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Grocery Bags Buying Guide

What Is A Grocery Bag?

A grocery bag is typically a medium-sized bag with a capacity of about ten to twenty liters of volume. A grocery bag can help you carry various grocery items of daily use and general merchandise from a grocery or general store.
Single-use grocery bags are disposable by design, but you may reuse them only a couple of times, and people sometimes use them as bin liners too.
There is another category of reusable grocery bags that we manufacture from natural or synthetic fibers. Such bags are washable, durable, and robust to hold a heavy load of grocery items.
Let us learn about the popular fabrics that we use to manufacture such grocery bags.

What Materials You Manufactured For Grocery Bags?

As a years of grocery bags manufacturer to be known, several countries have banned plastic bags, and reusable eco-friendly bags have become the new norm. Let us see what the popular materials used for manufacturing grocery bags are.

1. Cotton Grocery Bags

Cotton is the most popular material for grocery bags as you can easily wash them, and they are versatile for printing and design options. We can also blend cotton with synthetic fibers to get you the desired level of strength in your target budgeted cost per bag.

2. Canvas Grocery Bags

The canvas material is highly receptive to colors and has a smooth appearance. Such versatility makes them our favorite material for designing your brand visibility on grocery bags. The material is strong enough to be reused and is washable. These bags have an excellent strength to weight ratio and are quite affordable to end- users.

3. Jute Grocery Bags

Jute or burlap Bags are an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to plastic. They are highly durable and reusable. Millions of people across the globe have adopted these jute grocery bags. Although they have a slightly higher costing, these jute bags will last the user several years of usage. Jute bags will indeed prove to be effective in combating plastic waste’s growing problem on our planet.

4. Polypropylene (PP) Grocery Bags

We also manufacture these PP grocery bags from a flexible resin polymer. It is a lightweight but flexible material that we can shape to suit your needs. As these bags are not biodegradable, we should always reuse them and never dump them in landfills.

5. PET Grocery Bags

Although they may look like fabric, they are recycled plastic bags with high strength. You indirectly contribute to decreasing waste by recycling excess plastic containers and bottles. We can also blend them with polyester or hemp material. Moreover, we need to use lesser energy to manufacture such grocery bags.

6. Non-woven fabric Grocery bags

We can create these bags without knitting or weaving. It becomes affordable when we make them by only heating or using chemicals. You can target them as giveaways for brand promotion due to their high affordability. You can use them during trade shows or promotional campaigns. As we can fold them quickly into smaller sizes, they are ideal for grocery shopping.

7. Hemp Grocery Bags

If you look in the textile industry, you might figure out that people consider hemp grocery bags a commendable option. Hemp is a material much more vital than cotton, and that is why you can rely on its strength and durability for long-term use. Hence, it is comfortable to hold them with easy printing techniques, and you can choose from great design options available in the market.

8. Nylon Grocery Bags

Nylon is a natural, synthetic polymer that gives us tremendous benefits similar to other fabrics. Thus, these bags get immense strength and durability of nylon, making them efficient for daily use. Nylon bags can hold your grocery stuff very well with easy handling. Another prominent advantage it serves is that it is compatible with several printing techniques. Overall, nylon can give a sleek and stylish look, matching the trends.

9. Tyvek Grocery Bags

Tyvek or Dupont is a paper-like material but is much stronger than paper. You can use such bags for a specific category of grocery and food items. We are a grocery bag manufacturer who produces high-quality promotional Tyvek material bags per grocery bag suppliers’ requirements.

10. Polyester Grocery Bags

Polyester is a material well known for providing its benefits while using much lesser resources. In addition to this, there is much more secondary emission of gases during production. Thus, polyester grocery bags prove to be an environmentally-friendly choice. Moreover, these bags offer great strength, water resistance, and wrinkle-free finish. The material makes the bags easy to fold and sleek in look. Also, these bags are becoming an absolute choice as they offer fantastic color options, and you can choose from numerous fashionable designs.

Where Could Use Grocery Bags?

1. Shopping

It is the primary use of a grocery bag. You can carry all your groceries and general shopping items from the grocery store or the market. Moreover, these washable, reusable, and durable bags allow you to use the same bag multiple times.

