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Top 15 Jewelry Manufacturers in China

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You’ll find a ton of jewelry manufacturers in the world, but have you ever considered looking at the option of sourcing it from China? China is known to be the world’s largest hub when it comes to manufacturing, but are they reliable sources for jewelry, too?

If you’re looking for jewelry, then, you could be looking for other stuff to just like jewelry bags. Here with us at The One Packaging Solutions, we have been producing the best and largest varieties of accessories for jewelry bags and other similar types of bags. We’ll get to that later!

Now, we present to you 15 of the best and the most trusted jewelry manufacturers in the country!

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in Guangdong

Yu Jing Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Yu Jing Jewelry has been in business for decades now, and not once did their clients find inconsistencies with their work. They have a wide array of products in their arsenal, but their specialties pertain to opal rings and earrings, necklaces and pendants, opal sets, silver stock items, brass jewelry, and many more.

Opal is one of the things they primarily focus on, and it’s the strength they have over other jewelry manufacturers and suppliers in Guangdong.

Shenzhen Laikani Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Coming in at 2nd place is Shenzhen Laikani Jewelry Co., Ltd. This company breathes nothing but versatility and flexibility when it comes to business. They offer high-quality Zircon, women’s gold, silver-enamel colored rings, and many other pieces of jewelry you are looking for.

You can purchase in both retail and wholesale from them, and you can also get them in individual sets, like how you get and buy from other jewelry stores and manufacturers.

Many businesses treat Shenzhen Laikani Jewelry Co., Ltd. as their go-to and one-stop shop for all the jewelry thy require.

Longyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Longyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Have you ever seen those iced products that a lot of businesses and shops offer? Well, Longyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is one of the best and most trusted manufacturers of that.

Well, it’s not that they’re fake, but they’re made from quartz, Zirconia, and other alternatives to real jewelry. Their range of products span from alloy jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, fashion jewelry, as well as hair accessories and fashion watches, so, you will not have any type of shortage when choosing the jewelry you’re looking for.

Pros of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Guangdong

  • Guangdong is home to a ton of different manufacturers that you can choose from
  • Suppliers and companies here accept many different payment methods and processes
  • Manufacturing and lead time from Guangdong is fast and urgent

Cons of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Guangdong

  • Rates and prices vary greatly, especially if you are ordering retail
  • You’ll find a lot of competitors offering the same thing, which can be difficult for your selection

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Sartoria State Co., Ltd.

If you’re looking for a supplier or manufacturer of casual jewelry, Sartoria State Co., Ltd. is the perfect manufacturer for you! Focusing all their energy, skill, and overall knowledge to improve and supplement the fashion industry, you’ll never have any problems working with them!

Sartoria Co., Ltd. is a one-stop manufacturer that specializes in producing casual ties, rings, necklaces, fabric, and other additives to jewelry. They’re even renowned as the best and the experts when it comes to producing men’s belts! You can never go wrong in choosing Sartoria for all your fashion needs!

Donghai County Jieji Trading Company

Donghai County Jieji Trading Company is not your typical jewelry store. Instead of focusing on finished items (like rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.), their focus is in the natural and raw products used for it – silver, amber, quartz products, etc.

Having this knowledge, they can be versatile on the finished products they offer their clients, amassing more than 100+ different opportunities and products, you won’t feel like you’ll need any other manufacturer when you work with them!  

They’re so flexible that you can purchase everything such as jars, lamps, and decorations, too!

Nanjing Daiya Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Daiya Jewelry Co., Ltd., from their name alone, is already obvious that they are a manufacturer or a supplier focused in the production of items and raw products that are used for jewelry. As of the moment, their highest and best sellers are Gold rose, Pale Blue Rosebud, and Daya Gold Rosebud roses for Valentine’s Day, they’re also an exceptionally great supplier of necklaces, rings, flowers, gold rose, and many more!

Elegance, sophistication, and overall cadence are the things that Daiya Jewelry Co., Ltd. is known for! So, don’t worry about quality if you are going to choose to work with them!

Pros of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Jiangsu

  • Lead and manufacturing time are fast and urgent
  • There are no issues when it comes to confidentiality and secrecy
  • The rates and prices that their manufacturers have are decent and affordable

Cons of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Jiangsu

  • Language barrier can be an issue, as jewelry manufacturers in Jiangsu tend to lean more on the provincial side
  • Their payment methods are not as flexible and as versatile as other provinces

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in Zheijang

Yiwu C&L Jewelry Co., Ltd.

One of Zheijang’s prides in jewelry manufacturing, Yiwu C&L Jewelry Co., Ltd. is not a force to be reckoned with. Being ranked as part of the top 5 manufacturers in the whole of Zheijang, you’ll have zero doubts on their manufacturing ability and capability. They have compliance licenses, certifications, and standards to operate!

Starting out in the industry offering simple jewelry like plain and generic necklaces, brooches, earrings, and the like, they’ve improved and started offering bohemian jewelry, hair accessories, DIY accessories, and many more!

