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Styles Of Custom Sizes Storage Bins&Cubes We Manufactured For Clients

Customized Fabric Storage Bins&Cubes

Fabric Storage Bins

Foldable storage cubes with lids

Our Foldable storage cubes with lids are all customized size and accept logo printing. MOQ is 500PCs

Foldable Fabric Storage Cube

Foldable Fabric Storage Cubes

We can supply various sizes for our foldable storage bins or custom your size. MOQ is 500PCS. The material could be non woven, canas, polyester, bamboo, etc.

Fabric Storage Bins

Foldable Cloth Storage Cubes

These Handled cloth storage cubes are customed styles, just tell us your storage cubes details. We will send you prices soon.

Customized Foldable Storage Cubes

Fabric Storage Bins With Lids Manufacturer

Fabric storage bins with lids

These fabric storage bins reference sizes are 11*11, 13*13, 15*15 etc.

Canvas Storage Cubes

Canvas storage cubes

This canvas fabric storage cubes with cotton rope handles.

Non Woven Storage Bin

Non woven Storage Cube Box

All our storage cubes could be custom printed logos. We can make any printing you want.

Customized Fabric Storage Cube Drawers

Sock Storage Drawer Organizer

Sock Storage Drawer Organizer

This sock storage drawer organizer are made by high quality mesh material. flexible, washable and lightweight, so that it is easy to clean by hand or machine. | MOQ: 500PCS

Under Bed Storage Drawer Organizer

Under Bed Storage Drawer Organizer

This under bed storage bag reference sizes are 37.8 x 15.75 x 5.91 inches. All our storage organizers are customized sizes and logos. MOQ | 500PCS.

Fabric Cube Storage Drawer Manufacturer

Cube Fabric Storage Drawers

This Cube Fabric Storage Drawer reference sizes are 32.6 x 11.4 x 30.3 inches. 5 removable fabric drawers store and organize clothes, accessories and toys. Alarm clock, album and books can be placed on the wood top, which makes it a nightstand. | MOQ: 500PCS

More Custom Fabric Storage Cubes & Bins Styles

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FAQ About Custom Fabric Storage Bins&Cubes

The market of customized fabric storage bins & cubes has hit the industry hard. As a matter of fact, a lot of people consider them as a natural part of their home. Whether they’ll use it as living room storage, kitchen storage, or bedroom storage, it’s effective.

Before we dive straight into that topic, let’s take a closer look at what customized fabric storage bins & cubes first.

What Are Fabric Storage Bins & Cubes?

Fabric storage bins and cubes are products that you’ll normally see at home. You will often use them for storing many different kinds of things.

Fabric Storage Bins 

They’re usually made out of fabric for flexibility and versatility. Unlike plastic containers, though, fabric storage bins and cubes aren’t see-through and transparent. In fact, you can have them customized depending on your style and design requirements!

For us to find out more about those differences…

What Are the Differences Between Fabric and Plastic Storage Cubes and Bins?

You can consider a ton of differences between plastic and fabric storage cubes and bins.

What Are the Differences Between Fabric and Plastic Storage Cubes and Bins

An example of what a plastic storage bin looks like

To help with it further, you can consider these pros and cons of using plastic and fabric storage bins & cubes:

Pros of Plastic Storage Bins & Cubes

In utilizing plastic storage cubes and bins, here are the advantages:

  • Plastic materials are a lot more durable and long-lasting compared to fabric storage bins and cubes
  • They’re easier and more convenient to clean – you don’t have to wash them very often
  • Most, if not all plastic storage cubes & bins are waterproof
  • They give out a more aesthetic and a more physical appeal

Cons of Plastic Storage Bins & Cubes

On the other end of the spectrum, here are the cons or the drawbacks of using plastic:

  • Compared to fabric storage cubes, they’re a lot more costly and expensive
  • They’re heavier and more complicated to carry – it can add up to the overall weight of your items and belongings
  • They’re harder and more difficult to decompose, which can mean a bad thing for the environment

Those are the advantages and the disadvantages of using plastic storage bins and cubes. They’re not everything, but they are the most common and the general factors included.

