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Top 15 Wine Manufacturers in the World

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You’ll find a ton of wine suppliers and manufacturers in the market. Since wine is produced somewhere in the far western side of Europe, you’d expect most of the manufacturing of their bags there, right? That is partly true. Why partly? – Because that thought didn’t just stay there.

Over time, the market for wine bags have scattered all throughout the globe – most of it was outsourced here in China. 

And we here at The One Packaging Solutions have been considered by many wine suppliers as their contact if they need any type of wine bags!

For now, though, we will be giving you the 15 best wine suppliers and manufacturers in the world, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as a supplier, so you can identify whether or not they’re a perfect fit for you!

E & J Gallo

Founded in the 1930s, E & J Gallo Winery is one of the best and most popular wine suppliers in the world. Headquartered in Modesto, California in the U.S., you’ll never have doubts on its overall quality, spirit, and, of course – taste.

In case you didn’t know, the company accounts for a total of 3% of the entire globe’s total wine distribution. Isn’t that such a big amount? Well, if we put it in perspective, 3% of the entire world’s wine is just a shy of 35 million bottles per year.

E & J Gallo Winery owns a ton of offerings, and the most common of them include RumChata, New Amsterdam Vodka, Barefoot Wine, Apothic, Orin Swift, La Marca Prosecco, and many more! Currently, the company has a market cap value at $44.1 billion, and that number is still growing by the day.

Château Lafite Rothschild

If it’s about wine we’re talking about, isn’t it just natural that a French company tops the list? Château Lafite Rothschild is a French company – or rather a wine estate owned by several members of the Rothschild family; and they’ve owned it ever since the 19th century.

The name of the company or the business itself is already alluring, and yes, Château Lafite Rothschild owns some of the world’s most sophisticated and highest-priced red and white wines.

Because of this, the estate is so grand that their vineyard is one of the largest, sitting it about 107 hectares, produces about 35,000 cases of wine annually, and are sold in absolutely high rates and prices.

Overall, their wines are consisted of 3% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot, 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, and about 25% Merlot.

The Wine Group

One of the newest and most modern wine manufacturers out there, The Wine Group is a supplier that breathes culture, elegance, and poise. Founded in California back in 1981, they’ve since innovated and produced a few dashes of wine types and kinds in the market.

Out of all the many companies here, their website is actually one of the websites that adapted to the digital and virtual size of the business. TWG is known to produce about 1.5% of the world’s total wine, and they have produced some of the biggest names in the industry, namely Benziger, Concannon Vineyard, Ava Grace, Franzia, Beringer Main & Vine, Tribute, and many more.

Castel Freres

One of the world’s largest and most popular wine manufacturers, Castel Freres, is one of France’s – if not France’s best and biggest wine estates. Founded by Pierre Castel in 1949 with his brothers and sisters, it soon grew to be one of the world’s most prominent and most-loved wine branches in the world.

Having more than 500 million bottles sold, over 250 active employees are working for over 7,000 clients worldwide.

They’ve amassed a total of 800 million Euros, 2,500 growing partners, and a total of 20 vineyards in their time here in the industry.

Harlan Estate

Harlan Estate is not the most famous and most typical wine manufacturer in the industry. Founded in 1984, it is one of the newest and most modern types of wine estates among this group we have in this list.

They’re located in the Western Hills of Oakville, California, and they rank 5th in the top brands of wine in the world back in 2020. The team grew because of the exceptionally lower rates and prices they have, as well as the extreme availability of their resources.

Two (2) of the most notable Harlan Estate wines would be the Harlan Estate 2005 and the Harlan Estate 2010.

Accolade Wines

Contrary to the majority of wine manufacturers, Accolade Wines is an Australian behemoth, producing about 0.97% of the world’s total wines; and while it might seem a fair (even small) amount, but this accounts to more than 10 million bottles sold per year.

Accolade Wines actually merged with Thomas Hardy Winemakers, but they still currently produce and manufacture wines under their own label.

