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Laundry bags can be as plain as they can be, but what if you can purchase custom laundry bags that have your business or your company’s print or logo on them?

Here at The One, we’ve been supplying hotels, restaurants, as well as several retail stores and shops the best and highest quality of custom laundry bags.

So, if you are curious of the ins and outs of these custom laundry bags, we’ve prepared a complete FAQ guide you can check for it.

Do Laundry Bags Work?

Yes, laundry bags actually work by grouping pieces of your garments together, ensuring that they don’t entangle with one another.

Here at The One, we’re skilled and equipped with the experience in producing different-sized laundry bags that you can use for various types of application. We have small-sized laundry bags for undergarments, big laundry bags for pants, and standard-sized laundry bags for shirts and tops.

Should You Use a Laundry Bag?

Most people deny the fact that they need to use a laundry bag simply because they think it’s not necessary. However, there have been several reports of these mesh bags transforming your clothes and making them look newer and fresher than it was before it entered the washer.

While you’re never required to use a laundry bag, it can help out a lot in the washing process.

Different Types of Laundry Bags

There are various types of laundry bags, and these types have their own uses. However, the 2 major classifications of laundry bags are:

Fabric Laundry Bags

These are the laundry bags that are generally used for storing and keeping clothes. Whether they’re clothes that haven’t been cleaned yet or clothes that are yet to be placed inside your cabinet, you can be assured that your clothes wouldn’t be damaged and spoiled.

Tinkliniai skalbinių krepšiai

Mesh laundry bags, on the other hand, are the laundry bags that you use for washing your garments. They are breathable bags and their main purpose is to keep different types of garments from blending in with one another.

What Materials Are Used to Create Custom Laundry Bags?

Nowadays, several bag manufacturers experiment with the material they use for their custom laundry bags. However, the classic and most common materials utilized are nylon, mesh, cotton, and polyester.

Mesh is the perfect fabric for laundry bags you’ll use inside the washer. Cotton and polyester are materials that are the go-to by these manufacturers for storing, while nylon is perfect for performing both.

How Big Should a Laundry Bag Be?

There’s not a rule in the book that dictates what size your laundry bags need to be. However, the most common and typical size of laundry bags should be around 15 x 19 x 18 inches arba 20 x 30 inches.

Of course, the size of the laundry bag will depend on the size of the items you have.

How Are Laundry Bags Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of laundry bags is actually very simple. This process is pretty straightforward and is typically dealt with machines and heavy auxiliary equipment.

To help you with it somehow, the structure of how laundry bags are made would be like this:

  1. Sourcing of materials that are going to be used
  2. Preparation of machines and workers
  3. Cutting and sizing of the fabric
  4. Shaping of the fabric
  5. Sewing of the laundry bags
  6. Adding of drawstrings and/or zippers
  7. Printing and adding of design and logo

PASTABA: This may not be exactly how we or other manufacturers do it, but this is the general structure of how custom laundry bags come to be.

Can Laundry Bags Be Washed?

If you can use them for washing, then, yes, they can definitely be washed! In fact, for the case of mesh laundry bags, you’re like automatically washing them when you use them because they get to absorb the detergent, as well as the fabric conditioner in the machine.

They’re engineered to be strong, sturdy, and durable, so, don’t worry about placing or setting your washer in delicate or gentle.

However, if you’re dealing with clothes and covers that have spillages, dirt, or any other external factor, you want to wash them separately.

How Often Should I Wash a Laundry Bag?

Laundry bags should be washed every after use to avoid accumulation of germs, viruses, and bacteria that could be on there.

Are Laundry Bags Dryer Safe?

Yes, definitely! You can toss your custom laundry bags in the dryer in case you won’t be needing them anytime soon to avoid the smell of undried fabric. The sturdiness and strength of both nylon and polyester is perfect for any type of washing and drying machines.

Didmeninė prekyba skalbinių krepšiais

The One can be your go-to custom laundry bag manufacturer in bulk or in wholesale. Our custom laundry bags are known to be the best in and around the region of Jiangsu, and we’re more than happy to help you with whatever type of custom laundry bag you need. Get stepped discounts depending on the bulk of your order, we can deliver promising quality of custom laundry bags for you!

Kolegijos skalbinių krepšiai  

Just because they’re named and labeled college laundry bags doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive for colleges and college students. But, in technicality, that is the primary market for these types of laundry bags. We here at The One can supply you with the highest quality of college laundry bags you might need! We can customize and personalize it per college or university, or even per department!

Why is The One the Best Custom Laundry Bag Supplier in China?

For 12 years and counting, we here at The One have been on the prowl for exceeding the quality we have made. Our goal is not only to be the best at what we do (which we already are), but also to ensure that we are able to offer custom laundry bags in the most pristine of conditions possible.

The One is also the best manufacturer when it comes to bakalėjos krepšeliai, dufeliniai maišeliai, kosmetikos maišeliai, ir daug daugiau!

Browse our website to learn more about what we do, the quality we can promise, and of course, the type of businesses we create.


Laundry Bags Buying Guide


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