Pros of Fabric Storage Bins & Cubes

When it comes to using fabric storage cubes & bins, you can consider the following points:

  • They’re easily customizable – you can set it to match the colors or the theme of your living or working space
  • They’re easily replaceable – you can get them from all different types and kinds of sources
  • You can purchase them in retail, which are cheaper than plastic ones – and even cheaper than that if you buy in bulk or in wholesale
  • Fabric storage cubes and bins consume less space than plastic

Cons of Fabric Storage Bins & Cubes

While the benefits of customized fabric storage bins & cubes seem promising, there are a couple of disadvantages and drawbacks to them, too. They include:

  • When they’re not cared for, they easily deteriorate
  • Washing them would cost you water, cleaning agents, and you’d have to dry them out
  • They can attract and accumulate dust and dirt faster and more urgent than plastic ones
  • They’re not able to hold items that are three (3) or four (4) times its weight

In choosing between plastic and customized fabric storage bins and cubes, consider these. Try to figure out what property or characteristic would be most beneficial and advantageous to your situation.

What Shapes Can You Purchase Fabric Storage Bins In?

There’s no written rule that the storage bins you need to purchase should be square.

Canvas Storage Cubes

As a matter of fact, some homeowners prefer rectangular fabric storage bins and cubes because of the space it has.

Furthermore, there are also circular storage bins and cubes! The shapes won’t really matter, as long as they’re doing the job successfully.

What Do You Put in Fabric Storage Bins?

You can put a wide array of things and materials inside fabric storage cubes and bins.

What Do You Put in Fabric Storage Bins

Examples of the things you can store in fabric storage bins

Some of the most common ones are:

    • Magazines, books, pamphlets, and brochures
    • Towels, extra linens like bed sheets and blankets
    • Clothes and other apparel
    • Shoes, slippers, and other footwear
    • Gadgets and devices
    • And many more!

The flexibility and versatility of fabric storage bins and cubes encompass are the reasons why they’re considered one of the best and the most purchased containers in the market.

How Do I Customize My Storage Bins?


Customizing and styling your fabric storage bins and cubes can be in the likes of changing up or modifying the size and dimensions; adding too few accents and designs to the exterior of the bins; and many more!

Apart from that, you can also choose to modify your fabric storage cubes and bins by adding design papers, prints, by sewing labels, and many more!

Should you need customized fabric storage bins and containers for business, though, you need to ask for the help and the assistance of suppliers and manufacturers!

How Do You Cover Fabric Bins?

Covering your fabric bins with another layer of fabric is the most relevant and significant change you can do.

Fabric Storage Bins With Lids Manufacturer

Perfect example of covering a storage bin and cube with fabric

By doing this, you can eliminate the need to clean the fabric storage bin or cube. Moreover, you’ll be able to extend and prolong the lifespan of your cubes and bins without big extra costs!

In covering your fabric storage bins and cubes, you would need:

  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Fabric or any type of protective cover
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Covering it up is easy, you just need to assemble and position the fabric so that it covers the entire fabric storage bin and cube. Once that is all set, the next thing you want to do is to pin the covering fabric so that it’s positioned, ready for gluing.

Using the scissors, cut out the excess fabric or any type of linen you’ll use for the cover. Once everything is set, load the glue gun with your glue stick and glue it accordingly.

NOTE: Make sure that you have an allowance at the top, so that it’s about an inch or an inch and a half below the edge. That gives it more space so that when the glue comes off, you still have it covered.

Can You Make Your Own Storage Cubes?

Yes, you can make or create DIY fabric storage cubes at home, given that you have all the materials to do it.

Fabric Storage Bins

DIY fabric storage bins and cubes

The supplies that you’ll be needing for this project includes a foam board, fabric (whatever fabric you want to use), a duct tape, adhesive (spray), cutters and scissors, and a craft knife.

All you have to do is to cut out five (5) pieces of foam board, with the dimensions depending on how you want your storage cubes & bins to be. Then, cut out a pattern and trace it to the front part of your storage cube.

The handles or the handhold should be cut using the craft knife – it’s like making a hole out of the top part of the two (2) sides of your storage bin.

Using duct tape, connect all of the foam boards so that they take on the form of a box or a bin.  You can add duct tape to the handles so that they’re stronger and more durable.

After that, you can use an adhesive spray to stick or to glue the fabric onto the exterior or the outer part of the foam board for the design and the style that you need it to be in.

