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Bulk Heavy Duty Laundry Bags Wholesale

We supply bulk cheap custom heavy duty commercial laundry bags, for hotel, college, dry cleaning stores, etc. Lower MOQ to Start. There are heavy duty canvas laundry bags, heavy duty laundry bags with shoulder strap, small, large, extra large laundry bags, we all can supply for you.

Bulk Heavy Duty Laundry Bags Wholesale

Our custom commercial heavy duty laundry bags are the perfect choice for businesses in need of a reliable, efficient and durable bag solution. Constructed from thick plastic material with reinforced seams, our manufactured bags will last through hundreds of loads of laundry and any transport necessary. We make customised fits to perfectly fit your organisation’s needs, with sizes ranging from small lightweight bags for up to 15lbs to large load 95lb capacity sacks. Plus, thanks to their custom build design and comfortable sturdy handles, you can safely handle heavy loads without any worries or cumbersome attempts. With our custom bags you’re sure of reliability every time.

Heavy Duty Hotel Laundry Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom heavy duty laundry bags are specially designed laundry bags that can be personalized with your own logo, text, or design. They offer a unique and customized solution for businesses, organizations, or individuals who want to promote their brand or add a personal touch to their laundry storage.

Customizing your heavy duty laundry bags provides several advantages. It allows you to showcase your brand identity, create a professional and cohesive look, and make a lasting impression on customers or clients. Additionally, custom bags can serve as effective promotional items or gifts for special events or campaigns.

The customization options for heavy duty laundry bags may vary depending on our customer requests. Common customization options include:

Logo printing: Add your company logo or design to promote your brand.

Text or slogan: Include a catchy phrase, contact information, or any desired text.

Color choices: Select from a range of colors to match your branding or preferences.

Size variations: Customize the dimensions of the bag to meet your specific needs.

To order custom heavy duty laundry bags, follow these steps:

Find a reputable supplier or manufacturer that offers custom bag printing services.

Determine the desired specifications, such as bag size, material, color, and customization options.

Provide the supplier with your logo, design, or desired text in the appropriate file format (usually vector-based formats like .ai or .eps).

Confirm the order details, including quantity and delivery requirements.

Approve a proof or sample provided by the supplier to ensure the design meets your expectations.

Place your order and wait for the custom bags to be produced and delivered.

Minimum order quantities for custom heavy duty laundry bags can vary depending on our stock material.  If we have the material in stock, our MOQ only need 500PCS to start.

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