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PEVA Garment Bags | PEVA Garment Cover | PEVA Suit Carrier

We make bulk cheap waterproof PEVA garment bags,   Customized sizes: 24×40, 24×54, 24×72 inch, etc. 

The styles of our suit PEVA garment bags are out of this world. From the usual 1-pieces garment suit you’re familiar with, you can trust us with multi-layered garment bag suits, too! Never will you be able to find a manufacturer that’s as skilled and as experienced as us.

  • Our garment bags are suitable for all different types of formal clothing
  • MoQ is 500 pcs only
  • All PEVA garment bags for suits are OEM
  • Wide variety of material used for production
  • Fully customizable with various types of print and design
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Custom PEVA Garment Bags | PEVA Suit Carrier | PEVA Garment Cover

We support custom waterproof PEVA garment bags, for black, pink, navy, red, etc. cusotmized colors. Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

PEVA Garment Bags

Our PEVA garment bag, an eco-friendly solution to long-term storage of clothing and fabric. Constructed from 100% recyclable materials, this bag ensures sustainability while being light in weight and waterproof. With top quality zipper closures and reinforced seams, it is designed to protect items from moisture damage. The bag’s spacious size also means multiple garments can be kept together, plus it folds flat for easy transportation or storage on shelves. Whether you’re looking for a useful gift idea or a way to keep your wardrobe objects secure, our PEVA garment bags have got you covered!

What is PEVA?

A: PEVA, or polyethylene vinyl acetate, is a plastic material that is commonly used as an alternative to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in the manufacturing of products such as garment bags and shower curtains. PEVA is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and does not produce harmful odors or fumes.

What are the benefits of using PEVA garment bags?

A: PEVA garment bags offer several benefits over traditional garment bags made from materials like PVC or nylon. For one, PEVA is more environmentally friendly, since it is biodegradable and can be recycled. Additionally, PEVA garment bags are durable and resistant to tears, punctures, and water damage, making them ideal for protecting clothing during transport or storage.

Are PEVA garment bags safe for storing clothing?

A: Yes, PEVA garment bags are safe for storing clothing. Unlike some other plastic materials, PEVA does not release harmful chemicals or gases, and is not known to cause any adverse health effects.

How do I clean my PEVA garment bag?

A: PEVA garment bags can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasives, as these can damage the material.

Can PEVA garment bags be customized with logos or designs?

A: Yes, PEVA garment bags can be customized with logos or designs using printing or embossing techniques. This allows manufacturers to create personalized products for businesses or individuals.

What sizes and styles of PEVA garment bags are available?

A: PEVA garment bags come in a range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of different users. Some common sizes include 24″, 40″, and 54″, while popular styles include suit bags, dress bags, and gown bags.

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