2. Produce, Fruits and Vegetables

Besides groceries, you can also carry fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce from the weekly or daily markets. As these bags are washable, you can reuse them.

3. Storage

You can put grocery bags to many other uses. Usually, people tend to store bulk items in them. They can quickly keep books, clothes, laundry, pulses, grains, etc., in these bags.

4. Beach

A grocery bag can also serve the purpose of a beach bag as it consists of strong materials. An insulated grocery bag can also allow controlling food temperature. You can carry essential items like clothes, towel, drinks, food, toys, etc., to the beach.

5. Travel

You can also use attractive promotional grocery bags for short trips. Since they are handy, you can quickly pack your clothes and pay surprise visits to your friends and relatives.

6. Craft or hobbies

You can also use a spare grocery bag as a hobbyist. Crafting hobbies involve stationery, craft items, pens, and pencils, which you can easily carry in grocery bags.

7. Books

You can also use them to carry heavy books. Grocery bags are usually heat sealed or double stitched at seams to support heavy loads. Hence, they are appropriate to take several books at a time.

8. Food warmer

Insulated grocery bags can also serve as lunch bags or food carrier to keep food warm as required. The grocery food items also remain fresh for long hours.

9. Alternative to single-use plastic

Grocery bags made from natural or synthetic fibers are the best alternative to single-use plastic grocery bags. In this manner, they are a viable eco-friendly option.

What Are The Best Styles Of Grocery Bags You Supply?

Because of we are the leading grocery bags manufacturer and supplier in China. Grocery bags come in different styles to suit different customer needs. Some customers need strong bags; others need lightweight. Some of them need insulation, whereas others want them to be attractive. Let us explore what best styles are available out there.

1. Folding Grocery Bags

A folding bag can be convenient to carry in your purse or your car. These bags reduce to a small size, which you can easily accommodate in little pouches. This handy feature can allow you to reuse grocery bags as and when required.

2. Grocery Tote Bags

These bags have parallel handles to carry them easily for light to the medium weight of shopping items. We can customize grocery tote bags with attractive handles and custom logo prints on the bag sides to promote your brands.

3. Shoulder Grocery Bags

A shoulder bag can provide additional convenience to carry heavy groceries easily. We use double stitching and heat sealing at seam areas to improve overall bag strength. These bags are ideal for highlighting your brands.

4. Mesh Grocery Bags

Mesh bags provide necessary breathability and air circulation to specific grocery items to not deteriorate during long hours of carrying. A mesh or net can provide varying degrees of air pockets. They also feature a see-through option for users to identify the contents quickly.

5. Recycled Grocery Bags

Some grocery bags are made from recycled products so that they become eco-friendly. Recycling enables reuse by allowing manufacturing the bags again as new items.

6. Insulated Grocery Bags

Insulation is a critical feature for perishable grocery items that need temperature control. Moreover, insulation also helps in improving or maintaining the taste of food products. Hot food products remain hot and cold drinks remain chilled for consumption at destinations like beaches, markets, travel points, etc.

7. Grocery Cart Bags

In shopping malls, grocery cart bags allow easy categorization of different types of products. It is handy for smaller grocery items that can be easily mixed and are highly difficult to segregate. Some cart bags consist of mesh fabric for easy identification of your contents inside them.

8. Fabric Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are available in different kinds of fabrics. A daily grocery store’s casual visit may need only a lightweight fabric, but a weekly fruit market visit may need sturdier bags. Depending upon the end-use, we use different materials as per the needs of grocery bag suppliers.

9. Promotional Grocery Bags

Companies can advertise their brands on these promotional grocery bags. We can customize your designs and styles as per your imagination. There are several kinds of print technologies available that can print with the highest accuracy on various fabrics. We can print excellent imagery even on rough jute surfaces and intricate bag styles.

What Are The Benefits Of Grocery Bags?

Are you heading to a grocery store? How about grabbing your grocery bag on the way! If we talk about grocery bags, these bags offer numerous benefits to users. Some of the pros are listed below. Let The One- The Professional Grocery Bags manufacturer to tell you:

1. Durability

Grocery bags come with great strength, which can hold miscellaneous stuff well without tearing apart or ripping off. These bags guarantee long term use, well-suited for daily up-down errands while maintaining an intact quality.

