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Custom Cosmetic Bags | Personalized Makeup Bags


Custom Cosmetic Bags | Personalized Makeup Bags

We supply bulk cheap custom cosmetic bags, personalized makeup bags, makeup pouches, etc. Accepted custom printed logos with cosmetic bags.

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Adding a new wave of custom makeup bags to your business’s roster is not only a good business move, but it can also increase your profitability two-fold. Like any other business or product, adding a feature of customization can heighten your business’s reach.

So, in this guide, we’ll go about helping and assisting you in identifying the best custom makeup bag suppliers and manufacturers in the market. Not only that, but we will also give you guidelines on how you can purchase the best custom makeup bags by helping you identify what you need to look for, the common characteristics they need to have, and many others!

What Are Custom Makeup Bags?

Otherwise known as cosmetic bags, these simply are makeup bags or bags where makeup and other cosmetic products are put and placed.

Figure 1 – Sample image of different custom makeup bags in various sizes

They’re tagged and identified as “custom” because they are custom-made to the liking of the client.

It is something that’s specific in a way that’s according to how the client or the business of choice likes it. Whether the customization is with the color, the shape, the form, and the features of the bag.  

Can You Purchase Custom Makeup Bags Wholesale?

Figure 2 – You can purchase wholesale custom makeup bags

Yes, in fact, most custom makeup bag manufacturers offer their products wholesale. Since their services and products cater to other businesses most of the time, offering it to them in retail isn’t the most ideal.

There are a lot of wholesale custom makeup bag suppliers you can work with in the market, and you’ll find many of them in various parts of the world. You can get and order them from businesses and companies in China, you can get them from manufacturers and suppliers in the U.S., and others!

The point of the fact is, you will never experience a shortage of where you can get and purchase custom makeup bags! Whatever style, design, color, and shape you want your makeup bags to be in, you can directly ask your manufacturer/supplier about it!

We can assure you that your journey of finding high-quality custom makeup bag manufacturers wholesale will be seamless and smooth-sailing.

To follow this up, let us now learn the ropes of how suppliers and manufacturers produce custom makeup bags.

How Are Custom Makeup Bags Manufactured?

Producing or manufacturing makeup bags and customizing it is, overall, a tough and complex job. As a matter of fact, it requires more than just simple tools and equipment.

This is the reason why the majority of custom makeup bag suppliers and manufacturers make use of various techniques, strategies, tools, and machines.

Luckily for you, we’ll go ahead and discuss that in further detail!

Step #1: Raw Material Sourcing

The first step that manufacturers and suppliers need to do is to source out the right materials and items to pursue and push with the process. The complexity and difficulty of this step will be determined by the:

  • Material in which the bag is going to be made
  • Designs, styles, and the overall look of the bag
  • Size and quantity of the makeup bag

Step #2: Cutting and Sizing

Once all the materials needed are sourced and gathered, the next thing that needs to be done is to cut, shape, and size the fabric (material). This is a step that would prepare the fabric (cut into pieces) for the further steps.

More often than not, the tools and equipment to be used for these would be regular/standard equipment that are used for cutting. However, there are some businesses and companies that use specialized equipment for it.

Step #3: Detailing and Designing

After the cutting, sizing, and shaping processes are done and accomplished, the next step would be the detailing or the designing of the cut fabric. This is part of the process where the coloring, the printing, the designing, and the adding of other designs is made.

Whether the print or the design is printed, sewn, embedded, or embossed, it’s going to be done in this procedure.

Step #4: Assembling

After the individual modifications are finished and accomplished, the next step would be to assemble and to put together all pieces that are part of the overall product. What this simply means is that all of the pieces that have been worked on will be grouped and joined together.

This is the process in which the structure and the form of the makeup bag will be concrete. This procedure will involve the sewing of the cut fabric to join and to be fused with one another.

Step #5: Finishing

Once the structure or the form of the makeup bag is finished, the finishing or the finalizing process is to be done. This last and final step will be the concluding process of the manufacturing procedure.

This is the step where the final form or structure of the cosmetic or the makeup bag will be finalized. This will include the final shape, the accessories, the add-ons, and all other things that make up the bag.

Needless to say, this also is the process where all the features and the characteristics of the custom makeup bag will appear. So, knowing and understanding how the manufacturing process of custom makeup bags is would definitely be beneficial and advantageous for you and your business.

Not being aware or by being blind to it, you wouldn’t have the chance to get a complete and thorough understanding of the properties and characteristics of the products you’ve ordered and purchased.

Personalized Makeup Bags With Pictures

Figure 4 – Makeup bags that are specified and customized according to customer’s liking

If you’re interested to buy or purchase makeup bags with photos or pictures that you want, you can request for this when you go work with a custom makeup bag manufacturing company like us here at The One.