Part of Accolade Wines’ most popular labels includes Stowells, Banrock Station, Echo Falls, and Kumala – selling to more than 80 total countries worldwide.

Weingut Egon Müller

Who said Germany is only good for beers? Weingut Egon Müller is one of the most prominent wine estates based in Germany. They exclusively work with Riesling Grape, which is another German brand, and they’ve since produced a consistent stream of products for their clients.

Out of the tens of brands that they have, these are the ones most known for their own very reasons.

  • Eiswein
  • Aauslese
  • Kabinett
  • Trockenbeeranauslese
  • Spatlese

Group Penaflor

Group Penaflor or more commonly referred to as Grupo Penaflor, is another manufacturer that is known and extremely popular because of their luscious vineyards sprinkled with elegance. Group Penaflor, an Argentinian company, is currently part of the top 10 main wine producers in the world.

Experts believe that they export anywhere around $200 million in 95+ countries.

This growth is said to have sprouted from wines, but then grew out to a ton of different beverages and drinks such as Cerveza, Hard Seltzers, Frisante, and Spirits.

Vina Concha y Toro

Just like many wine manufacturers in and off this list, Vina Concha y Toro started as a family-owned business. They then transitioned into a full-on corporation, tapping other countries and offering what they have to offer to them.

Their rich history dating back from 1883 makes them an impeccable force to reckon with. Some of their most popular brands include Gravas, Terrunyo, Amelia, as well as Carmin de Peumo, Diablo, Rose, Reserva Trio, and many more!

Treasury Wine Estates Limited

Another Aussie giant, Treasury Wine Estates Ltd. is among the best and most successful wine leaders in the world. Their innovation has combined high-class and high-quality wine with high-quality brand marketing.

Selling to over 70 countries with over 2,500 employees, they’re really an exceptional-quality wine manufacturer, taking pride in the tens of brands they have produced!

Their portfolio is filled with some of the world’s most popular and most prominent wine brands such as Beringer Vineyards, 19 Crimes, Blossom Hill, Etude, Embrazen, Devil’s Lair, and many more!

Thai Beverage PCL

Incorporated in the country of Thailand, Thailand Beverage PCL is Thailand’s pride when it comes to beverages, drinks, and other types of liquor. Popular for the vast library of business groups they have, Thai Beverage PCL is a part of a wide array of groups both local and international.

The business groups in which Thai Beverage PCL is included are:

  • Distillery Group
  • International Business Group
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Business Group
  • Trademark Group
  • Brewery Group
  • And Many More!

Their offers or product groups range from spirits, food and beverage, beers, spirits, and others!

The Carlyle Group Inc.

One of the main prides of The Carlyle Group Inc. is the pool of investors that they have, as well as the business relations that they have with other brands and organizations worldwide. Instead of just being a wine-focused organization, The Carlyle Group Inc. is an international multi-product asset, and has acquired one of the biggest wine companies – Accolade Wines.

Other than that, they’re also explicitly known for some of the leading wines that they have, including Arras, Petaluma, Grant Burge, and St. Hallett.

Over the next few years, expect more brands and products from them as they are continuing to lead the market in terms of innovation and new beverages and products!

Screaming Eagle

It may have quite a strange name, but it actually ranks 7th in the top wine brands in the world back in 2020. This California-based wine estate has produced dozens of different types and kinds of wines in varying quantities.

Their winery is located in Oakville, California, and it has a total land area of 48.21 acres. Part of their primary produce includes Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and many more.

Some of their most notable wines include the Screaming Eagle 2001, the Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc 2011, and the2016 Screaming Eagle, The Flight. They have a lot more to offer, so, be sure to check them all out!

Constellation Brands Inc.

Currently known as one of the 15 biggest companies that produce and cultivate wine, Constellation Brands Inc. has been producing and manufacturing multiple categories of alcoholic beverages, typically more than 200 brands of alcohol.

On their website, you’ll see that they have a wide range of offers available – from beers, wines, spirits, Selzters, and many more! Overall, they have a flexible and a versatile supply of beverages such as Modelo, Corona, Fresca, Kim Crawford, Robert Mondavi Windery, Ruffino, Mount Veeder, and many more!  

