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The One has been China’s most trusted and most banked on wholesale makeup bags and wholesale cosmetic bags manufacturer for more than 12 years and counting.

We’ve been in the business longer than any other local manufacturer you can think of. In fact, many new businesses come to us for aid and assistance!

The large scope of our wholesale makeup bags and wholesale cosmetic bags stemmed many different products and services. Among those, below are what we consider the best ones.

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The One is China’s top custom bags manufacturer and supplier. We’re a company that had our humble beginnings back in 2009.

More than a decade later, we’ve been considered by a lot of companies, businesses, and even corporations worldwide as their go-to solutions for the custom bags they need.

Regardless of our current market position, we still strive to improve and develop everything that needs improvement. We’re continuously enabling the growth and the enhancement of not only our products, but our client experience and customer service, too!

We give an average of two (2) hours during business hours, and about ten (10) to twelve (12) hours outside business hours for the response.

You can head onto our contact us page to be given a guaranteed fast reply to all your messages and concerns!

We have an extensive range of product line that you can take advantage of.

You can get a ton of custom bags from us here at The One. We offer custom bags such as, but are not limited to:


  • Canvas Bags
  • Cooler Bags
  • Cosmetic Bags
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Duffle Bags
  • Dust Bags
  • Grocery Bags
  • Laminated Bags
  • Laundry Bags
  • Non-Woven and Woven Bags
  • PVC Bags
  • Promotional Bags
  • Waterproof Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Recyclable/Reusable Bags

We accept in a ton of different currencies, but mainly, we accept United States Dollar (USD), Euros, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, and many more!

You even have the option to pay us via your local banks wire transfer methods!

We offer three (3) ways on how to make an order. First, you can head onto our About Us or Contact Us page.

At the bottom, you’ll see the sign that says “Customize Your Own Bag Here.” Then, input your complete name, your email address, and your message to us. Your message could simply be a description of what you want to achieve.

It can be a design or a style of the bag that you want – whatever your imagination gets you.

The other way is to proceed to contact us via our hotlines at:

  • Tel: +86 510 88700124
  • Phone: +86 150 61862139

You can also choose to send us an email in our email address at

Yes, we can offer free samples of whatever your orders are, given the fact that we have sufficient information.

This works best if you provide a sketch, a list of materials, as well as processes on how you image your custom bags made and styled.

Our company is both a retailer and a manufacturer of custom bags. We have our own warehouse for the raw materials that we use for the creation or the manufacturing of the bags that you need.

In total, we have a raw material warehouse and storage, a workshop or a manufacturing plant, and lastly, a packaging space.

You can pay and settle the payments using your favorite cards such as VISA and Mastercard. Alternatively, we also accept T/T, Western Union, Bolteo, and Online Bank Payments.

Contact us to know more about the different payment terms and payment methods that we have available!

Just like many other custom bag suppliers, we have a SEDEX certification and license that is up-to-date. Meaning, all of the changes and the modifications that has happened with this particular standard is still intact with us.

Yes, it is sure! Over the years of our service and our expertise in the custom bag-making industry, we’ve developed and streamlined procedures that entail nothing but excellence and quality.

Whatever material you want, we can buy raw material for you and custom the bag style you want.


Most of our clients want a copy of a particular custom bag – so, what they do is they’ll send us an exact product.

Our job will be to copy and to imitate it for it to be 100% identical. We offer OEM or original equipment manufacturer for the world-renowned and branded products that you want to imitate!

Should you want to see the status or the condition of our manufacturing plant, we can help you! We offer a free virtual tour of our factory and manufacturing space to give all our clients the confidence and the trust they’re looking for.


The turnaround time of delivery would be within 7 to 12 days after the payment confirmation. Don’t worry, we’ll send you regular updates and notifications about the shipment and the freight of your products.

We’ll provide constant notifications on the status of your orders, so don’t fret!

Yes, The One specializes at producing custom bags that have specific styles and designs. As a matter of fact, we utilize state-of-the-art technology of digital printing, heat printing, embroidery, and screen painting.

You can choose to diversify the aesthetics of your custom bags, too!

Delivery terms would begin after the payment confirmation. More so, we offer warranty on the products that have been damaged during freight, delivery, and shipment.

We promise seriousness and confidentiality to whatever products, styles, and designs you want. The entire team of The One is committed to making sure that you’re protected, safe, and secure.

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Could You Supply Bulk Makeup Bags?

Just like makeup, makeup bags need to be created with passion. It’s not just like other types of bags like totes, drawstrings, and even jutes that can be made generally.

That’s why our team focused on the manufacturing and production of bulk makeup bags with quality. The makeup bags that we produce and manufacture are all of high-quality.

We produce anything from unorthodox shapes and sizes, to varying colors, depending on what you need! 

Could You Supply Bulk Cosmetic Bags With Printed Logo?

Our team was able to create a fleet of cosmetic bags through our bulk cosmetic bags program. The difference it has with our bulk makeup bags is that these bags aren’t just made for makeup.

Many of our clients advertise this as the “best bags for any type of cosmetics you have.” You can play with its shape and form, its overall size, as well as the different additional factors like pockets, what materials are used, and so on.

You will find it highly advantageous if you’re looking for a good-sized bag where you can fit all cosmetic products you have under your belt!

