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How To Choose Laundry Bags?

extra small mesh laundry bags

How To Choose Laundry Bags? 

As we are a custom laundry bags supplier and manufacturer in China for making custom bulk nylon laundry bags, non woven laundry bags, storage bags, and mesh washing laundry bags for more than 10 years. So we can suggest to know laundry bags info below for how to choose laundry bags. Some products such as mesh net bags, lingerie wash bags, delicate bags and shoe wash bags, etc. we have some stock, can be directly customized Logo and send bags by fast delivery time.

We offer bulk printed laundry bags with all styles you want to do, like drawstring, hanging, zippered, handled, etc.

We not only offer laundry bags wholesale but also support OEM & ODM services. Our custom laundry bags could be used for home dry clean service, but also could be commercial and industrial use. There are mesh net, nylon polyester, non woven, vinyl and canvas&cotton, etc. materials. There are also a variety of sizes for you to choose.

Other than that, other dry cleaning products, such as quilt bags, storage bags, are all styles that we specialize in manufacturing. Also if you have a specially customized bag, feel free to send us an inquiry and we will respond promptly.

What is a Laundry Bag?

A laundry bag is any bag that holds or stores laundry. It is essentially any bag that you place inside your bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room, where you store and organize clothes that you’ve used or newly purchased clothes that you need to clean.
Laundry bags hold your dirty laundry until you need to wash them. They are also used to carry laundry from one place to another, such as from your home to a laundromat or laundry shop.
The styles differ depending on the material, size, shape, and of course, the need. There’s a laundry bag for every budget, taste, and style, so there are plenty of options to choose from. The key to knowing which one works best for you is to determine what your needs are.
Some of the most important factors to consider when buying a laundry bag are the following:
  • Size
  • Choice of Material
  • Closure Detail such as drawstring or zipper
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight enough to carry
  • Machine washable

If you need a laundry bag for high volume needs, then a heavy-duty large bag is what you need; if you need it for personal use, then a bag that’s big enough for your own use will suffice. Choice of materials depends on your personal taste and budget, as well as whether or not you want something ecological or something that you can use for a long time.

The factors that need to be met are machine washable, so you won’t have a problem reusing them; lightweight enough so you can place loads of laundry and still be able to carry it; and other details that you want to depend on your needs.

So before to buy bags from laundry bags manufacturers, it is a better way to know which is the best laundry bags for you.

What Laundry Bags Are Used For?

custom laundry bag

As a professional custom laundry bags manufacturer, we can tell you laundry bags could be used widely in our life, not only for business but also for home storage.

Laundry bags are used for a variety of different applications. Laundry bags can be used to store dirty laundry until wash day; you can use them to carry your laundry from your home to the laundromat, and they can also be used to separate different kinds of fabric items.

Individual applications consist of households needing them to separate individual laundry items of individual family members. You can use color-coded laundry bags to determine which bag belongs to which member of the family. They can also be used for single individuals who need to carry their laundry to a laundry shop.

Industrial applications include using laundry bags for used uniforms and workwear. They can be used by hospitals, clinics, and hospitality industries such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

Commercial grade or heavy-duty custom laundry bags are used in these industries.

What are the Advantages of Laundry Bags?

Laundry bags are useful essentials that make washing easier. Piled-up laundry is not just unpleasant to look at but they’re unhygienic and can be a place that harbors bacteria.

Here is a list of advantages of using a laundry bag:

  • Can separate different laundry items, such as separating underwear from jeans or blankets
  • Can be used to store dirty laundry, preventing odor and bacteria from accumulating
  • Organizes your laundry
  • Separates the laundry of individual members of the family
  • Holds and stores company uniforms before wash day
  • Inexpensive option
  • Doesn’t take too much space in a home or bathroom
  • Plenty of options to choose from
  • Portable and lightweight, can be used when traveling
  • Can be used for other purposes

A laundry bag has many benefits and one of which is having multi-purposes. Aside from storing and holding laundry, they can also be used to store toys and other items in the home. When you’ve just had your laundry day, you can use them to store other things in the home.

They’re also inexpensive and won’t cost a fortune. They’re reusable and easy to clean, which means they’re better for the environment.

How To Make A Custom Laundry Bag?

First, you should choose the material you want, we can make canvas laundry bags, non woven laundry bags, polyester laundry bags, etc.

For example, if you want to make a canvas laundry bag. Cutting is the first step, then printed your logo on the cutting pieces, if laundry bags needed straps or drawstrings, workers needed to make these details before sewing the whole body pieces. The final step, the worker will sew the whole bag to a full laundry bag. Then put them in the poly bag, and put in the carton.
We have been laundry bags manufacturer in China for a long time, so have enough experience for making laundry bags.

