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We are custom mesh drawstring bags manufacturer and supplier in China. Custom bulk mesh drawstring bags with printed logo. Supported OEM&ODM service. Lower MOQ and Fast Lead Time!

Custom Printed Mesh Drawstring Bags

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Understanding Mesh Drawstring Bags

Mesh drawstring bags, made from materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, feature a net-like structure. They are also known as net bags or string bags. It is a fashionable bag and take easily.

Custom Mesh Drawstring Backpacks

Mesh drawstring backpacks are available and versatile, suitable for beach visits or as stylish organizers within larger bags.

Wholesale Purchases Mesh Drawstring Bags

You can buy mesh drawstring bags wholesale from us. We offer various styles and competitive pricing. Here are the newest and latest styles of drawstring bags.

Mesh Bags and Produce Freshness

While mesh bags are great for securing items, they are not ideal for keeping perishable produce fresh due to their breathable nature. Cooler and delivery bags are recommended for such needs.

Mesh Drawstring Bags or Backpacks Application Area

Mesh drawstring bags and backpacks are versatile, serving multiple purposes across different sectors. They are commonly used in sports for carrying equipment like balls and shoes, thanks to their breathable material. 

These bags are also popular among students for carrying gym clothes or books, and travelers often use them to organize luggage or carry items for easy access. Additionally, they are used in shopping, especially for fruits and vegetables, as they allow visibility and air circulation, helping to keep produce fresh. Mesh drawstring backpacks are also a favored choice for beachgoers to carry and store wet gear.

Mesh Drawstring Bags Sizes

Usually mesh drawstring bags sizes are 3″ x 4″ , 4″ x 6″ ,6″ x 8″ , 18″ x 12″ etc. We can custom sizes for our customers.


Why Choose The One For Making Mesh Drawstring Bags?

The One is recognized as a leading manufacturer, offering a wide range of materials and styles for mesh drawstring bags, serving clients globally and trusted by well-known brands. Lower MOQ to Start, fast delivery time.

Mesh Laundry Bags

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