They have a diversified list of brands that you’ll surely not want to miss!


Last and most certainly not least is Penfolds. Penfolds Wines are among the best and the top-rated wines in the industry, having a range of beverages that are similar to most behemoth brands and manufacturers.

Starting off with their Penfolds Collections down to their Australia collections, class, sophistication, and overall elegance is what they breathe.

These are the best manufacturers and suppliers of wines in the world. And, of course, if there’s wine, there should be wine bags!

Our company, The One Packaging Solutions, have been rated by many wine suppliers and manufacturers as their best and most trusted manufacturer of wine bags, regardless of the color, material, and type of wine bags they need.

The category and selection of wine bags we have encompass the traditional and classical wine bags you know and have. Before we get to that, though – here are a couple of the pros and cons of working with international wine bag suppliers versus working with Chinese suppliers.

Pros of Working With International Wine Bag Manufacturers

International wine bag manufacturers are great, in fact, here are some of the pros and advantages of working with one:

No Language Barriers

One of the primary advantages of not choosing a Chinese wine bag manufacturing company is the fact the communication between personnel and workers will be lighter, easier, and more convenient. The majority of people in other countries know English, unlike in China, where learning English is not an important thing to do.

Quality is Defined

Another pro would be that the quality of the products will be more defined. What this means is that all products would usually be taken from their land, and it will be natural and high-quality. While this is what the case is, it doesn’t mean that all products from China are low quality.

No Customer Service Problems

Last and most definitely not least is the fact there will be little-to-no problems with customer service because the personnel and workers of most companies will communicate using the English language. Moreover, they care and actually consider the satisfaction of customers rather than just delivering the products and orders purchased.

These are just three (3) of the best pros and advantages of getting wine bags from manufacturers and suppliers outside of China.

Cons of Working With International Wine Bag Manufacturers

On the contrary, there are a few factors you need to consider before you decide on going with wine bag manufacturers outside of China, and these include:

Higher Labor Costs

China is known to have the cheapest and most affordable labor costs in the world. This is the reason why most of the products you can purchase here have extremely shaved off rates and prices, and most of the time, this is part of the strongest selling points that they have.

Higher Production Costs

Another con of choosing a manufacturer that is not Chinese is that it’ll cost way more because raw products are usually sourced out from different manufacturers – sometimes even in different regions of the world, whereas in China, everything is treaded and sourced out from their own.

Not Many Manufacturers to Choose From

The limits of manufacturers is also a drawback that you might have to consider. Yes, quality will be there, but, of course, not all companies give out the same quality of products, especially when it comes to the production and assembly of wine bags.

Low-Volume Capacity

And lastly, the volume of production wouldn’t be as much as if you were to get your products from China. Chinese companies have innovated and transformed their manufacturing lines to become better, faster, more urgent, and more efficient.

Now, if you try and put these pros and cons side-by-side, you’ll absolutely think that working with an international manufacturer is a good idea. While it is, there are other factors you have to consider that will answer whether working with a Chinese manufacturer is better and more efficient.

Why The One Packaging Solutions is the Best Wine Bag Manufacturer

China’s most trusted and most relied on wine bag manufacturer is none other than us here at The One Packaging Solutions. We’ve been considered by many, if not all wine companies as their go-to when it comes to high-quality wine bags for years now, and never did we fail to meet, even exceed their expectations.

You can count on us no matter what type of classification of wine bag you need for your business!

  • All our products are OEM and are fully assessed before delivery
  • We’ve provided multiple clients with different types and qualities of wine bags
  • We are flexible with wine bag orders, we can get you everything you like
  • We guarantee excellent customer service
  • And many more!

We’ll get you the best and highest quality of wine bags without you asking for it. Work with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with what you need!

Not sure of how much budget you need? Don’t worry, we’ll send a free estimate over so you won’t have to guess the budget you’ll be needing for your wine bags!

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