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Non woven Garment Bags

We supply custom and wholesale breathable non woven garment bags, non woven suit bags, non woven bridal gown bags, non woven robe garment bags, etc. Customized sizes: 24✖️40, 24✖️54, 24✖️72 inch, etc. 

For much stronger and durable storage for your clothes, take the chance and get The One’s non-woven garment bags. They’re made from non-woven material of many different kinds. You can choose from the vast library of styles we have below.

Other than that, The One will simply be your best choice out of all the different options you have:

  • Our lead time is less than a month
  • Open to all different kinds of negotiations
  • Flexible designing, styling, and printing
  • OEM non-woven garment bags
  • Many different material options available

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TOD67 Pp non woven garment bag

Cloth Garment Bags | Breathable Non woven Garment Bags Wholesale

We support custom breathable garment bags wholesale, cloth garment bags wholesale, non woven garment bags wholesale business. Printing: Screen printing, heat transfer, gold stamp, etc.

Best Non woven Garment Bags Styles

Non woven Dance Garment Bags

Perfect for the storing or safekeeping of extravagant dance garment – ballerina garments, among others. They’re made from non-woven material, which tends to be stronger and more durable compared to woven fabric. With this, you can be sure that your dance garment bags wouldn’t tear easily!

Non woven Suit Garment Bags

Keep your suits fresh, clean, and new with our non-woven suit garment bags. They’re equipped with complementary components that make it up as a whole and they’re easily foldable and flexible. You don’t have to worry about it because even though it’s non-woven, it’ll keep insects, dusts, and other types of dirt out!

Non woven Garment Bags With Plastic Handles

Make the carrying of your garments easier with our non-woven garment bags with plastic handles. They’re made from ultra-high-quality fabrics whose purpose is to ensure quality all the way through. It’s not only about the fashion or style – our plastic handle-equipped non-woven garment bags boast of its durability and strength, too.

Non woven Garment Bags With Plastic Handles

Custom Breathable Non woven Garment Bags

The One’s custom breathable non-woven garment bags are perfect if you find it suppressing. We offer many styles for our custom breathable bags, and we can also specify the materials you can use for it, too. Get a free quote of this by contacting us and we’ll never fail you!

Branded Non woven Polypropylene Garment Bags

Most of our clients are brands and they outsource the production of their polypropylene (PP) garment bags to us. Due to the strength we have in the industry and the quality we promise, they continue to trust is even with other products that they need!

Printed Non woven Bridal Garment Bags


The One also has a complete lineup of bridal garment bags that are printed. They’re easily noticeable because of the length and the style that’s induced in it. Other than bridal gowns, our printed non-woven bridal garment bags can also be used for other clothing like cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and many more!

Non woven Suit Carrier Garment Bags

Keep the portability of your non-woven suit carriers intact with The One’s epical suit carrier. It’s foldable in three (3) ways and it’s easily transportable, thanks to the soft exterior. Nevertheless, you can always request for a change in the type of material used if you feel like it. Our pre-made, though, are already perfect for what they are.

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Non-Woven Dance Garment Bags | Commercial Garment Bags

The One can supply you with the most durable and breathable non-woven dance garment bags! Whether you’ll be storing or keeping costumes, dresses, and all other types of big garment, our dance garment bags will be perfect for that application!

Non-Woven Suit Garment Bags

You can also entrust to us the production or the manufacturing of non-woven suit garment bags. We are equipped with the most talented professionals and experts of manufacturing these garment bags!

Non-Woven Garment Bags With Plastic Handles

The One is skilled and can produce many different types of non-woven garment bags, from those that have plastic handles, those that have zippers, even those that are closet-types of garment bags.

Custom Breathable Non-Woven Garment Bags

You don’t have to worry about The One’s custom non-woven garment bags because they are extremely breathable! Your garments and clothes would not be locked tight up while being kept inside!

Branded Non-Woven Polypropylene Garment Bags

The One is also the most trusted non-woven PP or polypropylene garment bag manufacturer by some of the world’s most popular and most famous companies! For more than 5 years now, we’ve produced non-woven garment bags for some of the most luxurious brands such as Givenchy, Gucci, Armani, and many more!

Printed Non-Woven Bridal Garment Bags

Want to purchase high quality printed non-woven bridal garment bags? Do you want bridal garment bags that would definitely stand out? Worry not, because The One can help you with the print and the design you need!

Non-Woven Suit Carrier Garment Bags

You can also consider us your go-to company for the non-woven suit carrier garment bag that you need! Thanks to the machines and equipment we utilize, you’ll never feel the need to look for another non-woven suit carrier garment bag supplier!

Bulk Garment Bags With Pockets

We supply our non woven garment bags with shirt pockets or tie pockets, it could be a suit carrier style garment bags.

Are Non-Woven Garment Bags Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, non-woven garment bags are environmentally friendly! As opposed to what a lot of people believed, they’re not really dangerous to nature or the environment. Instead, they’re biodegradable and can easily be decomposed.

These non-toxic bag products can easily be beneficial for you because they’re not toxic and that they’re not going to emit any type of dangerous material when burnt.

Can You Wash Non-Woven Garment Bags?

Absolutely! Non-woven garment bags are washable and can be reused if you properly clean them. The materials used to create these non-woven bags are not dangerous; they’re actually safe, washable, and non-toxic!

Although the pattern of the weaving might be damaged when they’re washed without proper care. So, it is important to note that in washing these non-woven garment bags, you need to be careful.

Some of the top tips we can give you on how you can properly wash these include:

  • Use mild soap or detergent when washing them
  • Don’t scrub it abruptly and carelessly
  • Rinse it off nicely and make sure no stains of soap will remain

Non-Woven Garment Bags Wholesale

Get wholesale non-woven garment bags from us here at The One! We’ll get you all of what you need for your business!

We can help you get custom non-woven garment bags wholesale without you ever worrying about the price you have to pay for!

All of our products here at The One are AZO Free and it will definitely be safe for use no matter what business industry you’re in!  

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