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Non woven Tote Bags Buying Guide

Whatever country you are in, you’ll see non woven tote bags everywhere. You’ll see it being used in a lot of different business sectors and industries.

They’re considered to be the standard for quick and fast-paced grocery grabbing and shopping. Adding them to your arsenal can mean well for your business.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about non woven tote bags. From what it is, how you can benefit from it – and even the best places to get them!

What Are Non Woven Tote Bags?

They’re simply tote bags that are made from polypropylene plastic fibers or other types of fibers that are fused and joined together in a way where the fibers are entangled together.

custom non woven bags

An image of non woven tote bags

Many people consider them to be the best, the cheapest, and the most affordable alternative to canvas bags. They’re durable, long lasting, and you can use it to curb up your fashion sense, too!

As we all know, non woven fabrics are long fibers that are bonded and joined together in all other ways but being woven. It can be cotton, natural and synthetic fibers, or any other type of material.

Non Woven Tote Bag Material

Non woven tote bags are usually made out of polypropylene material or fiber. They’re the most popular option because of the fact that the material is soft and it has the ability to let air come in.

However, the materials manufacturers and suppliers use aren’t just limited to that. In other cases, they also use linen, cotton, jute, and other materials, too!

Are There Non Woven Tote Bags For Promotional Use?

Yes, several manufacturers of non woven tote bags utilize their products for promotional use.

Die cut nonwoven bag

Promotional non woven tote bags

This is to make sure that they’ll be able to capture the market even if they don’t cater to end-consumers or to personal customers.

For instance, we here at The One are a company centralized in the making or the creating of non woven tote bags. You can use our products for your own business, you can resell it, remerchandise it, or you can use it for promotional use.

Can You Order Non Woven Tote Bags With Zippers?

An image of a zippered non woven tote bag

In today’s market, there’s not a limit of the types or the variations of non woven tote bags. You can purchase non woven drawstring bags, non woven dust bags, non woven grocery bags – and even non woven tote bags with zippers.

The innovation and the continuous development of the market is fascinating. Who knows? Maybe in the coming days, you’ll hear about other different types and kinds of non woven bags.

What’s the Difference Between Woven and Non Woven Bags?

For the benefit of everyone, let’s briefly discuss the differences between woven and non woven bags.

The idea is simple – their differences lie on the way they’re produced, not the material.

Woven bags are those bags and products that have been created through the weaving of fabrics.

It can be made out of cotton, nylon, polypropylene fibers, or any other type of fibers that you can use to create and manufacture bags.

Non woven bags, on the other hand, are those that are made from fabrics that are heated, glued, or any other process of bonding.

That’s the only real difference between woven and non woven bags.

Are Tote Bags Made of Polypropylene?

Tote bags can be made out of various materials, and yes, polypropylene is one of them.

Custom nonwoven shopping bags

Image of polypropylene tote bags that are non woven

In addition to polypropylene, you can also use other types of fabric to create the bag of your choice, too – these include:

  • Canvas
  • Nylon
  • Neoprene
  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • And Many More!

What is a PP Woven Bag?

The term PP woven bags is just the simplified and the short term for polypropylene bags. They’re the bags that you can consider to be extra durable, strong, and flexible, making them a popular choice among various bags and products.

Advantages of Non Woven Tote Bags

Part of the many benefits and advantages of non woven bags include:

  • They’re biodegradable as they can burn without releasing toxic chemicals
  • Pricing is decent and competitive
  • They’re 100% recyclable
  • No trace of water or PVC coating
  • High levels of durability

These are just some of the most common and general benefits and advantages of using non woven tote bags. You will be able to find others in your journey to finding the best type of fabric you’ll use for your non woven bags.

Where Can You Find Non Woven Tote Bag Wholesale Manufacturers?

The Chinese market is filled with all the varieties of non woven bags. Whether you need zippered non woven tote bags, canvas grocery bags, non woven reusable bags, and others – Chinese manufacturers will never fail you!

When it comes to choosing the Chinese non woven tote bag manufacturer to work with, we’ll make it easier for you. Work with us here at The One and we’ll be happy to help you with what you need.

The One has been the go-to solution of all businesses and companies that are involved in the selling or merchandising of non woven tote bags.

In fact, globally famous brands and companies trust us! We’re able to provide numerous solutions to suffice the bag requirements they’re looking for!

  • All our products are sourced from original equipment manufacturers
  • We utilize cutting-edge CNC machines
  • Our company employs the best and the most talented experts
  • We have our own R&D team to give you custom products
  • We have a low minimum order quantity (MoQ)

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