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Custom Fish Cooler Bags | Fish Chiller Bags

We are China Custom Fish Cooler Bags Manufacturer and Supplier, our factory are specialized in making fish cooler bags for Kayak, Fish cooler bags for boats, Kayak Fish Kill Bags, Insulated Fish Bags, Insulated Tuna Bags, Fish Storage Bags, Fishing lunch bags, Custom Fish bags, Fish ice bags and Fish Catch Bags, etc. All our fish cooler bags could be custom size and print with our customer’s logos. Lower MOQ to Start.

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Fishing Cooler Bags For Kayak & Insulated Fish Kill Bags | Insulated Tuna Bags

Best Fish Cooler Bags For Kayak,  Insulated Fish Bags, Tuna Bags, Fish Cooler Backpack Supplier and Manufacturer in China. We supply best fish carrying bags for Kayak or fishing.

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The One- China Leading Fishing Cooler Bags Manufacturer

The One – our unique fishing cooler bag designed to elevate your brand. Crafted with durable materials, robust zippers, and enhanced features, it’s customizable to your needs. With a decade of expertise, our commitment is to quality, client satisfaction, and innovative designs tailored for sport fishing. Our bags, resistant to mold, odors, and UV light, ensure your catch remains fresh. Whether for tournaments or casual outings, they’re built to last. Interested in personal branding or custom features? Reach out to us. Experience the best in fishing cooler bags with The One.

Fish Kill Bags

Fish Cooler Bags by The One

The One specializes in manufacturing high-quality fish cooler bags, using advanced materials like PVC, TPU, and soft fabrics designed for the seafood industry. These cooler bags are crafted to provide superior temperature control during storage, processing, and transport, ensuring your seafood remains fresh and in prime condition.

Regular Insulated Fish Bags & Fish Totes

  • Materials: Made from durable PVC and TPU, these containers are double-walled and foam-filled for optimal insulation.
  • Capacities: Available in sizes ranging from 9 to 55 cubic feet.
  • Applications: Ideal for use in food and seafood processing, as well as winery applications.
  • Features: Include wall-locking technology, rotatability, stackability, equipped with a drain hole and plug. Customizable areas for stenciling and serial numbers are also available.

Soft Fish Cooler Bags

  • Design: Constructed from soft yet robust fabrics, these bags are designed to be lightweight and portable while providing effective insulation.
  • Durability: Resistant to wear and easy to maintain, offering the practicality of traditional coolers with the convenience of a tote.
  • Utility: Features include easy-access openings, adjustable straps for comfortable carrying, and are collapsible for compact storage when not in use.
  • Customization: Available with options for custom colors, and branding, ideal for promotional purposes or personalized needs.

Dry Ice Fish Totes

  • Uses: Specifically designed for transporting frozen, refrigerated, or perishable items such as ice blocks, frozen food, and dairy products.
  • Capacities: Offered in various sizes from 6 to 55 cubic feet, in both chest or upright styles.
  • Features: Maintain items frozen below freezing temperatures without the need for dry ice, featuring easy-clean interiors and user-friendly designs for loading and unloading.

Specialty Insulated Fish Bags For Kayak

  • Applications: Perfect for defrosting, chilling, onboard handling, live transport, and transporting frozen food and dry ice.
  • Functionality: These portable containers showcase seafood, produce, and beverages effectively without the need for electrical cooling.
  • Options: Comes in two models, with additional features like sneeze guards suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Accessories for Fish Cooler Bags

Variety: An extensive range of accessories including lids, seals, clamps, screws, washers, baffle gates, plastic divider strips, drain plugs, adapters, straps, and handles.

Enhancement: These accessories optimize the use and functionality of handling bags and cooler containers.

Our range of PVC, TPU, and soft fabric fish cooler bags at The One are engineered for durability and performance, making them an essential part of maintaining the quality and freshness of your seafood products efficiently and effectively.

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