Zhuji Feirun Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Pretty known for their expertise in pearls and other similar pieces of jewelry, Zheijang is a province you should always stand by to if you are looking for precious items. Zhuji Feirun Jewelry Co., Ltd., one of Zheijang’s most influential companies, can be your choice for the jewelry you’re looking for.

Feirun Jewelry Co., Ltd. is the company you can trust if you are looking for legitimate freshwater pearl earrings, pendants, necklaces, strands, rings, and even pearl sets! They’ve mastered the art that they are seamless about it!

Yiwu Ba Yuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Yiwu Ba Yuan Jewelry Co., Ltd. This company has since been discovered when events started to take off in and around the country (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). They’re not really meant for a typical Sunday jewelry jam because of the offers they have, but they’ve excellently produced a wide array of products for events like weddings, debuts, and other celebrations.

Their product line consist of a flexible and versatile set of various jewelry like bridal CZ bracelets and bangles, bridal casting tiaras and headbands, bridal earrings, rose gold pendants, and many others more! Browse their product catalog and get the specific type of jewelry you need without burning a hole in your pocket!

Pros of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Zheijang

  • Zheijang is a place where you’ll find a ton of natural resources, making it easier for you to get other accessories and additives from it
  • Rates and prices from Zheijang manufacturers are fair and square
  • Processing, manufacturing, and lead time are fast and urgent

Cons of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Zheijang

  • Zheijang is one of the most active provinces, so, it has had a lot of rumors and issues about manufacturing confidentiality
  • Payment methods are flexible, but you will have to take note of several surcharges and fees

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in Fujian

Xiamen Joacii Jewelry Co., Ltd.

“Where elegant meets style,” Xiamen Joacii Jewelry Co., Ltd. is one of Fujian’s most trusted and most effective jewelry manufacturing companies. Servicing over hundreds of cities in and out the country, producing a heap of materials such as stainless steel, PVD plating, waterproof accessories, and even gold, they’re truly a supplier you can fully trust and bank on.

Their blueprint in the industry is a narrative that a lot of businesses tried imitating, but, overall, they have a certain way of manufacturing components that make it seem like it’s special. You can purchase big hoop earrings, regular earrings, rings, chains, pearls, coins, letters, and even zodiac series of jewelry from them!

Quanzhou Peter Trading Co., Ltd.

Are you trying to find a manufacturer that is not only focused on jewelry, but other luxury items, too? Fret not, because Quanzhou Peter Trading Co., Ltd. is the perfect supplier for you! They have a band of products available from luxury watches, luxury belts, luxury shoes, and even designer handbags in their arsenal.

And if there’s luxury, of course, there should be jewelry! Their jewelry line is not the typical jewelry you see from other manufacturers and suppliers in this list, but, instead, they are different as they’re made from titanium steel, as well as other types of steel that are not usually worked on.

Fuzhou Yishangwu Trading Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Fuzhou Yishangwu Tading Co., Ltd. This manufacturer started out in the industry producing typical household items and merchandise like slippers, stockings, sportswear, and the like. But, as time went on, they improved and developed their product-line by producing other types of luxury items such as rings, luxury purses, accessories, necklaces, stainless steel jewelry, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Fujian

  • Fujian is a notorious province when it comes to manufacturing – almost everything is here!
  • Payment methods are flexible, versatile, and there are a lot of different ways to pay, too!
  • Lead time is fast compared to other provinces!

Cons of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Fujian

  • Customer service could be difficult as there is a language barrier

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in Shanghai

Shanghai Huanman Co., Ltd.

With over a decade of experience in jewelry manufacturing, Shanghai Huanman Co., Ltd. has been rated as one of Shanghai’s most trusted and most relied on manufacturers and suppliers of many different types of accessories and jewelries.

They capitalize on their skill of producing bracelets and bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, and other types of jewelry sets that are alien to other provinces. They’re among the few jewelry manufacturers in the entire country that has a streamlined way of creating and manufacturing jewelry – it’s fast, entirely reliable, and convenient!

Shanghai Longyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Longyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers in Shanghai that is keen to producing a wide array of products and services, but part of their focus is in jewelry. Known for their Hiphop types and kinds of jewelry, you’ll be surprised at how flexible and versatile their selections are, given the real industry they are in.

Their customer service is impeccable, as you will have little-to-no issues communicating and contacting their support team.

Shanghai Rokuzan Co., Ltd.

Last and most certainly not least is Shanghai Rokuzan Co., Ltd. They’re one of Shanghai’s “gold” companies, both literally and metaphorically, and they are in full control of the entire area’s gold distribution. Unlike other suppliers, Rokuzan is a supplier of real gold and other similar products.

They offer OEM to their clients, meeting the needs and the wants of all the businesses they work with.

Pros of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Shanghai

  • No language barrier, most of the employees in Shanghai are English-speakers
  • Lead and production time is fast and urgent
  • High-quality customer service from almost all businesses

Cons of Working With a Jewelry Manufacturer in Shanghai

  • Higher-than-the-usual rates
  • You may pay a lot for shipping and freight

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