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Are you looking for the best and top 10 luxury bag manufacturers in China? Do you want to work with the industry’s best without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars because of it?

Many businesses starting in the luxury bag market want to initially work with an inexpensive supplier. Besides pricing, quality and overall workability are two of the more important factors businesses look for.

So, if you’re looking for a guide to help get to the best luxury bag suppliers, you’re in the right guide! We’ll get you the most crucial information about them, so you know where to go!

The Top 10 Luxury Bag Manufacturers in China

This list will contain the best luxury bag suppliers and manufacturers you can work with in China. We swept and narrowed all the options down for you, so you don’t have to!


Superl Group is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that is all about manufacturing. They started in 2002 as a supplier of highly notable, branded, affordable luxury handbags. Then, over the years, they have expanded into Powder-Coated technology, furniture, retail store fixtures, and metal hardware and accessories.

Up until today, though, Superl is known for their expertise in handcrafting luxury bags. They’ve enhanced their production capacity, improved production line, and progressed through innovation. Thanks to their European-origin equipment and a skilled team, they can guarantee superior quality products and on-time delivery.

Choose Superl Group for exceptional quality and reliability in every piece you want to get.


Turn your creative ideas into stunning, high-quality handbags and accessories with SL Bag! China’s one of top manufacturers, they specialize in handbags, backpacks, leather goods, wallets, laptop bags, and more.

Their overall skills and expertise combine traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology, ensuring that top quality is there.

SL Bag is employed with a skilled team with years of experience, catering to fashion brands worldwide. They also offer custom design and manufacturing solutions that would befit the customizations you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for wallets, handbags, canvas bags, cosmetic bags, or other leather goods, you can trust SL Bag!


വൺ പാക്കേജിംഗ് സൊല്യൂഷൻസ്

From our name alone, it is already evident that our expertise is not limited to one product. Known as Jiangsu’s manufacturing power, we at The One Packaging Solutions can get you all the bags and packaging that you need in under 45 days.

Getting experts from across the globe, you can count on us and our entire team with the products you need and you’re looking for. Whether you want regular handbags, backpacks, leather bags, or even luxury hand bags, you’ll never have problems if you choose us.

We are China’s top pick in terms of luxury bags, and we’ll be more than happy to cater to you!


Founded in 1990 by Tsui Kam Ho, Handbagio is known as a sustainable leather handbag manufacturer in China. The company has been dedicated to stylish, high-quality products all with the stroke of a pen.

With factories in mainland China and offices in Hong Kong, the company was able to expand their range of production, which include accessories, household items, stationeries, and other notable products.

2013 was the turning point of handbagio as this was the year they’ve embraced sustainability through the production of vegan handbags using recycled fabrics, natural fibers, and vegan leathers.

What sets Handbagio apart is their overall craftsmanship and resourcefulness. They are employed with some of the world’s best second-generation artisans; they also ensure top-notch quality. Get factory-direct prices for items you would often refer to as “expensive!” Handbagio can be your go-to for sustainable wholesale handbags.

J.D. Handbag Factory

J.D. Handbag Factory, a proud branch of J.D. Leather Goods, stands out as a top handbag manufacturer in China. Specializing in stylish, high-quality handbags, Superl takes pride in their exceptional customer service system.

They are equipped with a skilled management and development team, producing approximately 80,000 units monthly. Offering personalized custom services, the company helps customers create their own branded handbags in the designs and styles they want.

Whether it’s OEM, ODM, or private label, you can turn your designs into reality! All they ask is one thing – to provide samples based on your drafts or tech parts. There’s also no problem with bulk or wholesale orders of whatever handbag you want!

BS Bag Factory

B.S. Bag Factory is one of the best and premier OEM and ODM handbag manufacturers in the country. They’re known for their custom-developed, high-quality handbags that are indistinguishable from luxury ones.

