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Lunch Bags FAQ

How Long Can You Keep Food Hot in a Thermal Insulated Lunch Box?

The time in which the temperature of food is retained in thermal insulated lunch boxes depends on certain factors.

One, it will depend on the environment in which the lunch bag is in. For instance, if it’s raining or snowing, then cold or iced contents inside a thermal lunch bag can be kept for longer periods of time. But, hot food or hot contents would not be kept long, and vice versa.

However, as a general rule of thumb, common thermal insulated lunch bags can keep hot food for three (3) to four (4) hours, and about two (2) hours even if the temperature or the climate is cold. On the contrary, it can keep food or contents cold for about four (4) to five (5) hours – and about three (3) hours if the climate or temperature is hot.

How Reusable Thermal Lunch Bags Are Made

The manufacturing or the production procedure of reusable thermal lunch bags does not fall far from how regular thermal or insulated bags are made.

The process involves a simple 5-step process, which is:

Step 1: Sourcing and Getting of Raw Materials  

The first step is to gather and collect all the raw materials that are needed for the process. This would include the foam, the insulating layer, the fabric that’ll be used, and all accessories that will be on the bag.

Once those are all set and arranged, the next step is to…

Step 2: Cutting of the Main Fabric

This process involves the shaping, sizing, and the cutting of the main fabric into size. From the walls and the exterior – down to the interior of the thermal insulated bag, it’s cut-to-size before it’s assembled.

Furthermore, this process also entails the blowing and the rolling of the film that’ll be used as the insulating layer inside and outside the lunch bag.

Step 3: Assembly of the Bag

In this process, the bag will be assembled. This process would involve the assembly and the making of the bag, including the thermal layer inside.

Once the thermal or the insulating layer is placed and positioned within the bag, it’ll then undergo checking and assessment.

This step will also involve the custom detailing and designing of the personalized insulated lunch bag.

Step 4: Quality Control

A quality control (QC) expert will then determine whether or not the lunch bag is effective in terms of keeping the temperature.

Moreover, this step would also involve further checking if the bag is within the expectations of the client.

Step 5: Final Detailing

And last, but definitely not least would be the final detailing of the bag. This will be the step in the process that would be for the putting of final styles, details, and designs on the bag that wouldn’t be influential to the overall efficiency and effectiveness.

This is the general structure of how personalized insulated lunch bags are made! Note, though, that not all manufacturers and suppliers follow this.

Lunch Box Bag For Office

Nowadays, people prefer to bring and consume their own food compared to purchasing from stores.

Figure 7 – Office lunch box bag that’s subtly insulated

This boosted the demand for lunch box bags for office! Yes, you read that right, the market for office lunch bags has risen, and in fact, it’s something that you can definitely find in a lot of different places and websites!

You’ll never be short of options as you can purchase lunch box bags for offices on AmazonFlipKart, Etsy, Aliexpress, and many more!

Where to Buy High-Quality Personalized Lunch Bags

The One is the only company that’s able to offer a good mix of personalized lunch bags, thermal insulated bags, and reusable bags.

Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t just focus on one specific type of product. Instead, we’re able and skilled to inculcate and integrate various features and properties to a bag, should our clients need it!

Do take note, though, that these personalized insulated thermal bags would cost a bit more. But, our prices are nothing compared to purchasing them in retail!

The One is famous and popular for offering high-quality bags for the least amount of investment that you need!

  • Our personalized lunch thermal bags cost less than the average
  • We can promise continuous supply of personalized insulated thermal lunch bags
  • All our lunch bags are reusable
  • We use high-quality materials for our personalized lunch bags

Whether you’re involved in the reselling industry, the rebranding industry, or if you just want to distribute our personalized lunch bags wholesale, The One will never disappoint you!

Contact us and we’ll give you a free quote of your orders! In fact, you can partner up those personalized insulated thermal bags with some of our other products, too, such as custom cooler bagsinsulated delivery bagscustom wine bagsfish cooler bags, and many more!

Get the Best Personalized Lunch Bags in China Today!

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