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Heavy Duty Duffle Bags

heavy duty duffle bags manufacturer

Are you trying to look for good-quality heavy duty duffle bags but you’re not sure where to get them? Can’t you find a supplier that can produce wholesale heavy-duty bags so you can use them for your business?

We supply custom heavy duty canvas duffle bags, waxed duffle bags, military duffle bags, duffle bags with strap, etc. No matter large or small sizes, we can make for you with customized printed logos.

More Heavy Duty Duffle Bags Styles

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Heavy Duty Canvas Duffle Bags

You’re not in the wrong place if you’re looking for excellent-quality heavy duty canvas duffle bags. The One has been manufacturing heavy duty canvas duffle bags for businesses, retail shops, and even famous brands all over the world for more than a decade now.

Our heavy duty canvas duffle bags are no joke – they’ve been wanted and needed by a lot of organizations in China – and it brought us to worldwide fashion.

Out of the many models and styles of these bags we have, six (6) seem to stand out among the rest. Here’s a list of these styles so you have a better view of what they are.

Heavy Duty PVC Duffle Bags

We have a good lineup of heavy duty PVC duffle bags under our belt, and it’s perfect for whatever application you may have for it. Our clients stem from different business fields and organizations, and we’re confident at offering excellent-quality heavy duty canvas duffle bags to you, too! Send us the draft or sketch of what you’re looking for

Heavy Duty Clear Duffle Bags

Other than our PVC duffle bags, we’re also known for our ability to produce heavy-duty clear duffle bags to our clients. These are the bags that are see-through bags and are often used in the area of cosmetics. We use a good combination of high-quality thermoplastic, fabric, as well as other relevant materials to produce our clear duffle bags that are all heavy-duty. Don’t worry, we won’t fall short on your expectation on sending you a sample of your orders!

Heavy Duty Sports Duffle Bags

If you’re looking for heavy-duty duffle bags for sports and other vigorous activities, we here at The One can help you! We make use of all materials available that would help in the creation of the heavy-duty sports duffle bag you’re looking for. We can manufacture plain, colored, printed, and even clear heavy-duty duffle sports bag for you! We’ll give you all the available options depending on your request!

Large Heavy Duty Duffle Bags

Regardless of the size of the heavy-duty duffle bags you’ll need, we can accommodate your requests here at The One. Our machines are all high-quality, high-tech, and state-of-the-art. They’re advanced in more ways than you can imagine and they’re excellent in producing whatever size of heavy duty duffle bags you need! Send us measurements and we’ll help you with it!

Extra-Large Heavy Duty Duffle Bags

And if you thought our limit was large-sized duffle bags, think again! We here at The One are also equipped with the skill in producing extra-large heavy-duty duffle bags, too! These duffle bags are typically used for larger and heavier applications such as long vacations, trips, and even for packing. We make our extra-large heavy duty duffle bags with sheer strength, durability, and flexibility, too!

Heavy Duty Nylon Polyester Duffle Bags

As Jiangsu’s most reliable heavy duty duffle bags supplier, we can give you the guarantee in delivering promising quality of heavy duty nylon polyester duffle bags as well. Our catalogue for our heavy duty duffle bags exceed what most companies and suppliers have to offer. And so, our products qualify and abide by the standards set by the ISO and CE. Get the best quality of nylon polyester duffle bags from us – and most importantly, get it without burning a hole in your pocket!

For all your heavy duty canvas, polyester, nylon, and cotton duffle bags, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The One! Other than the exceptional quality of our products, we also have the best customer service teams who are ready to assist you from pre-sales, up to aftersales!

Reach out to us, get a free quotation, and never think about where you can purchase heavy duty canvas duffle bags ever again!

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