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Jewelry Bags Buying Guide

In modern times, jewelry has been used as a form of investment and status setter. This is why almost wherever you look, you’ll be able to find jewelry, as well as many other types of accessories in the market.

And what is the best way to keep and store your jewelry? – By keeping and storing it inside a jewelry bag. We here at The One will be discussing with you the importance of jewelry bags, where you can get them, and how our team has been the best when it comes to these types of bags.

What Are Jewelry Bags?

Don’t ever confuse yourself on what jewelry bags are. Jewelry bags are simply bags where you place or store your jewelry when they are not in use.

They’re different from jewelry boxes because they aren’t cased in hard material. Instead, they’re bags or pouches that are made from fabric and their purpose is to ensure that you know your jewelries are kept in a single place.

What Materials Are Used For Jewelry Bags?

There’s a multitude of raw materials manufacturers and suppliers use for jewelry bags. As a matter of fact, these materials aren’t just singular – what we mean by that is there are jewelry bags that are made from a combination or a mixture of these different materials.

To help you understand it a bit further, let us categorize the most common and most used raw products and materials used for jewelry bags.


Cotton is the typical material used for jewelry bags. The durability and flexibility of cotton makes it a perfect match for jewelry bags. Of course, the inside lining, which is the anti-tarnish component of it is a different story.

Polyurethane Leather

Polyurethane leather, PU leather for short, is a type of fabric that is also commonly used for jewelry bags. It’s stylish and it contains the contrast of colors individuals look for. Unlike cotton, PU leather looks more dramatic and sophisticated, but in terms of flexibility, they’re beaten by cotton tenfold.


Suede is another material that boasts its sophistication and elegance. This, though, would be the only thing suede is good for. It’s thin, but it also is lightweight, which is helpful for certain uses and applications.


Many of us might not know this, but satin is a type of material that’s made from long filament fibers. This alone is enough proof that satin is strong, durable, but at the same time, flexible too.

Non-Woven Fabric

Non-woven fabric, lastly, is a material that is also considered to be the go-to by jewelry bag suppliers and manufacturers because of the sheer strength of this material. Unlike other types of materials, non-woven fabrics are strong and can sustain force and pressure.

How Do You Store Jewelry in a Bag?

Storing your jewelry is not something that’s hard to do – but if you are going to place it inside a bag full of other stuff, it could be a problem.

Out of all the many reasons why you would want to store jewelry bags, 2 of the most common reasons include protection from scratches, dents, and scrapes, and also categorization and organization.

We here at The One do not advise storing your jewelries and accessories inside a bag that’s unorganized, though – some of it might get lost.

So, you can use a small Ziplock pouch, jewelry bags, and even the boxes they came with just for you to be sure that they’ll be kept safe and that you will know where to find them.

What is the Best Size of Jewelry Bags?

We can’t tell you what the best size of jewelry bags are simply because not all jewelries and accessories are made equally. However, based on demand and previous orders of our dear clients, the common sizes for the orders that we have are 7 x 9 cm, 10 x 12 cm, and even 8 x 10 cm. 

This doesn’t mean, though, that you’re restricted to those sizes when you choose working with us. We produce custom jewelry bags, and when we say custom, it doesn’t only mean custom prints, designs, and logos – but custom sizes, shapes, structures, and forms, too.

What About Plastic Jewelry Bags vs. Cloth Jewelry Bags?

The never-ending comparison between plastic jewelry bags and cloth jewelry bags is always at hand. In fact, you might find it difficult to tell apart, especially if you are not familiar with them.

The idea is pretty straightforward, and we’ll leave you with this: plastic jewelry bags are durable, completely liquid-resistant, and cheap. The drawback of using them would be their environmental impact – they’re the materials that leave the biggest and longest carbon footprint of all.

Cloth bags, on the contrary, are the best when it comes to sustainability and reliability. Although these cloth jewelry bags are more costly upfront, they’re a cost-effective product that is both aimed for long-term benefit and for a healthier environmental impact.

Can You Store Jewelry in Plastic Bags?

Yes, just as long as the plastic bag we’re talking about are free from vapors and other types of chemicals that could be dangerous and hazardous to the overall status and condition of your jewelry.

One of the risks of doing so is that your jewelry could be discolored or corroded no matter how resistant they are, especially if you’ll store them in your plastic bags for a long time.

Can You Wash Jewelry Bags?

Washing jewelry bags would usually not be necessary because they wouldn’t be too exposed to the outside environment. Meaning, it’ll be seldom that you see dust or dirt latched onto the outside part of the bag, what more on the inside.

Nevertheless, yes, you can wash jewelry bags especially if you think that they need to be.

How Long Do Anti-Tarnish Properties in Jewelry Pouches Last?

On average, anti-tarnish properties of jewelry bags and pouches last about 1 to 3 years. This is the standard or regular anti-tarnish properties. Low-quality materials would typically last 8 to 12 months, while the best ones can last up to a maximum of 5 years.

This is something that only your manufacturer would know, because, as we keep on mentioning, not all jewelry bags are made equally.

What Styles Of Jewelry Bags Could You Supply?

