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At The One, we supply an extensive range of non-woven bags, including reusable shopping totes, custom printed promotional bags, and eco-friendly gift bags. Our durable and stylish bags are perfect for marketing, events, and daily use, supporting sustainability with a flair for design.

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Custom Non-Woven Bags: Affordable, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Every Need

Wholesale Non-Woven Totes: Your Path to Sustainable Style

Discover the advantages of non-woven bags, a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. Made from bonded polypropylene plastic fibers, these bags offer both durability and affordability. Explore our vast selection of sizes, styles, and colors to find the perfect non-woven tote bags for any occasion—from grocery shopping to beach outings.


Versatile Applications of Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

Our non-woven bags are not just for shopping; they are perfect for various uses. Whether you’re headed to the supermarket or packing for an overnight stay, our lightweight yet sturdy bags will meet your needs. Enhance your eco-conscious lifestyle by choosing these reusable totes over single-use plastic bags. Customize them for gifts, promotional events, or personal use with our easy screen printing services.


Customization and Branding Opportunities

Tailor-made for your marketing needs, our non-woven tote bags can be customized with your business name, logo, and colors. Utilize our non-woven bag printing options to transform a simple tote into a powerful branding tool that promotes your business with every use. Ideal for corporate events, trade shows, and giveaways, these personalized bags ensure your brand gets noticed.


Bulk Savings on Non-Woven Bags

Stock up and save with our wholesale non-woven bags. The more you purchase, the lower the cost per bag, making it a budget-friendly option for large events or long-term promotional needs. Despite their low price, our bags are crafted with high quality, featuring reinforcements like bottom gussets and double-stitched seams to handle heavier loads.


Why Choose The One for Your Non-Woven Bag Needs?

At The One, we pride ourselves on supplying high-quality non-woven fabric bags that carry your items—and your brand message—far and wide. From durable wholesale tote bags to personalized event giveaways, our products are designed to offer both style and functionality. Plus, with our commitment to sustainability, choosing our non-woven bags means making a positive impact on the environment.

Explore Our Diverse Collection of Non-Woven Bags

Step into our world of non-woven tote bags and experience the perfect blend of practicality, style, and eco-consciousness. Whether you need a robust shopping tote, a customizable gift bag, or a promotional tool, our extensive range has something for everyone. Discover how our non-woven bags can elevate your brand and streamline your packing needs today.

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