What Styles Of Commercial Laundry Bags You Can Supply?

What styles are available for your commercial laundry bag needs? We have a number of different industrial laundry bags and commercial laundry bags styles for you. If you’re an individual, a company who wants to carry their own laundry bag product, or you want to order bulk for your business’ needs such as a hotel, hospital, or spa, then we have a range of styles that you can choose from.

Commercial Laundry Linen Bags

Commercial Canvas Laundry Bags

custom cotton & canvas laundry bag manufacturer

Commercial Grade Nylon Laundry Bags

custom Laundry garment bags

Commercial Laundry Hamper Bags

wholesale laundry bags manufacturers

Commercial Mesh Laundry Bags

peronalized printed laundry bags


Custom&Personalized Laundry Bags Styles

Please take a look at the styles we have on offer for personalized laundry bags with printed logo.

  • Personalized Nylon Drawstring Laundry Bags

laundry bags manufacturers

These are the most popular drawstring laundry bags we have. They’ve convenient, lightweight, portable, and highly efficient. You can use the drawstring laundry bags to secure your laundry in place, hang it on a hook, hang it inside your closet, use it as a backpack to carry your laundry from one pace to another, and they can double as a bag as well.

  • Personalized Travel Laundry Bags

laundry bag manufacturers-1

Hanging laundry bags are conveniently hung on a hook, doorknob, wall, bedpost, or any other area with a hook. We also have hanging laundry bags with an inset hook making them easier to hang anywhere. Hook laundry bags keep your laundry off the floor, helping to create more space and organization in your home. For traveling, handing laundry bags will be a good choice.

  • Custom&Personalized Mesh Lingerie Laundry Bags

Washable Laundry Net Bag manufacturer

Lingerie laundry bags is protecting your bras, and some soft clothes. Lingerie is delicate and sensitive. You mustn’t throw them together with your other clothes. They can easily rip and tear, which means a lingerie laundry bag is needed to make them last longer and keep them looking great. Our lingerie laundry bags have closures that keep them in place and protect them from other items. It also prevents other clothing from getting damaged from the hook of a bra and keeps the straps safe from getting overstretched when they tangle with other clothes in the wash. So Lingerie laundry bags will be good used in wash machine.

  • Custom Dryer Laundry Bags

Dryer Laundry Bag Manufacturer

Dryer laundry bags are used in a dryer, protecting items from getting tangled with other garments, and protecting other garments from the item you place inside, such as a pair of shoes, underwear, bag or any other items with hardware.

  • Custom Made Zipped Laundry Bags

mesh laundry bags

Zipped laundry bags offer security and protection for your laundry. They offer the most security for your delicate pieces of fabric items. We have rust-proof zipper laundry bags, as well as covered zips for more protection.

Dry Cleaners Supply Laundry Bags

We offer high quality and economical cheap price commercial laundry bags with a variety of sizes and materials. Such as heavy duty polyester laundry bagsnonwoven laundry garment bags, mesh net laundry bagscotton and canvas bag, nylon laundry bags, etc. Need to promote your business or offer giveaways? We can print custom logos on any of our bags. Custom printed bags are great for promotional giveaways, branding and marketing and gifts.

To offer you better options, we also manufacture different commercial laundry bags depending on the material used. Please take a look at the bags we offer depending on the material:

  • Custom Non-Woven Laundry Storage Bags

custom duvet laundry storage bag

Non-woven fabric is made of a flexible and non-porous PP (polypropylene) material that’s water-resistant. It is a safe, durable, and eco-friendly fabric that offers durability and protection for your laundry. They are, however, disposable kinds of materials.

  • Custom Cotton&Canvas Laundry Bags 

custom cotton & canvas laundry bag manufacturer

These are made of woven fabrics that are much sturdier than non-woven fabric. They’re also easy to clean, machine washable, durable, and last longer. They’re also great for businesses who need to have their logo or brand name printed or embroidered on the bags.

  • Custom Printed Heavy Duty Laundry Bags

custom Nylon polyester laundry bag manufacturer

Our heavy-duty custom laundry bags are great for commercial or industrial needs where heavier and larger loads are washed on a frequent basis. They are crafted for durability and are double stitched. We can supply large heavy duty mesh laundry bags, heavy duty nylon laundry bags, heavy duty canvas laundry bags with shoulder stapes, etc. As a professional laundry bags supplier, our heavy duty laundry bags could be customized with your logo printed or other printing technology you want.

