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Bulk Drawstring Bags Wholesale

We supply bulk mesh drawstring laundry bags, heavy duty drawstring laundry bags, large drawstring laundry bags, small drawstring laundry bags with nylon polyester, mesh, canvas or cotton materials.

Custom Drawstring Laundry Bags Details

Our custom printed drawstring laundry bags could be made with zipper, handles, pocket, shoulder strap, etc. any you want. 

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Frequently Asked Questions For Drawstring Laundry Bags

Our drawstring laundry bags are just what you need for a quick laundry day. Each bag measures 20″x25″ – the perfect size to fit a regular sized load of clothes. The bags also have reinforced seams, making them highly durable and can even withstand being tossed around if necessary. Moreover, with our easy drawstring fastening, you can be sure that your clothes will stay put and secure. So why wait? Get yourself a set of our drawstring laundry bags and make laundry time a breeze!

Our company specializes in producing high-quality drawstring laundry bags with incredible capacity. We offer several sizes, ranging from small compact bags that can easily fit into your suitcase for weekend trips to large and spacious bags to hold the entirety of a family’s weekly laundry load. All of our drawstring bags come with strong and durable strings so you can rely on them to keep all of your dirty clothes safely stored until you’re ready to toss them in the washer.

Drawing string laundry bags are an innovative and convenient way for consumers to store and transport their laundry. Our drawstring bags are constructed from high quality cotton fabric – it’s lightweight and durable, allowing the bag to hold a significant amount of clothing without any stretching or tearing. The fabric is tightly stitched so that the bag can fit multiple items without being overly bulky or overcrowded, making it easy to transport even when filled with clothes. Additionally, the adjustable drawstring allows you to quickly and easily secure the contents of your laundry bag. Our drawstring laundry bags offer maximum durability while providing convenience and comfort to customers.

Drawstring laundry bags are designed for convenience and longevity. Our laundry bags feature sturdy construction and strong drawstrings, ensuring that your clothes stay securely inside when carrying! Crafted from a durable canvas blend, our drawstring laundry bags will last for years even after multiple washes thanks to their colorfast technology. Whether you’re headed to the laundromat or washing at home, these laundry bags are ready to carry up to two loads of laundry with respect and style.

The weight limit for our drawstring laundry bags depends on the type of fabric and construction, but generally speaking our bags can support up to 15-20 lbs. We use only the highest quality materials in our bags and strive to create a product that is both durable and practical. Our bags feature reinforced enclosures and sturdy stitching so that you never have to worry about them falling apart or developing holes after extended use. Rest assured that our drawstring laundry bags can hold up to whatever your laundry needs may be!

Absolutely! We are proud to offer a variety of samples for our drawstring laundry bags. Our sample selection offers an in-depth look at the material, craftsmanship, and quality included with each of our products. With every sample, you will receive exact size and style options. All of our laundry bags are crafted with tough materials such as cotton, canvas or linen to ensure durability and long lasting use. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the feel and function of our bags upon receipt of your samples. To make sure you find the perfect bag for your needs, contact us today about sampling our various drawstring laundry bag styles.

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