethylene vinyl acetate – a non-chlorinated vinyl. PEVA is waterproof and tear resistant.

This is a versatile material which can be quite rigid or more flexible. It is made of vinyl chloride gas and is great for holding items which might be likely to cause a mess if spilt, such as makeup or lunches. It is waterproof and can be fashioned in many ways.

Nylon is a synthetic fabric made almost ebtietof resin. It stands up well under almost any conditions a d can last for decades. It is ideal for bags used outdoors due to its water resistant and tear resistant nature. This is most often seen in sports bags.

These natural fibers are easy to use in creating all styles of bags, totes, and pouches. They are exceptionally easy to customize and make for great, reusable products.

Jute is a natural fiber and has been used for centuries to create fabrics for every conceivable item. We use it in our pouches, bags, and totes because it is very durable and holds prints well.

I’d you are looking for a bag that will last for years and keep your items fully secure from water or tear damage, then Tyvek is an ideal material. It is abrasion and water resistant, capable of lasting longer than many other fabrics, and naturally antibacterial. It is made entirely of thick, spun polyethylene fibers.

Our mesh bags come in cotton, which is a highly versatile material. It is lightweight and breathable, which makes it perfect for transporting fresh food and other items. The mesh comes in various sizes, depending on the need. For example, our shoe bags have a mesh section with holes that are quite large since there is no danger of the contents falling loose while the grocery mesh bags are more netted and capable of caging in fruit, vegetables, and other goods.

Another one of our eco-friendly options, rPet is a fabric that is constructed of recycled polyester. It is porous, strong, and capable of lasting a long time, which makes it perfect for everything from reusable shopping bags to conferences and other events.

Ideas For How to Use Custom Bags

The majority of our customers are businesses, organizations, and one-time event related bulk orders. If you are here because you are interested in growing your brand or raising awareness for a cause then we have a few ideas you can use to increase business and demand by using our quality custom bags. These are meant to help inspire clients who know they need a little extra something to connect with their customer base or community. We can help accommodate any of the following

  • Fundraisers

Bags are excellent for fundraisers because they work as easy give away gifts, door prizes, or as auction items. If you are trying to raise awareness for a cause then whatever message you out on them can be seen every time they are used in public so your message can get already far and wide in this form of free advertising.

  • Company Events

For professional events it can be helpful to have a way to represent your department or company if it a location where multiple companies will be coming together. For events such as job fairs you can use bags to spread your brand to new and prospective employees. Their use of it can being in more customers and bring interest to your company

  • Personalized Bags as Gifts

Bulk orders if bags are usually done in the hundreds but there are some situations where you might need to give out gifts to a whole department, floor, family, or business. In those cases customized bags are a useful, considerate gift that can show how much you care while still being cost-effective.

Have Questions For Custom Bags?

We know that it can be hard to narrow down exactly which details will bring to life the design you picture in your mind. Hopefully, now that you have read through this guide you have a better idea of what you will want to order but if not, that is alright. Our team is here to help and we have everything we need to make certain

you get the bag you need in timeframe that works for you.

Feel free to reach out to our customer service agents at any time to get further clarification or assistance with your order. The One works to provide only the best experience. No matter what kind of bag customization you have in mind we can make sure it gets done quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today or reach out using our contact page! We are here for you.

Custom Packaging Bags

As a professional customized bag manufacturer in China, we can mainly provide bags in the following areas to our customers. 

Custom Packaging Bags For Small Business

  1.  Wine bottle packaging 
  2. Gift packaging 
  3. Outdoor packaging 
  4. Consumer packaging 
  5. Shopping packaging 
  6. Dry cleaning packaging 
  7. Sports packaging 
  8. Fruit packaging 
  9. Custom Packaging Bags For Clothing
  10. Umbrella Packaging Bags

We supply any other packaging solution to meet your packaging requirement.

Where To Find Custom Bags Manufacturer?

Here, leading custom bags manufacturer China to introduce some of our custom bags for customers. We make custom bags included grocery bags, shopping bags, supermarket bags, eco-friendly reusable bags, clear cosmetic bags, waterproof bags, drawstring bags, dry cleaning bags, etc.

  • Fast samples and delivery time is one of our customers’ recognition.
  • Professional sales team, reply inquiries within 24 hours
  • Every order you place will contribute to environmental protection.
  • The profit generated by each order will contribute to charity.
  • We have a professional sales team that can assist you in solving any bag-related problems.

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