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Paper Bags Supplier in China

We are Paper Bags Suppliers in China. We supply craft paper bags, paper packing box, white board paper bags, TYVEK paper bags. Support Bulk order business.

You’ll find a ton of paper bag suppliers and manufacturers in China, but we here at The One Packaging Solutions have been considered by many as their go-to when it comes to high-quality paper bags! We’ve manufactured and produced all different types of paper bags businesses, companies, and organizations need! We are knowledgeable and skilled in producing everything from plain and solid-colored paper bags, custom paper boxes, paper grocery bags, and many more!

Craft Paper Bags

We here at The One Packaging Solutions have produced a wide array of paper bag categories, one of which is the category of Kraft paper bags. Our Kraft paper bags can be anything from plain Kraft paper bags, customized Kraft paper bags to multi-sized and highly protected and secured Kraft paper bags. You can send over a draft or a particular copy of the Kraft paper bags to us, so we can specify the designs, personalize the colors, and even partition the different areas and regions of the Kraft paper bags you’re looking for.

Paper Box

Yes, we are experts when it comes to paper bags of many different kinds, but we’re also professionals in creating paper boxes, too! Don’t confuse yourself, paper boxes are just like paper bags – just without handles. Our paper box units are containers that are like bags, but mostly wouldn’t have straps and they are used as standees in stores, shops, and groceries. They’re primarily used for the purpose of aesthetics, environmentally friendliness, and recyclability. We are here at The One Packaging Solutions can produce plain paper boxes, custom paper boxes, personalized paper boxes, and even wholesale paper boxes, too!

Custom Paper Bags

We here at The One Packaging Solutions are also equipped with the necessary skills and tools in producing and manufacturing highly-customized custom paper bags, too! We make use of many different types and kinds of papers just to suit your needs! On top of that, you can also bank on us to help you if you ever feel like you need personalization on text, design, color, and even type of paper bags that you are going to offer your clients and use for your business! Have the custom paper bags you need be on-point and specified by sending a draft or sketch of the custom paper bags you need!

Paper Packing Box

Paper packaging boxes are also part of the many different styles of paper bags we have here at The One Packaging Solutions. Over our experience in the industry, we’ve produced paper packaging boxes for a wide array of businesses such as shoe companies, apparel companies, chocolate companies, bakeries, fast food chains, production and manufacturing companies, and many more. We take advantage of our advanced skillset, experience, and machinery to produce all the necessary packaging boxes you need! Whether you want a solid-closed paper box or those that have a plastic front on them, we got you!

Brown Paper Bags

Many of you think that brown paper bags are those that are typically dark brown, when, in reality, there are tons of variations of these brown paper bags. To cite examples, we can offer brown drawstring paper bags, bakery and bread handle-less paper bags, brown paper bags with handles, grocery paper bags, small gift paper bags, and many more! Our palette is not limited to a single shade of the brown color – we can go from the lightest of brown to the darkest, we can even specify and customize your brown paper bags to have specific designs that you wish!

Paper Bags with Handles

We here at The One Packaging Solutions are also exceptionally skilled and talented in producing paper bags with handles. Also commonly referred to as shopping bags, our paper bags with handles are typically large in size, have prints that depend on the products your clients are selling, and have a wide variety of color that goes out in the same exact type of merchandise it’s going to house. The paper bags with handles that we produce here at The One Packaging Solutions vary in size – you can fit in small, simple gifts, but you can order at a size where you can fit in an entire backpack in as well.

Paper Lunch Bags

The One Packaging Solutions has also taken part in producing a whole library of paper bags – and that includes paper lunch bags! Our paper lunch bags are made with the exact specifications clients are looking for when it comes to paper lunch bags. We’ve produced simple paper lunch bags, insulated and thermal paper lunch bags, and at times, even promotional lunch bags, too.

Paper Grocery Bags

Last and most certainly not least are our paper grocery bags. When it comes to groceries, it’s not always good to use plastic as they can break, it’s difficult to reuse them, and they can carry a ton of germs and bacteria, which can endanger your and your family’s health.  Here at The One Packaging Solutions, we have created high-quality paper grocery bags you can use for shopping!

Customized Your Paper Bags

paper bags supplier

The One can be your primary source of paper bags that you need for your business! Unlike other manufacturers, you won’t find any challenges in working with us because we’ll give you the exact amount, the procedure type, and all information you need to know about your orders.

Before we dive straight into that topic, let’s briefly tackle the world’s take on paper bags.

Plastic Bags and Their Effects on the Environment

While many of us would like to think that a single piece of plastic wouldn’t cause anything negative to the environment, it’s considered to be an additive factor.

Image of how plastic bags can destroy the environment

They’re costly to recycle, and it’s almost impossible to do so.

It causes pollution, it’s eaten and consumed by living creatures, it’s not easy to decompose, etc. This is one of the many reasons why the use of plastic bags has been frowned upon.


Paper Bags and Their Effects on the Environment

On the other end of the spectrum, paper bags are sought to be the best counter to the negative effects that plastic materials have in the environment.

