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Printed Non woven Bags

Printed Non woven Shopping Bags

We supply printed non woven bags, non woven shopping bags, our printing could be made screen printing non woven bags, heat transfer non woven bags, laminated non woven bags, etc.

Interested in knowing what printed non-woven bags are? Or are you trying to figure out how you can make money out of reselling or rebranding printed non-woven bags from suppliers and manufacturers?

Fret not because in this guide, we’ll help you land on the best manufacturers of printed non-woven bags!

Before we dive deep into that further, let’s take it one step at a time!

What is Non-Woven Fabric?

It’s the type of fabric that’s usually derived from long fibers.

An example of what non-woven fabric looks like

More often than not, these fibers are fused and joined together in quite a few different ways – solvent treatment, mechanical, heat, and chemical treatment among others.

You can easily identify non-woven fabric because it’ll usually have more than one (1) layer of fiber.  

Is Felt a Non-Woven Fabric?

Since felt is not made up of wefts and warps, felt is non-woven.

An image of different colors and sizes of felt – a type of printed non-woven fabric

The creation or the making of felt involves mixture of raw materials to produce a textile surface.

What Are Printed Non-Woven Bags?

The subject is pretty self-explanatory; they are non-woven bags that contain prints or logos, images, or text that’s requested by the company or the client.

An example of what a printed non-woven bag looks like

It’s like the non-woven bag would have prints, styles, and designs that would directly be related or connected to the business that ordered it.

Do Printed Non-Woven Bags Contain Plastic?

Some sources say that there are manufacturers that produce printed non-woven bags with a hint of plastic in it.

As a matter of fact, they say that they make it with an addition of non-biodegradable plastic. However, the vast majority of printed non-woven bag suppliers have proven this to be false.

Different Types of Non-Woven Products

In the industry, many experts believe that there are four (4) types of non-woven products. These include:

An example of what an airlaid fabric looks like

Take note, though, that these types of products don’t directly point to printed non-woven bags. Some are for carpets, baskets, furniture – and even in the medical and the architectural field of business.

Are Printed Non-Woven Bags Eco-Friendly?

Due to the single fact that printed non-woven bags, or non-woven bags in general aren’t plastic, they last longer in terms of functionality and are fast degradable.

An image of a gold-colored printed non-woven bag

Moreover, they’re reusable so this decreases the need for people to get plastic bags for whenever they’ll get groceries, shopping, or just having bags in general.

Did you know that based on a research that dates back to 2019, printed non-woven bags help reduce resin to about 65% entirely? That’s more than enough in terms of helping the planet!

Where Can You Purchase Custom Printed Non-Woven Bags?

There are a lot of retail stores and outlets that offer printed non-woven bags.

Example of a custom printed non-woven bag

You can purchase them in a ton of stores – both physical and online – without the fear of losing stocks.

However, purchasing them in retail, if you’re going to use it for business might not be the most ideal.

For one, you wouldn’t be able to set the design or the customization for your printed non-woven bags. Another is that the prices of these printed non-woven bags in retail would be double – or even more – than what you’ll be paying for if you purchase them in wholesale.

But where can you purchase printed non-woven bags wholesale?

The Best Places to Order Printed Non-Woven Bags Wholesale

There’s literally a multitude of places of where you can purchase non-woven bags in bulk or wholesale.

You can approach manufacturers and suppliers of printed non-woven bags, you can order in bulk from Amazon or from eBay and ask the seller to give you a discount, and so on.

The best way, though, would be to contact a printed non-woven bag manufacturer. And in terms of finding a manufacturer, you have many different options, too!

Printed Non-Woven Bags Wholesale Price

A factory producing and manufacturing printed non-woven bags in bulk

In case you’re interested to know how much budget you’ll need for purchasing printed non-woven bags wholesale, you wouldn’t be able to find the answer alone.

What you have to do is to contact a supplier and ask them for a quote. To give you a rough estimate of how much they are, though, they’ll usually be around $0.10 to $0.35 per piece.

Compare that with purchasing in retail, which can be around $5 to $10 per bag.–8

Who Should You Trust For Your Printed Non-Woven Bags?

While there are tons of printed non-woven bag manufacturing companies in the market, you can never go wrong in choosing us here at The One.

We’re simply deemed to be the best, the most reliable, and the most progressive company involved in the production and the manufacturing of printed non-woven bags.

For more than 12 years, we never stopped supplying and producing high quality printed non-woven bags to our clients, wherever their businesses are!

Some of our clients who ordered printed non-woven bags wholesale received quite a lot of positive feedback from their clients. Whether they talked about it being strong and durable, being classy and sophisticated, or the bags being long-lasting – we can’t be more proud of it!

Other Products We Offer

Apart from printed non-woven bags, we here at The One are also skilled and adept in producing other types of bags. Some of which include:

Contact us and get a sweet slice of perfection by ordering printed non-woven bags in bulk and in wholesale!

Work with us and get a free quotation or a free estimate! Never worry about where you’ll find the best and the highest quality of printed non-woven bags ever again, especially if you’ll purchase them wholesale!

Printed Non-Woven Bags – The All-Around FAQ Guide

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