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We are Custom Cooler Bags Manufacturers and Insulated lunch Bags Suppliers in China. We accept customized printed cooler bags with logos. Lower MOQ to Start and Fast Lead Time. Our Best Hot Selling Products are Tyvek Paper cooler Bags, PP woven Cooler Bags, Polyester cooler bags and Fishing Cooler Bags.

As a professional China custom cooler bags Manufacturer, we supply customized promotional Cooler Bags, Thermal Bags, and Insulated Lunch Bags, whatever your company needs, THE ONE PACKING SOLUTION can customize unique promotional cooler bags for your company. This could enhance your company’s image in the eyes of your customers. 

Non-woven cooler bags are cheap and beautiful, light weight, suitable for promotional gift advertising. The Nylon polyester cooler bag is sturdy and waterproof and can hold more thicker items.

We could supply a wide variety of promotional cooler bags and lunch bags which are available for wholesale to meet different needs. We have 4CAN, 6CAN, 9CAN, 12CAN capacity ice packs for your reference, including carry-on, large capacity, portable, etc.

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We can make various of materials for cooler bags, like polyester, Tyvek, cotton etc.

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