Catering to designers and brands globally, they can handle everything from sample creation to bulk orders with a low MOQ of just 50 pieces. They are employed with team of 200+ skilled professionals, as well as five efficient production lines craft a variety of styles including shoulder bags, backpacks, leather bags, crossbody bags, wallets, clutch bags, and tote bags.

BS Bag Factory pride themselves on sustainability and building strong partnerships with businesses globally. They offer a wide array of comprehensive services, from design conceptualization and material selection to production and logistics.

Join hundreds of retailers and businesses worldwide! Work with BS Bag Factory and create beautiful, sustainable handbags that reflect your unique vision.

Orient Handbag Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Like many manufacturers, Orient didn’t start big. They were hauled into the scene as a modest bag manufacturer in Fujian, China, with about 50 workers. They studied and followed the trend, and today, they have grown into a multinational manufacturing powerhouse with six plants across China, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Moreover, their dedicated team grew to about 1,000 employees in all those factories. Orient is now capable of producing a wide library of bags from backpacks, laptop bags, totes, makeup bags, tactical gear, and many more.

The company is committed to providing quality and showcasing integrity. Overall, they have a monthly production capacity of 200,000 tactical belts and 1.2 million cosmetic bags. Orient serves clients from small businesses to multinational corporations, and you can be one too!

Dankin Light Industrial Co., Ltd.

Located in Quanzhou in the province of Fujian, Dankin Light Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of China’s giants in luxury bag manufacturing. Benefiting from abundant materials and skilled workers, they’ve had the opportunity to provide nothing but excellent-quality service and products to their clients.

Having about 320 employees, their factory produces a wide range of bags, including backpacks, sports bags, cooler bags, and more. They are a guaranteed certified business against BSCI, SEDEX, ISO9000, and SA8000. They’re trusted by customers in 25+ countries, offering highly innovative and unique products at competitive prices, all complete with timely delivery.

Many of their clients tell them that their bags are not “just” products, but companions for “every adventure.” Welcoming OEM and ODM orders, Dankin’s designers tailor products specific to your needs!

Sitoy Group Holdings Ltd.

Passion is at the heart of Sitoy. Constantly innovating and improving, the company thrives on openness. Moreover, they value everyone’s input and ideas, strengthening their claims and having multiple angles of thought.

Their mission has been one and has been the same – to be able to foster an optimistic environment by embracing the beliefs and creativity of everyone.

Sitoy has been and still is committed to building long-term relationships, driving efficiency, and providing top-notch services. They have a team of over 8,300 in China and 80 in Hong Kong, with factories in Dongguan and Yingde. These two factories alone produce nearly a million pieces monthly.

In the industry, Sitoy is one of the leading fashion brands across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

YC Making Ltd.

With nearly 15 years of experience, YC Bag Making is a certified leader in custom, trendsetting, eco-friendly reusable bags. Based in China, we specialize in crafting bags tailored to your exact specifications, supporting your unique vision. Our recycled, reusable bags not only help the planet but also elevate your brand. Choose your fabric, shape, size, color, and design—we offer endless options to create stylish, purposeful bags.

At YC Bag Making, we understand that going green is smart marketing and smart living. Our expert team has launched successful reusable bag programs for supermarkets, retail chains, government initiatives, and more worldwide. Known for our reliability, top-quality products, competitive pricing, and strict quality control, we treat every client as a partner in creating impactful, eco-friendly bag solutions.

എന്തുകൊണ്ടാണ് വൺ പാക്കേജിംഗ് സൊല്യൂഷനുകൾക്കൊപ്പം പ്രവർത്തിക്കുന്നത്?

For more than a decade, The One has been the primary source of top-quality luxury bags in the country. Our expertise encompasses regular bagmaking as we have been producing high-quality bags for brands all over the world.

From your typical luxury handbags to doll bags, duffel bags, and even small shoulder bags, you can definitely count on us! Contact us and get a free estimate of the luxury bags you will be ordering!

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