Jewelry Bags For Travel

Travel jewelry bags are what many consider the best, strongest, and most durable ones simply because of their purpose. Their main use is to protect your jewelry at all costs and to of course, ensure that they wouldn’t be lost while you’re on the way. We here at The One have a heap of offers for travel jewelry bags, let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to produce and customize them for you.

Jewelry Bags Wholesale

For wholesale jewelry bags, you won’t be able to find another supplier that is as trustworthy and as reliable as us here at The One. No matter how excellent you think several manufacturers are, they’re no match with what we offer alone. Not to mention that extensive assessments and inspections we have all our products undergo – it’ll really be something that you can work towards your company’s success.

Organza Jewelry Bags

Organza jewelry bags are bags that are often used for gift-giving. These are bags that are primarily used because of how they’re categorized – they’re organized, and thus the term organza jewelry bags. Commonly, organza jewelry bags are offered in packs – about 8 to 10 pieces per pack, and they’re typically small in size. Here at The One, we’ll be able to offer high-quality organza jewelry bags! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll never fall short in giving you what we can offer!

Clear Jewelry Bags

Are you looking for see-through, translucent, and clear jewelry bags? Fret not, our team here at The One can help you with that, too! Just because we label them clear jewelry bags doesn’t mean that they’re already made out of plastic – they’re not! We have clear jewelry bags that are made from mesh material, satin, as well as non-woven fabrics, too! Our library of products are vast, so, inquire to us and we will help you!

Custom Jewelry Bags | Personalized Jewelry Pouches

The One has been named and considered the best manufacturer of jewelry bag styles in China for a little over a decade now. We’ve been the top and most sought-after experts when it comes to different kinds and types of jewelry bag styles.

Drawstring Jewelry Bags

We’re also the manufacturer you can trust if you’re looking for jewelry bags equipped with drawstring as its primary addition. The One is employed with tons of experts in color-matching and color-combining, so, you wouldn’t have any problems with the mixture and the combination of colors for your drawstring jewelry bags!

You hold the choice of choosing from the many materials we can use and work with – polyester, cotton, nylon, satin, among others.

We have an unlimited supply of drawstring jewelry bags that are gathered in all shapes, forms, colors, sizes, and even style! Get yours either in retail or in wholesale for the best, cheapest, and most affordable rates and prices you can get it for in the market!

Jewelry Organizer Pouch

Looking for a feature you can leverage for the advertising or the marketing of your jewelry bags? Grab a hold of our jewelry organizer pouch and save time, money, and effort in finding the better one because we have what you need!

Jewelry Packaging Pouches

If you’re looking for an exquisite way of packaging your jewelry, then you can never go wrong in choosing us here at The One. We offer tons of styles and designs of jewelry packaging pouches that are all within your needs and wants!

Jewelry Envelope Pouches

The wide library of options we have for our jewelry bag styles make us one of the best and most trusted – that also gave birth to our jewelry envelope pouch-styled bags! These are among the top-sellers because of their rare and unique design, allowing businesses and companies to play with what they want and what they’re looking for in a jewelry bag.

Jewelry Gift Pouches

Smaller jewelry wouldn’t fit nicely inside a regular jewelry bag – lo and behold, we’ve created the bag that’ll definitely befit what you need! We offer jewelry gift pouches, an intricately-styled and designed jewelry bag that’s topping the charts of the best and top-selling styles in our offers.

Cloth Jewelry Bags

You’ll find many different types and kinds of jewelry bags in the market, but among the best and most sought-after is our cloth jewelry bags.

Crafted by the best hands and the most skilled bagmakers in the country, you’ll forget the previous manufacturer you’ve dealt and worked with. We here at The One are excellent craftsmen, not only for generic types of bags – we are extremely focused and experienced in the art of making and crafting cloth jewelry bags, too!

Being one of the best jewelry bag styles we have in our arsenal, you can expect us to produce supreme-quality jewelry bags in varying sizes, shapes, colors, and forms for you!

Clear Jewelry Bags

Newer styles of jewelry bags are those that are clear and transparent. And who do you think innovated that in the market other than us here at The One?

We’re among the first few manufacturers that was able to pull off such a craft, and a lot of other companies and suppliers followed our footsteps. We’ve been considered as the pillars of clear jewelry bagmaking in the country and our blueprint is known and used all throughout the industry.

The strength and overall durability of our clear jewelry bags will be obvious as it’s made from the purest and finest of reusable and resealable plastic. It’s the perfect and best product you can see in the market.

Jewelry Storage Bags

If you’re looking for a fashionable, stylish, and durable jewelry storage bag to reinforce your jewelry, then our jewelry storage bags are perfect for you!

We’re experts in carving, detailing, and in styling jewelry bags – we’re sure that we’ll be able to produce the exact type of jewelry storage bag you’re looking for.

Whether you need a travel-size jewelry organizer, a leather travel jewelry storage bag, even plastic jewelry storage bags, we got what you need!

Jewelry Organizer Bags

You can also trust and count on us if you ever find yourself in need of jewelry organizer bags! Categorize and group all your jewelry to how you like them and never lose sight of your pieces ever again!