Paper bags don’t impose hazardous threats to the environment and to us

It’s common knowledge that it takes about four (4) times as much energy to produce paper bags compared to plastic bags. But, when it comes to sustainability, paper bags are the clear winner.

We’re also aware of the fact that paper bags come from trees, which is a natural material. Therefore, they’re not a threat to the environment.

Paper Bags vs. Plastic Bags

The battle between plastic and paper bags have been a long debate. But, if we were to put paper bags side-by-side with plastic bags, you’ll know the real difference.

To help you with it, here’s a quick comparison between the two (2):

Paper Bags

Plastic Bags

Decomposes quickly than plastic bags.

Difficult, almost impossible to decompose in a short period of time.

Less likely to be sources of litter

Usually the source of litter (forests, marine life, etc.)

Can easily be worn out and torn down.

Durable, strong, versatile, and long lasting.

You can reuse paper bags fewer times than plastic bags.

So long as they’re still in one piece, you can use plastic bags.

Consumes less space compared to plastic.

Can consume bigger space than paper bags.

Making paper bags require four (4) times the energy in using plastic bags.

Making plastic bags don’t necessarily point to high-energy consumption.

These are some of the most distinctive indifferences paper bags have compared to plastic bags.


Uses of Paper Bags

Paper bags are versatile materials that you can use them for many different business industries and applications.

Different sizes of paper bags

The most common uses you can have for them include:

  • For compost
  • For book covers, notebook covers, etc.
  • Arts and activities
  • Cleaning material (instead of using cloth)
  • Recycling
  • And many more!

These are some of the most customary uses you can have with paper bags – and there’s a lot more!


In fact, if you choose us here at The One for your paper bags, we’ll construct and engineer it for you to be able to use it better and more effectively!

Properties of Paper Bags

The properties of paper bags

There are some properties and features that paper bags have that many people tend to forget. To help you identify them better and clearer, these properties include, but are not limited to:

Can Withstand More Pressure

Paper bags can withstand pressure compared to regular plastic bags. While they’re more susceptible to breakage, paper bags are able to withstand and handle more pressure compared to plastic bags.

100% Biodegradable and Recyclable

Another positive thin about paper bags is the fact that they are recyclable and biodegradable. The materials needed to create paper bags are natural – they are made from trees, so you don’t really have to worry about where they come from.

Less Risk of Suffocation

Have you heard of the multiple cases about children suffering from suffocation because of using plastic bags? With paper bags, though, there’s little-to-no risk of suffocation because they’re easily dispersed!

Good Quality Material Can Result to Good Quality Print

A lot of times, paper bags are easy to print on. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the print. Whether you’re looking for high quality image, style, or text, paper bags are materials that you can use to print high quality styles and designs.

Paper Bags Design

You’ll be able to find multiple paper bag designs from paper bag manufacturers, since they have their own teams that create styles and designs.

Example of a simple paper bag design

There are many different sites and stores you can purchase from like uprinting, inkmonk, vistaprint, and many more. The only problem there is that they charge a bit higher than what you might be expecting.

This is because most of the time, they get their custom paper bag products from a Chinese manufacturing company.


So, if you want high quality paper bags designs and you don’t want to pay a fortune for it, work with us here at The One!

Paper Bags With Handles

More often than not, the paper bags you’ll get would come with handles. There are a multitude of paper bags with handles you’ll see in the market.

Image of what paper bags with handles look like

Here with us at The One, you won’t have any troubles or problems in terms of purchasing paper bags with handles. The best thing about it is that you can purchase custom paper bags that are specific to the size, dimensions, and the style you’re looking for.

Advantages of Paper Bags

There are a lot of benefits and advantages to using paper bags. In fact, these pros and benefits can be both towards the environment and us (the users).

To name a few of these benefits and advantages, they include:

  • They help protect the environment just for being a substitute for plastic bags
  • Environmentally friendly and don’t impose threats to nature
  • They assist in saving energy as they’re easy to decompose and degenerate
  • They’re easy to craft and work on compared to plastic
  • Paper bags are more durable and sturdier compared to other materials
  • Good quality paper bags can attract more clients and customers

These are some of the examples of the pros and benefits of using paper bags.

How Much Do Paper Bags Cost?

A sample image of a custom printed paper bag with your company logo

There are many claims regarding the price of paper bags. Some say that it’s worth $1 to $2, depending on where you purchase it.

However, if you purchase it in wholesale or in bulk, you can expect a ton of savings. As a matter of fact, you can get it for more than half of its original price.

But, of course, this will still depend on where you purchase the paper bags you need! Moreover, if what you’re looking for are custom designed paper bags, you need to expect to pay a little bit more!

Generally, paper bags can account to about $0.04 or $0.05 to produce. That’s the usual small paper bag without prints, though. If you want compostable paper bags that are custom designed, it can be around $0.50 to $1.

Here with us at The One, you’ll not worry about rates and prices. In fact, we can help you by offering you lower and much more affordable alternatives!