Akin to other manufacturers and suppliers, all you have to do to personalize or customize the makeup bag you want to purchase, or order is to send the draft or sketch of the product you’re looking for to the supplier.

Give them a complete sketch of:

  • What you want your products to look like when they’re produced
  • The color, shape, and form in detail
  • Raw materials you want to use and see with the product
  • And others

Here with us at The One, you will never be disappointed with the quality of the products you’ll be purchasing from us. We are equipped with skilled professionals, experienced bag-making experts, and talented artists that can produce one-of-a-kind and special custom makeup bags for you!

What Are Makeup Bags Made Of?

Not all makeup bags are made equally, so to speak. What does this mean, you may ask? Simple – not all products that you encounter in the market are similar.

Figure 5 – Different materials that compose makeup bags in different colors

But, there are some materials deemed to be more common and used in the field when it comes to the manufacturing or the production of cosmetic or makeup bags.

The most common materials include:


Regular cloth as the base, and additions of other materials for a stronger and more durable exterior are added to it. Cloth is the most common material used in the production or manufacturing of cosmetic bags or makeup bags.


Because of its property of being water-resistant, nylon is among the most common and the most used material in the production or manufacturing of these makeup bags. They’re simply known to be the best because they’re stronger and more durable.

The only drawback to it is its cost – it’s substantially more expensive and costlier than polyester or standard cloth.


In case you didn’t know, vinyl fabric, also commonly referred to as synthetic leather or pleather is another material that’s commonly used for makeup or cosmetic bags. This is for the reason that it’s versatile, durable, and easy-to-clean.

Just like nylon fabric, vinyl fabric can also be pricey, too, making it one of the options that’s not favored by many businesses. Despite that, you can guarantee strength, effectiveness, and overall efficiency if you use vinyl material for your makeup bags.

Metallic Material

Some businesses lean more towards style, fashion, and sophistication rather than functionality, strength, and longevity. For these clients, the option of using metallic material for the cosmetic bag is better. From the term alone, metallic fabrics are those that are shiny, glossy, and much more fragile looking.


Last, but most definitely not least is suede material. Suede-made cosmetic or makeup bags are quite often utilized by big fashion brands. The texture, the overall look, and the ultimate feel of the bag exquisitely improves and develops customer experience.

Out of all the materials we mentioned, suede is the most expensive because it’s the most difficult to source out and it’s the most complex to work with.

These are the top materials that are used by manufacturers for their makeup bags. Of course, there are others that you can choose and pick from in the market, they are just the most used and most common.

Can You Purchase Custom Makeup Bags With No Minimum?

Yes, there are custom makeup bag suppliers and manufacturers that do not require a minimum order. However, you need to expect that these manufacturers might not have the best rates and prices.

If you’re not sure of the bulk of the orders you need, then you first need to find out the minimum order of the manufacturer that you are to work with. Here with us at The One, you’ll never problematize minimum orders because it’ll be few.

We’ll talk more about what our MoQ or minimum order quantity is in the latter part of this FAQ and buying guide.

Personalized Makeup Bags Amazon

Amazon is the best place for literally all types and kinds of things. It’s also the place where you can find personalized makeup bags. The personalization we’re talking about is the design, the style, and the overall look of the bag.

It’s not personalized or specified when it comes to what’s indicated on the bag, but more on the pre-made or pre-designed style on the unit. There are some stores or shops that offer complete personalization, but it would only be with the colors and prints of the bag, not with the style, form, or how the bag is structured.

Can You Trust The One With the Custom Makeup Bags You Need?

If you find yourself in need of high-quality custom makeup bags and you’re on a tight budget, then going and working with us here at The One will be your best option.

We’ve been known and tagged as China’s most trusted custom makeup bag manufacturing company for over 12 years now and not once did we fail to meet our clients’ demands and expectations. Among the primary reasons why we’re the best is that we don’t force our clients to purchase a specific set of units – our MoQ is low (just about 500 pcs), and we can customize the packaging for you, too!

If you want sleek, quality, and durable makeup bags that are up, even exceed your standards, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at The One! We’re open to all types and kinds of changes, modifications, and negotiations so you can achieve the products you need!

What Other Products Can The One Offer?

Apart from the high-quality lineup of custom makeup bags we have in our arsenal, we here at The One can also be your go-to company if you ever find yourself in need of an expert when it comes to the production or manufacturing of other products and items.

We can also help you if you ever need custom cooler bags, marketing or promotional bags, high-quality garment bags, raincoats, and many more!

Talk to us and we’ll send you a free quotation of the products or the orders you need!

Custom Makeup Bags – The All-Around FAQ Guide

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