2. A Cheap Switch

Switching to grocery bags is a more affordable alternative than the commonly used plastic or paper bags in grocery stores. A store may charge for a bag, but you could skip these charges by carrying your reusable grocery bag. Reusing becomes an eco-friendly step, and this way, it turns out to be an excellent deal.

3. A Boosting Advertising Tool

Grocery bags provide an easy colored printing platform. A benefit like this makes these bags the right choice for executing branding strategies in several products’ marketing. You may use easy to apply printing techniques for logos, advertising, or for spreading awareness. Thus making it a potential booster for corporate marketing.

4. Variety And Customization Options

Grocery bags are out there with numerous design options, variations in colors or embossings or prints, or even materials. You can have them in plastic, nylon, paper, cotton, etc., as already explained above, and each material clubs to the bag’s overall advantages. You can also go for custom optimization and get a bag matching your taste, style, and ease.

5. Use Is Multipurpose

We design grocery bags to serve multipurpose errands. Whether you need to grab something from a store or go shopping or maybe for carrying a meal or some miscellaneous stuff, these bags are here to do any job for you. You can opt for a sleek or compact, or stylish design and match it to your unique needs.

What Type Of Customers Could Use Grocery Bags?

End Users

End-users use the bags for shopping, grocery buying, storage, and many similar uses already discussed. They need unique features of grocery bags to make them useful in different walks of life. They choose eco- friendly grocery bags because they want to contribute to the environment.

Resellers or Suppliers

As a Grocery bag manufacturer and supplier, we understand your needs to supply grocery bags to your wholesale or retail consumers. We can provide custom grocery bags to your organization for printing and designing the bags. We can also share bestseller bag designs in different categories to help you decide on your specific needs faster.

What Are The Advantages of Using Grocery Bags?

For consumers, the usage of grocery bags can be quintessential especially when it comes to their budget.

Grocery bags can carry more weight and can handle more pressure

Nevertheless, here are some of the benefits and advantages of using grocery bags:

Durability and Reliability

Compared to regular plastic bags, grocery bags are actually more durable, reliable, and are capable of holding more weight.

Moreover, grocery bags wouldn’t break easily if it can’t handle the weight. What will happen is that you will start to notice the grocery bag becoming more and more fragile and vulnerable as it starts to be worn out.


Another reason why using grocery bags is the most recommended is that they’re easy-to-clean. In fact, you can use a simple solution of water and disinfecting soap to clean it.

Thanks to the materials and the procedure of how most grocery bags are made, you’ll dry them out fast, too!

Saving of Resources

One-time use plastics, from the term alone, can only be used one time.

Many people use it more than once but doing so almost always breaks the plastic faster than it should.

With a reusable grocery bag, though, many resources are saved as you can use them multiple times!

Cutting of Budget

You might think of grocery bags to be costly and expensive, compared to purchasing one-time use plastics. However, if you think of it long-term, using grocery bags actually is what gives you the best and the most economical approach if you’re on a budget.

One-time plastics cost cheap, and that’s because you’ll only use them once or twice, if necessary. With grocery bags, though, you can use them even 30+ times!

What Are the Best Reusable Grocery Bags?

The answer to this particular question will depend where you purchase and buy them.

Baby Baggu reusable grocery bags

Based on Amazon, though, the best-selling and the most patronized reusable grocery bags of this year are the following:

  • Baggu Big Baggu
  • Baby Baggu
  • ChicoBag Original Tote Bag
  • BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bag

NOTE: These aren’t the best overall because they’re just the best in Amazon. You can find other grocery bags that are better than these if you search in other channels like Alibaba, real-world stores and retail outlets, and the like.

Custom Reusable Grocery Bags Wholesale | Custom Reusable Grocery Tote Bags

As China’s top wholesale custom reusable grocery bags manufacturer, we here at The One can promise to deliver excellent-quality reusable grocery bags in the amounts that you need.

We have experience working on many different businesses and organizations in and out the country, with fast-paced, urgent, and on-time delivery.

Our library of custom reusable grocery bags, tote bags, as well as plastic-material bags exceed the usual offerings of clients. To help you with it further, here are a few of the best styles of custom reusable grocery bags we have here at The One.

