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We supply and manufacture custom jewelry bags, drawstring jewelry bags, velvet jewelry bags, nylon polyester jewelry bags, canvas&cotton jewelry bags, jute jewelry bags, etc. reusable jewelry gift bags with logo printing. Lower MOQ to Start.

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Custom Jewelry Bags | Personalized Jewelry Pouches

The One has been named and considered the best manufacturer of jewelry bag styles in China for a little over a decade now. We’ve been the top and most sought-after experts when it comes to different kinds and types of jewelry bag styles.

Drawstring Jewelry Bags

We have an unlimited supply of drawstring jewelry bags that are gathered in all shapes, forms, colors, sizes, and even style! Get yours either in retail or in wholesale for the best, cheapest, and most affordable rates and prices you can get it for in the market!

Jewelry Organizer Pouch

Looking for a feature you can leverage for the advertising or the marketing of your jewelry bags? Grab a hold of our jewelry organizer pouch and save time, money, and effort in finding the better one because we have what you need!

Jewelry Packaging Pouches

If you’re looking for an exquisite way of packaging your jewelry, then you can never go wrong in choosing us here at The One. We offer tons of styles and designs of jewelry packaging pouches that are all within your needs and wants!

Jewelry Envelope Pouches

The wide library of options we have for our jewelry bag styles make us one of the best and most trusted – that also gave birth to our jewelry envelope pouch-styled bags! These are among the top-sellers because of their rare and unique design, allowing businesses and companies to play with what they want and what they’re looking for in a jewelry bag.

Jewelry Gift Pouches

Smaller jewelry wouldn’t fit nicely inside a regular jewelry bag – lo and behold, we’ve created the bag that’ll definitely befit what you need! We offer jewelry gift pouches, an intricately-styled and designed jewelry bag that’s topping the charts of the best and top-selling styles in our offers.

Jewelry Bags Styles

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