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Eco Friendly Printed Tote Bags

The One manufactures and supplies Eco Friendly Printed Tote Bags. Hier sind einige Stile als Referenz. Wenn Sie individuelle oder andere Stile wünschen, können Sie einen Katalog anfordern.

Our eco-friendly printed tote bags are a fusion of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Designed for the eco-conscious consumer, these bags offer a sustainable alternative to traditional carriers, adorned with vibrant, eye-catching prints.



24*40", 24*54", 24*72". Akzeptieren Sie maßgeschneiderte Größen


500 Stück


Schwarz, Weiß, Rot, Marineblau, Gelb usw. auf Lager.
Akzeptieren Sie maßgeschneiderte Farben.


In China hergestellt


T/T, L/C, Paypal usw.


20-25 Tage


Eco Friendly Printed Tote Bags

Sustainable Materials: Crafted from materials like organic cotton, recycled PET fabric, or natural hemp, these bags are not only durable but also environmentally friendly. Their production has a lower ecological footprint, supporting a greener planet.

High-Quality Printing: We use advanced, eco-friendly printing techniques that ensure vibrant, long-lasting colors and designs. Our printing methods are safe for the environment, using water-based, non-toxic inks.

Stylish Designs: Our range includes a variety of prints, from minimalist patterns to bold, artistic designs. We also offer custom printing options, allowing for personalized designs, logos, or messages, perfect for businesses, events, or personal use.

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