TB-091 Durable mesh laundry bag manufacturer

Custom made Mesh laundry bags are economical, easy to use, extremely lightweight, and can be thrown into the wash or dryer along with your other clothes and fabric times. They’re the most breathable which means they do not keep odor and bacteria inside. These are great for keeping shoes inside them as you throw them in the wash, or stuffed toys, and small pillows.

As a leading mesh laundry bags manufacturer in China, we can customize any style or material for you. We can create tailor-made laundry bags with your logo or business name printed or embroidered, and we can supply in bulk at wholesale prices.

For all your mesh laundry bag needs, whether for domestic, industrial, commercial, or business needs, we have the capacity and the service, offering quality products at affordable price points.

How To Use Mesh Laundry Bags?

  • For washing

The mesh laundry bags allows you to separate clothes and underwear in the bag, and then put the bag in the washing machine for clarity. This can prevent clothes from being washed out.

  • Used for sorting

Use mesh Laundry Bags to sort clothes, toys, etc., which can be easily found and stored.

See below our youtube link mesh laundry bags:


Where Can Your Custom Laundry Bags Be Used?

Our commercial laundry bags support home dry cleaning, industry use, can also be used in dry cleaner stores, schools, hospitals, colleges, gyms, hotels and other places where you need to store your clothes.

Do You have Strength Test Report?

This we made by our customer request, if they need, we can make it according to customer’s material.

What Certificate Do You Have For Customized Laundry Bags?

We can supply BSCI and SEDEX certification for customized laundry bags.

As we are one of the best custom laundry bags manufacturers, we can supply bulk laundry bags. We manufacture our laundry bags delivery time is based on your order qty. We check delivery time according to your order quantity, usually small orders we can supply in 10-15days, bulk laundry bag orders we need to check by order quantity. 

Could Your Laundry Bags Customized with Logos?

Of course, we can. As a leading custom laundry bags manufacturer in China, we supply custom printed laundry bags for our customers. Usually is screen printing, but this is unwashable, heat transfer could be washable, but it is expensive. Because we are one of the best laundry bags manufacturers and suppliers, we can accept customer’s customized logos.

How Can I Customize my Laundry Bags?

There are many ways to customize your laundry bag. A simple way is to choose a bag that is a different color or pattern than the standard white or beige. You can also add embellishments like sequins, embroidery, or appliques to make your bag unique. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can create your own custom design by adding pockets, straps, or other features. If you really want to make a statement, you can have your laundry bag monogrammed with your initials or name. Whatever your style, there are plenty of ways to customize your laundry bag to suit your needs.

Could Laundry Bags Be Washed?  

As a professional laundry bags manufacturer, we can give you some laundry bags experience for laundry bags washing in the machine. Yes, most of the laundry bags could be washed, like meshpolyestercanvas & cotton, etc. Because some bags with screen logo printed, which could be easily flushed when in the laundry machine. If the logon printed with heat transfer printing, then it is fine to put in the laundry machine. After we finished making them, we will also do tests for them. 

How Do You Pack Laundry Bags?

For Bulk Orders, usually we packed according to customer’s requests. Normally, we will make bulk non woven laundry bags, nylon laundry bags, cotton laundry bags in bulk packing, about 50 or 100PCS per ctn. For mesh laundry bags, we make single poly bag packing, then put them in the carton.

Do You Support Wholesale Laundry Bags?

We are laundry bags manufacturers, so our business is smart, we support not only support custom laundry bags but also support bulk wholesale laundry bags business. We will make bulk plain laundry bags for support small customers who only need 500PCS or 1000PCS no logo bags.

Our Wholesale Laundry Bags styles

We can supply bulk laundry bags wholesale business, below are some styles for your reference:

Large Custom Laundry Bags Wholesale 

Heavy Duty Laundry Bags Wholesale

Cloth Laundry Bags Wholesale

Nylon Laundry Bags Wholesale

Drawstring Laundry Bags Wholesale


Where To Buy Custom Laundry Bags?

The One- which is one of the leading laundry bags manufacturers in China here to introduce for you.
We make bags in packaging area more than 10 years, since 2009. Garment Bags is the beginning of the products, then enlarged the production line, like laundry bags, storage bags, shopping bags, duffle bags, shopping cart bags, cosmetic bags, TYVEK bags, reusable bags, eco bags, grocery bagstote bags, retail bags, business bags, cooler bags, foldable bags, rain coats, canvas bags, jute bags, paper bags, dust bags and mesh produce bags etc. So we are your best choice to get a quote or make bulk orders for laundry bags.

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