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Heavy Duty Duffle Bags Buying Guide

Are you trying to look for good-quality heavy duty duffle bags but you’re not sure where to get them? Can’t you find a supplier that can produce wholesale heavy-duty bags so you can use them for your business?

Worry not, because, in this guide, we’ll be giving you a complete tutorial of what you need to look for in a heavy-duty duffle bag! As a matter of fact, we’ll also give you the best and the top tips on what to look for in a heavy-duty duffle bag!

What Are Heavy Duty Duffle Bags Made Of?

More often than not, duffle bags are mainly made out of nylon with a layer of polyurethane (PU) coating. The coating is responsible for the further strength and durability of the duffle bag.

waterproof sports duffle bag

Figure 1 – A heavy duty duffle bag

However, there are heavy duty duffle bag manufacturers and suppliers that utilize other materials, too, such as canvas, cotton, polyester, and vinyl, too!

Nevertheless, nylon is known and is considered the best, the most versatile, and the most reliable material to create heavy duty duffle bags.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Duffle Bags

In the bag business, no other feature compares to being waterproof.

Figure 2 – A waterproof duffle bag that can be used for outdoor sports

This is the reason why a lot of heavy duty duffle bag manufacturers work hard in order to produce products, particularly heavy duty duffle bags that are waterproof and water-resistant.

Here in China, having the waterproof trait is seen as common, and therefore, it’s not that difficult to attain.

Wherever you look and whomever manufacturer you try to work with, you’ll surely be able to find waterproofing as a part of their process.  

XXL Duffle Bags

You’ll also be able to find XXL duffle bags, which is twice (x2) the size of large duffle bags.

Figure 3 – A heavy duty XXL duffle bag

As a matter of fact, these bags are so big that it spans a height of 47” and is perfect for camping and for storing big items like tents.

The market is filled with a ton of XXL duffle bags that you can get it from Amazon, eBay, and other sources, too!

However, you might not be happy with the price you’ll have to pay. Therefore, it’ll be better to be in direct contact with a heavy duty duffle bag manufacturer for it.

Get it for a discounted rate – and get more savings when you purchase heavy duty duffle bags in bulk! These XXL heavy duty duffle bags will definitely be your favorite!

Oversized Duffle Bags vs. Heavy Duty Duffle Bags

Large heavy duty Duffle Bags

Figure 4 – Sample image of an oversized heavy duty duffle bag

There’s a big difference between just an oversized duffle bag and a heavy duty duffle bag. In fact, they’re incomparable as they’re not the same in terms of what they are entirely.

For instance, oversized duffle bags can’t always be heavy duty – it’ll depend on the material. On the flip side, heavy duty duffle bags aren’t always oversized.

So, to help you with the distinction, here’s a table that would clearly map out the differences between the two (2).

Oversized Duffle Bags

Heavy Duty Duffle Bags

Usually noticeable because they’re larger and bigger in size compared to regular duffle bags.

You wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s heavy duty unless you have a feel of the bag.

Can be made out of canvas, cotton, vinyl, polyester, or any other type of fabric.

Usually made out of nylon or canvas, and will automatically be waterproof.

Would weigh about 2 to 4 pounds without anything inside it due to its size.

Would weigh about 2 to 4 pounds as well, but it would be due to the material or the protection it can offer.

There are far more differences between the two, and, as we mentioned, they’re incomparable by just differentiating them like this.

What’s better is to try to look for oversized duffle bags without limiting you with the option of getting heavy duty duffle bags instead. Tons of manufacturers can help you with both, so, don’t fret!

Where to Find Heavy Duty Canvas Duffle Bags For Your Business?

It will be simple, or rather easy for you to find heavy duty canvas duffle bags. You have manufacturers and suppliers from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa – literally everywhere!

But, did you know that according to most recent data, China has been the country that tops the charts in manufacturing?

China is home to some of the world’s most famous and most run-to heavy duty duffle bags. Thanks to the almost unlimited sources and supply, you will be able to find literaly everything here!

So, if you are looking for bulk or wholesale heavy duty duffle bags, you can never go wrong in choosing a Chinese manufacturer for it!

Can You Purchase Heavy Duty Duffle Bags With Wheels?

Yes, in fact, heavy duty duffle bags with wheels is not an uncommon product.

More often than not, wheeled heavy duty duffle bags replace trolleys, because they are a lot lighter, cheaper, and some are even better at protection than trolley bags!

Some of the traits and characteristics of heavy duty duffle bags you might not know about include:

  • They’re spacious and they have expanding pockets (most of them)
  • The top handle paddle is easy-to-use
  • They contain multiple zippers
  • They’re made from material that are durable and are scratch-free

So, if you were to choose what you would put into your arsenal, going with a heavy duty duffle bag with wheels will definitely be the better option.

How Are Heavy Duty Duffle Bags Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of heavy duty duffle bags is neither easy nor difficult. As a matter of fact, it’s a good mix of both!

Overall, the entire process will actually depend on the manufacturer. But, if you’re interested to know more about it, especially if it’s for custom heavy duty duffle bags, here’s a quick rundown of the procedure!

  1. The first step, of course, would be the gathering and the sourcing of raw materials. Depending on the fabric or the textile that the clients want, that’ll be what’s prepared.
  2. After that, the fabric will be cut to different shapes and sizes, depending on the sizes that the client is looking for.
  3. From there, the cut pieces will be sewn together to make and create the shape of the duffle bag. The sewing process would involve sewing both the interior and the exterior of the heavy duty duffle bag.
  4. Then, the waterproof layer of the bag will then be added and included into the concoction. This will also be the time to finalize the details and all designs that the heavy duty duffle bags will have.
  5. Finally, it’ll be checked and passed on to the assessment or the quality control (QC) team. They’ll be the ones to determine whether or not the heavy duty duffle bags pass their standard, as well as the clients’ expectations.  

What Do You Need to Look For in Heavy Duty Duffle Bags?

The primary things that you want to see in heavy duty duffle bags that you would be selling to your clients include:

  • Strength and overall durability
  • Flexibility
  • Material they’re made from
  • Features (how many pockets they have, expandability, ease-of-use, etc.)

All good things would revolve around these four (4), so, be sure to check and consider them as your priority in choosing heavy duty duffle bags.

Where to Purchase Heavy Duty Duffle Bags?

China is home to some of the world’s most talented manufacturers of heavy duty duffle bags. Across the country, we, at The One, are known and considered as the best and the most trusted heavy duty duffle bag manufacturing company.

Catering everyone from regular people (retail) to businesses, resellers, and companies (wholesale), you’ll surely be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for with us!

Unlike other heavy duty duffle bag manufacturers, we’re able to produce thousands of custom heavy duty duffle bags specific to your business, regardless of the material that you want us to use!

  • We produce high-quality OEM heavy duty duffle bags
  • We can help and assist you by giving a free quotation or a free estimate of the orders
  • The One is skilled and capable of processing various materials to produce the heavy duty duffle bags you need
  • We can customize and modify your heavy duty duffle bags in the exact way that you want!

Other Products We Offer

Unlike other manufacturers, we here at The One prioritize our clients. From listening to all their requests, to producing it in whatever way they like – to how it’ll be packaged, we got you!

Apart from heavy duty duffle bags, The One is also the best when it comes to other products, such as custom cooler bags, fish cooler bags, promotional bags, dust bags, custom wine bags, and many more!

Get ahold of our support team today and we’ll be more than happy to help you with what you need!


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