Don’t worry about how much you’ll be paying for, we’ll get you premium quality at rates no other manufacturer will be able to match!

What Paper is Used For Paper Bags?

Many manufacturers juggle the choices in choosing paper bags. As a matter of fact, there’s not a single material you can use to create it.

Kraft paper – the primary material used to create kraft paper bags

More often than not, manufacturers use Kraft paper, offset paper, recycled eco-friendly paper, white cardboard, coated paper, and other types!  

Kraft Paper Bags

If you ever find yourself in need of high quality kraft paper bags, you’ll never frown upon choosing us here at The One for it.

Image of what a kraft paper bag looks like

Our suppliers of kraft paper are deemed and considered to be the best in the industry!

Kraft Paper Bags Size Chart

Before purchasing paper bags, you need to finalize the size and the dimensions of the bag you want to produce.

Some of the most common kraft paper bag sizes

Typically, the size of kraft paper bags would be around 17 x 12 x 7 (height x width x depth). But, there are other sizes, they include:  


5.5 x 3.25 x 8.375

#14 (top seller in food industry)

5.5 x 3.25 x 13

#4 (top seller in food industry)

8 x 4.75 x 10.25

#16 (top seller in food industry)

10 x 5 x 10


10 x 5 x 13


13 x 6 x 16

#10 (top seller in food industry)

12 x 7 x 12


16 x 6 x 19

#9 (top seller in food industry)

14.5 x 9 x 16.25


There are a lot more sizes to choose from, these are just the best and the most purchased kraft paper bag sizes.

Paper Bags Wholesale

Here at The One, you can purchase paper bags wholesale to get a better, lower, and a much more decent rate!

Image of paper bags being manufactured inside a paper bag factory

Another benefit of purchasing paper bags in bulk is the fact that you won’t ever run out of stocks, if the demand is continuous and consistent.

While we’re able to produce large volumes of paper bags in bulk, the quality of our products are never compromised.


Paper Bags Wholesale India

You have a ton of options if you’re looking to purchase paper bags wholesale in India. You can go to Dr. Indiamart, Easy Pickers India, Trade India, Eco Bags India, and many more!

Image of an Indian paper bag factory

Akin to the manufacturers of other countries, they mostly get their products from China. While you may already find Indian paper bags extremely cheap and affordable, you’ll definitely love working with a Chinese paper bag manufacturer like us here at The One!

Paper Bags Wholesale Canada

Canada is a haven of many different types and kinds of manufacturers and suppliers. One of which includes paper bag wholesalers.

Sample image of the products of a Canadian paper bag wholesale manufacturing company

You’ll be able to find Canada Brown, WR Display, GogoPak, and many others there, but, you might not like the idea of working with them because of the rates they have for their products.

Work with a Chinese paper bag wholesale manufacturer even if you’re in Canada to save up on costs and expenses! Work with us here at The One and never worry about expenses!

Paper Bags Wholesale UK

Image of the products of a UK paper bag manufacturer

UK possesses a number of paper bags wholesale suppliers like Raja Pack, Paper Bag Co, Carrier Bag Shop, The Bag Shop, Morplan, and many others for the bulk order of paper bags you need.

But, since they get their materials and their products from a Chinese paper bag supplier, why not work directly with a Chinese paper bags wholesale company? You’ll get huge savings and discounts for your orders – and that’s a guarantee!

UK companies are known for their quality, but also for the expensiveness of their batches.

Paper Bags With Handles Amazon

Wherever you look in Amazon, you can purchase paper bags with handles in all models, sizes, styles, and designs!

Some of the top paper bags with handles on Amazon

You’ll find most of them high quality and cheap already, but did you know you can get it for a more affordable and a cheaper price? Yes, work with us here at The One and experience world-class quality paper bags with handles without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cheap Brown Paper Bags With Handles

The One is a company that can offer cheap brown paper bags with handles. We can customize and tailor-fit the design for you!

Wherever you are, if you’re looking for cheap brown paper bags with handles, we can help! We’re just a call or an email away!

Paper bags aren’t the only products we can help you with. In fact, we’re also skilled and adept in producing and manufacturing other bags and carriers such as duffle bags, eco bags, dust bags, jute bags, non woven bags, and many more!

Why Choose The One Packaging Solutions?

The One Packaging Solutions has been Jiangsu’s drive in terms of producing and manufacturing paper bags in and around the country. We have catered to the needs of businesses, companies, and organizations in many different business sectors and industries in our 12+ years of service.

You can count on us for all the different types, kinds, colors, and classifications of paper bags you need! Whether you ought going for paper box standees, brown paper bags, custom paper bags, paper lunch bags, paper grocery bags, shopping bags, or other types – you can bank and count on us!

Get premium quality paper bags without burning a hole in your pocket and without being delayed from all your deadlines!

Besides paper bags, we here at The One Packaging Solutions can also deliver promising quality of reusable grocery bags, cosmetic or makeup bags, cooler bags, mesh laundry bags, sports bags, and many more!

Paper Bags – The Complete FAQ Guide

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