Could You Custom Bulk Toiletry Bags?

The next subset would be our bulk toiletry bags. It’s like the bulk makeup bags, but exponentially differs with the materials used to make it.

Our lineup of toiletry bags are made from waterproof, sturdy, and durable materials that are also waterproof and dustproof for further protection and security.

We create bulk toiletry bags using a wide range of materials, from PVC, PU, PP to nylon, Velcro, and even polyester (for less application-based ones).

What Styles OF Makeup Bags Wholesale Could You Supply?

Cotton Canvas Makeup Bags Wholesale

There are instances where customers and clients look for makeup bags that are zippered. Why? – Because seeing all your makeup messed inside your bag can be such a nuisance; it can even spill!

And we here at The One are no strangers to those instances. Produced many different types and kinds of canvas zipper makeup bags both for retail and wholesale to our clients.

Wholesale Blank Cosmetic Bags

And while most of you may think that our wholesale blank cosmetic bags fall just in between other brands and suppliers, ours do not. The quality of our beauty cases encompasses the traditional quality you’re used to.

We can provide excellent-quality blank cosmetic bags that can either be hard or soft. You can customize the shape and style of it all you want!

Clear Cosmetic Bags Wholesale

We are here at The One also think about the style – we mostly go with a minimalist style so that it does not contradict other colors. That being said, you can also trust us if you are looking for clear cosmetic bags.

Our wholesale clear cosmetic bags are perfect if you’re going to use them for your business. They’re marketable and overall sellable, which means, you won’t find it a hassle to offer them to clients.

You can buy them at discounted rates and offer them to your clients for their original prices!

Wholesale Bulk Makeup Bags

Just like makeup, makeup bags need to be created with passion. It’s not just like other types of bags like totes, drawstrings, and even jutes that can be made generally.

That’s why our team focused on the manufacturing and production of bulk makeup bags with quality. The makeup bags that we produce and manufacture are all of high-quality.

We produce anything from unorthodox shapes and sizes, to varying colors, depending on what you need! 

Wholesale Nylon Makeup Bags Wholesale

Nylon is among our favorite materials in the business of bag making simply because of the fact that it’s sturdy and durable, and it’s not that hard to find.

We offer nylon cosmetic bags wholesale as we produce it inside our 1200+ sqm factory. It’s a spacious manufacturing plant and you’ll see nothing but continuous production of different types and kinds of bags.

Custom Makeup Bags Wholesale

If you’re looking for a manufacturer that can offer custom cosmetic bags wholesale, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you procure the exact cosmetic bags you’re looking for!

The best thing about choosing us is that our products aren’t just restricted to nylon. We can offer a combination of other materials, too, such as straw material, canvas, polyester, and even leather!

Get it with or without zippers – you can literally personalize and customize it all according to your wants and needs!

Wholesale Makeup Bag Organizers

In you’re thinking that our wholesale promotional cosmetic bags are basic, we can also custom made our makeup bags for you! They’re made with extremely high precision and accuracy, guaranteeing exceptional-quality results!

Beauty Case Wholesale

Hard cases, soft cases, jelly cases, and even cases equipped with Velcro straps, you can trust us here at The One to help you produce them.

Our experts and professionals here at The One are known for versatility. We’re able to offer different types of makeup bags, cosmetic bags, promotional makeup bags, and even beauty cases wholesale.

Promotional Cosmetic Bags Wholesale

Many of our clients that purchase cosmetic bags wholesale use it for business, and a big chunk of those use them for promotion or advertising.

We offer promotional cosmetic bags wholesale to different businesses in various countries. The flexibility and versatility of our designs make it easier for our clients and customers to offer them to their clients as a promotional offer.

Plain Makeup Bag Wholesale

Here we also have some plain makeup bags wholesale styles, you can just put your logo on our bags. Any sizes and style we can supply for you. Colors for materials could be used our stock or custom made materials.

Cute Makeup Bags Wholesale

We can design or supply cute makeup bags wholesale, any styles and sizes we can custom make for you. We also can make different techology printing for our customers.

Makeup Bags Bulk Wholesale

We supply our stock makeup bags bulk wholesale business for customers who don’t need logo or want fast delivery time. Usually supply some sizes, just send us email we can send price list. We can supply canvas, leather, nylon, tyvek, etc. materials.

Could You Supply Travel Makeup Bags Wholesale?

The types of our travel makeup bags span from short-range zippers (like pockets) to full-range zippers that cover the entirety of the bag.

We use skin-friendly materials so that people who have sensitive skin will be able to cope with our products. They’re harmless, safe, and they feel good when you’re holding them.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and machines we use for our processes, you will never feel short of the quality of the products even if you’re paying for them at an extremely affordable rate. 

Why Choose The One?

Our wholesale makeup bags have been considered by many as their go-to whenever they need help with their supplies. Our story has been a serious one, and the things we went through has not been a joke.

If you’re interested to purchase our makeup bags, whether retail or wholesale, we here at The One are just a call away. Contact us and we’ll offer you a free quotation of the orders you’re looking for!

You won’t ever find another manufacturer of makeup bags wholesale as good as us – not to mention the rates and prices that we can promise you!

Reach out to us and get a free quote!

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