All our jewelry organizer bags come in a variety of shapes, forms, and sizes, and you will never have a problem choosing from the arsenal that we have!

Choose what you want from jewelry organizer bags that are equipped with a button, drawstrings, and even pouch-like organizer bags that contain several divisions inside its compartment!

You can have us craft it using black leather, reinforced canvas, velvet, enhanced satin, and many more!

Mesh Jewelry Bags

Nothing beats simplicity in the art of bagmaking. That’s why we here at The One decided to also develop the skill of producing mesh jewelry bags!

Unlike other manufacturers, our mesh jewelry bags can be produced in different colors. We have some that are in stock, but of course, you can always request it to be custom-made!

You just need to submit the draft or the drawing of the mesh jewelry bag you’re looking for and we’ll flatter you with its final and overall quality.

Custom Velvet Jewelry Bags

The velvet material we use in all our velvet-material bags are carefully extracted and carved. For our velvet jewelry bags, we can also have it spontaneously customized depending on your needs.

We have many custom velvet jewelry bag models in stock, which were the designs we came up with. However, you’re not just limited to those. You can always choose to have it designed and created in your own style!

Custom Logo Drawstring Jewelry Bags

For a very low and considerate price, you can have your company’s logo custom-printed in the drawstring jewelry bags you’ll be purchasing from us.

You can follow the trend of printing it on the middle part, or you can also choose to have the prints custom to your liking.

Whatever style and design you choose, our experts and our Research & Development (R&D) team will never get tired of answering your requests.

Experience world-class and never think about where to secure high-quality jewelry bags ever again! With The One on your side, your stocks will easily be replenished and they’ll definitely be better and highest-quality than what you’ve ha

What Jewelry Bags Material Do You Have?

The One utilizes a wide range of materials to craft the perfect jewelry bags you’re looking for.

Thanks to our skill, we’re able to craft out and manufacture many different types and kinds of jewelry bags based on their material. We can work with anything from regular cotton, canvas, and many more!

And while those are the most common products for crafting jewelry bags, the most popular and the most sought-after jewelry bag materials we’re able to work on include:

Plastic Jewelry Bags

Our plastic jewelry bags are made out of the flimsiest and the most versatile types of plastic you can encounter in the market.

They’re perfect for all types of jewelry, big or small, and they’re made with high-quality precision and intricacy. We always craft them accurately to avoid the wasting of the materials we’ve used in the process.

We perform exquisite quality assessments and examinations for all jewelry bags our clients need.

Mesh Jewelry Bags Material

Our company is also skilled in producing mesh jewelry bags. We craft and extract our mesh materials from the finest and highest quality of stainless steel, bronze, polyester, polypropylene (PP), and even copper.

From this, we produce and create the best and highest quality of mesh jewelry bags in the market. Our offerings are vast as we’re able to craft and produce many different variations of mesh jewelry bags from zippered mesh jewelry bags, mesh drawstring jewelry bags, pocketed jewelry mesh bags, and many more!

Velvet Jewelry Bags Material

We here at The One also make use of velvet as the primary material of our jewelry bags. We offer a multitude of velvet jewelry bags to our clients, from small velvet jewelry bags, velvet drawstring jewelry bags, custom-printed velvet jewelry bags, and many more!

Yes, you read that right – we offer custom velvet jewelry bags! This means, it is your choice what you want to do with the style, colors, and overall design of your velvet jewelry bags.

We can even incorporate the use of other rare materials to add as an accent or to complement it!

Flannel Jewelry Pouches Material

Flannel cloth is a type of soft-woven fabric that’s known to be the primary material for flannels – sounds interesting, right?

Well, in fact, our research and experts here at The One were able to come up with the idea of using flannel as a primary material for the creation and manufacturing of jewelry pouches.

We mix, combine, and inculcate multiple materials to help you with your need! Similar to velvet jewelry pouches, our flannel jewelry pouches can also be used with a ton of other materials to add some sort of accent and definition to it.

These are among the many materials we here at The One use for the crafting of our jewelry bags. If you think that our skills are limited to these, think again! We are far more skilled and talented and we will never let you down in creating the materials you want and need for your jewelry bags!

Reach out to us here at The One and be opened to a world where you can get the best and highest quality of jewelry bags all over China!

Why is The One the Best Jewelry Bag Manufacturer?

All over the region of Jiangsu, we here at The One have been considered by many consumers and businesses as their go-to manufacturer/supplier when it comes to jewelry bags.

For one, we are the sole company offering anti-tarnish jewelry bags, boxes, and pouches that vary in size and shape. Another is because we have the best re-scalable offers you can get, especially for large volume of orders.

  • We have passed SEDEX, CE, and ISO certifications when it came to jewelry
  • All our products are AZO free – making them safe for everyone, including children
  • We have engineered our jewelry bags to be reliable and sustainable
  • All our jewelry bags are assessed and inspected before packaging and delivery

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Reach out to us and we will send over a free estimate of the order of jewelry bags you need! Work with us and you will never regret your decision of choosing us as your business partner!





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