Can You Label Plastic Storage Bins?

Yes, since they’re made out of plastic, there should be no issues in putting labels to them.

Storage bins and cubes that have labels on them

As a matter of fact, you can use a double-sided adhesive tape, a glue gun, or any other adhesive material to paste the label on the storage bins.

How Do You Clean Fabric Containers?

If you thought that cleaning fabric storage bins and cubes take a lot of work, you’re wrong!

Fabric Storage Bins

An image of a clip of cleaning and washing fabric bins and containers

In fact, cleaning them is easy – you can wash them by hand!

Do note, though, that since their interior is not just fabric alone, regularly washing them could misshape them. So, ensure that you’re washing them only when necessary.

A solution of soap and water should be enough – these materials wouldn’t harm them.

One good method of washing them is by creating a mixture of soap and water. Bubble them up so you’re sure that the soap is thoroughly mixed with the water. Then, use a clean cloth or towel and wet it using the solution, then, wipe all the dirt and all the things you need to clean using that towel.

That’s how you can clean fabric storage bins and cubes if you’re afraid of compromising its form and overall shape.

Can You Wash Fabric Storage Cubes?

Yes, just like what we mentioned above, it’s extremely safe to clean and wash fabric storage cubes.

However, you always have to keep in mind that there’s a big chance of deformation or misshaping if you wash them regularly.

What is the Standard Size For Cube Storage?

The most common and the most purchased dimension or size of fabric storage bins and cubes is 12.01 x 10.91 x 4.02 inches.

Fabric Storage Bins

Image of a standard size for cube storage

Others argue that 10.03 x 7.59 x 4.09 inches are the most common, though.

Those are rough drafts and estimates of the regular and the usual size of fabric storage bins and cubes. The standard size will actually also depend on what you’ll use it for – if you’re going to use it for clothes, towels, and linens, the regular rates would be larger. Otherwise, it can be smaller than the rough estimates that we gave.

Are There Foldable Storage Cubes?

Yes, you can purchase a ton of foldable fabric storage bins and containers in the market. In fact, this innovation has sparked a lot of different versions of these fabric storage bins and cubes.

Fabric Storage Bins

Sample image of what foldable or collapsible storage cubes are

However, if you’re after foldable ones, do understand that it might cost you more compared to purchasing regular fabric storage bins and cubes.

Where Can You Purchase Customized Fabric Storage Bins & Cubes?

There are a ton of different options if you’re looking for fabric storage bins and cubes.

In fact, you’ll never find a shortage of them in e-commerce and online markets like eBay and Amazon. From those sources alone, you have the chance to find the perfect bins and cubes as per your requirement!

Be reminded, though, that purchasing them in retail mean that you’ll pay for their regular prices. If you want to save money, or if you’re going to use these for business, go with a customized fabric storage bins and cubes manufacturer.

Does Dollar Tree Have Storage Bins?

If you can find it on Amazon, then most likely, you’ll be able to find them in Dollar Tree, too.

You can check out the variety of choices that Dollar Tree offers for their custom fabric storage bins and cubes.

Who is the Best Customized Fabric Storage Cubes and Bins Supplier?

A Chinese customized fabric storage bin & cube supplier will never be short what you expect. As a matter of fact, a lot of businesses around the world consider Chinese suppliers as their go-to solution for the business requirements they have.

Here in China, no other customized fabric storage bins & cubes supplier is more trusted than us here at The One.

We have been the most trusted supplier of customized fabric storage bins and cubes for more than a decade.

We’re so trusted to the extent that a lot of world-renowned companies choose us to produce the customized fabric storage bins & cubes that they need for their business!

Apart from that, we here at The One are also capable and skilled in producing and in manufacturing other products, too such as dust bags, grocery bags, laundry bags, paper bags, wine bags, drawstring bags, under bed storage bags, comforter bags, storage bags, gift bags, cosmetic bags, fish cooler bags, PVC bags and many more!

Reach Out to Us Now!

Wherever you may be in the world, you can always bank and count on us if you need help and assistance in producing and in manufacturing customized storage cubes & bins!

Work with us and you will never feel the need to look for another manufacturer/supplier ever again!

Customized Fabric Storage Bins & Cubes – The Complete FAQ Guide

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