Custom Canvas Grocery Bags | Grocery Canvas Tote Bags

Two of the most sold and sought-after products we have are our custom canvas grocery bags and our tote canvas bags. We’re skilled to produce excellent quality of custom canvas grocery bags and grocery canvas tote bags regardless of the size and style you want them to be. The canvas we use are sourced from one of China’s top-rated suppliers and we’ll always be open with whatever requests you have. Get custom canvas grocery bags or canvas tote bags in the way you want them, because with The One, you can be sure of the quality!

Custom Paper Grocery Bags

The custom paper grocery bags we offer here at The One aren’t like the usual ones you see in grocery stores and supermarkets. We made sure to engineer all our paper grocery bags to withstand being ruined by water, dust, and dirt – our custom paper grocery bags wouldn’t be spoiled by a few droplets of water! Get it for a decent and reasonable amount, and for whatever business field you are in! Never worry about ruined paper grocery bags any longer – we reinforce all our paper grocery bags to be able to hold frozen meat and heavy items!

Custom Insulated Grocery Bags

We here at The One can also be your go-to company if you’re looking for custom insulated grocery bags or grocery insulated tote bags. We can manufacture insulated grocery bags in many different sizes, as well as have versatility with the materials of your choice. With top-tier insulation and temp control, we’ve been able to produce excellent quality custom insulated grocery bags that are defined for whatever purpose that may suit you or your business.

Grocery Insulated Tote Bags

Yes, we can also produce, and manufacture grocery insulated tote bags that would cater to the needs you have. These bags can have customized straps, reinforced zippers, and even better bases that can support maximum weight capacities to assist you with the grocery items you’ll need! The insulation technology inside has been patented by some of China’s top organizations when it comes to temperature control – we’ll never disappoint you!

Custom Rpet Grocery Bags

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, or more commonly known as RPet, is among the many different materials we are masters of. Over the years, we’ve manufactured different types and kinds of bags with RPet as its primary material, as well as its secondary component, and one of the best would be RPet grocery bags. We can manufacture strapless RPet grocery bags, strapped or tote RPet grocery bags, and many more! Send us what you need, and we’ll produce them for you! Get the best quality of RPet grocery bags that are specified and customized to whatever needs you have for them!

Rpet Grocery Tote Bags

We have produced hundreds of different models of RPet grocery tote bags in our time in the business, and not once did we receive any type of complaint about its quality. We’ve been able to produce excellent-quality grocery totes made from RPet – from regular straps to reinforced, enhanced, and customized straps. And while they’re labeled as RPet grocery bags, that doesn’t mean that RPet is the only material we use for it – we can use it as our primary material, as well as a secondary material, too!

Custom Printed Grocery Bags | Printed Grocery Tote Bags

You can also bank and count on us here at The One if you’re looking for custom printed grocery bags and tote bags. We can produce a wide library of prints, styles, and designs for you! Send us the design that you’re looking for and we’ll produce a draft or a sketch of it for you to decide whether it’s the one you’re looking for or not!

Grocery Tote Bags With Logo

Whatever print you want on your grocery tote bags, we can accommodate! Our experts here at The One can accommodate the high-quality prints that you’re looking for. We’re equipped with a team full of bagmaking experts, craftsmen, and even experienced porters to print out the logo of your business in your grocery tote bags! The size of the logo you want printed will be determining the price – but don’t worry, we won’t be asking you for an absurd price!

Grocery Store Tote Bags

We here at The One are also adept and skilled at producing various types of grocery store tote bags, too! Our organization is considered by many as their go-to when it comes to the production of the grocery store tote bags they want and need. We can print out their company logos, slogans, or whatever print you want!

Whether you’re in the norther, southern, western, and eastern part of China, we here at The One can help you with the custom reusable grocery bags that you need.

We’re renowned in the industry as the best, the most reliable, and the most exceptional when it comes to producing and manufacturing custom reusable grocery tote bags wholesale or retail. You can trust us with your orders, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with it!

Get a free quotation from our expert sales team, and have your own design through the help of our Research & Development (R&D) team! We can enhance, develop, or reinforce any existing custom reusable grocery bags both retail and wholesale!

Work with us and never experience hardships in ordering bulk custom reusable grocery bags ever again!

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