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Nylon Garment Bags Wholesale

We make bulk cheap nylon polyester garment bags, nylon clothing bags, nylon bridal bags, nylon suit bags, etc. wholesale and custom nylon garment bags business. Customized sizes: 24×40, 24×54, 24×65, 24×72 inch, etc. 

Never let your garment bags out of style and get first class-quality nylon garment bags from China’s number one supplier. The One has been the most trusted and most relied on nylon garment bags manufacturer for over 12 years and not once did we fail to meet our clients’ expectations.

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Cheap Polyester Garment Bags | Nylon Garment Bags Wholesale

We support custom nylon garment bags with printed logos.  Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

Nylon Garment Bags Styles

Nylon Garment Bags For Travel

The One’s suit-purposed nylon garment bags are versatile, not only for home storage but also for travelling. They can be made according to the material that you want and can be produced in various ways possible. We can offer nylon garment suit bags that can fit one (1), two (2), up to four (4) suits in total.

Light Weight Nylon Garment Bags

You can offer our light weight nylon garment bags for bridals to customers and consumers that need bridal gowns, cocktail dresses, and even ball gowns, too. We can create nylon garment bags for bridals via many different materials that are all high-grade with sophistication and conviction.

Nylon Hanging Garment Bags

Even if you’re going to use it for regular clothing, our nylon hanging garment bags are reliable, too. Our nylon garment bags for regular or standard clothing should never be disregarded simply because we never categorize them with how they are to be used. We produce all our nylon garment bags with precision and extreme accuracy.

Nylon Garment Bags For Clothing

colored Nylon Garment Bags

Need printed colored nylon garment bags for branding? Are you looking for a printed nylon garments bag manufacturer that can produce the needed amount without ripping you off? The One’s complete lineup of printed nylon garment bags may shock you. Over the years, we’ve been in business with some of the world’s most popular apparel and garment brands, and they loved every experience of it.

Custom Nylon Polyester Garment Bags

For long-distance and time-consuming travels, you need a heavy-duty nylon garment bags. These bags are purposely made for travels that would take days – some even use it as a travel bag, too!

Whatever custom nylon garment bag style you may need, The One can give you the guarantee and assurance that your expectations will be met – even exceeded.

Get world-class nylon garment bags without spending a fortune!

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Cheap Nylon Garment Bags Wholesale

Nylon Garment Bags For Suits

The One can produce nylon garment bags for suits depending on the size you want it! We can offer a nylon bag that can be at custom dimensions and sizes for you!

Nylon Garment Bags For Bridals

Need a bridal nylon garment bag? The One can help you with it! Whether you need it for bridal gowns, cocktail dresses, pencil-cut dresses, maxi dresses, and others, you can use our bridal garment bags for protection!

Nylon Garment Bags For Clothing

Whatever piece of clothing you have, you can make use of our nylon garment bags if ever you’re traveling, if you’re keeping it inside a closet, or if you’re storing it! Our nylon garment bags are made out of pure material, guaranteeing security and protection!

Printed Nylon Garment Bags

The One can also be your go-to manufacturer of printed nylon garment bags that are all custom to your needs! We can perform customizations and modifications, all depending on the styles, colors, and the designs you want it to be!

Heavy Duty Nylon Garment Bags

Need a heavy-duty nylon garment bag for long-distance traveling? Or do you need it for a heavier and a much more requiring type of work? Our heavy-duty nylon garment bags are all made out of the best materials you will find in the market!

 Benefits of Nylon Garment Bags

You’ll find many different advantages of using nylon garment bags, some of which include:

  • They’re strong and durable for shipping, moving, and traveling
  • You will find them lightweight and easy to carry
  • All materials and types of fabrics that are to be stored will be kept safe
  • You can choose from flaps or zippers for the covers

Nylon Garment Bag Sizes

Prior to purchasing nylon garment bags, it is imperative to understand that there are varying sizes that you need to choose from.

Most people prefer a size that’s slightly bigger than the garment or the material to have ample space inside. The regular or the standard size of these nylon garment bags would be 22.5” x 21.2” x 6”.

But, as we mentioned, this isn’t the only size that you can purchase it in. You can even have it customized depending on the size of the garment you’ll be storing inside!

Are Garment Bags Worth It?

The primary purpose of utilizing a garment bag is to keep or store garments, suits, as well as other types of apparel. Furthermore, using a nylon garment bag can also add space or storage because it wouldn’t be scattered all over the luggage or the bag.

Why Choose The One’s Nylon Garment Bags?

For more than a decade, The One’s nylon garment bags have been considered the best and the most durable for traveling. Unlike the nylon garment bags of other manufacturers and supplier, which are heavy, ours are lightweight and easy-to-transport.

We’ve engineered and designed it to fit the requirements of all our clients through intricate customization!

Get a free sample without worrying about a lock-in period! Contact us and get different types of world-class quality nylon garment bags!

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Nylon Garment Bags Styles

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