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PEVA Garment Bags

We make bulk cheap waterproof PEVA garment bags,   Customized sizes: 24×40, 24×54, 24×72 inch, etc. 

The styles of our suit PEVA garment bags are out of this world. From the usual 1-pieces garment suit you’re familiar with, you can trust us with multi-layered garment bag suits, too! Never will you be able to find a manufacturer that’s as skilled and as experienced as us.

  • Our garment bags are suitable for all different types of formal clothing
  • MoQ is 500 pcs only
  • All PEVA garment bags for suits are OEM
  • Wide variety of material used for production
  • Fully customizable with various types of print and design
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Custom PEVA Garment Bags

We support custom waterproof PEVA garment bags, for black, pink, navy, red, etc. cusotmized colors. Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

PEVA Garment Bags Styles

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PEVA Garment Bags For Suits  

The One is equipped with the right PEVA garment bags perfect for your suit, jackets, and all the other types of dress apparel! We can create this product along with the combination of other products that can compliment it.

PEVA Gown Garment Bags

If you need a bridal or a gown specific PEVA garment bag, you can trust us with it, too. We have a whole library of styles and designs you can choose from, which can be for all different types of gowns. Crafted from the highest quality of materials they can be sourced from, we got what you need!

PEVA Garment Bags For Bridals

Get PEVA garment bags for bridal gowns and other formal types of dresses and suits that come in all shapes and sizes! No matter what event you need it for, our PEVA garment bridal gowns will definitely suit your needs!

PEVA Garment Suit Carrier

Our PEVA garment suit carriers are easily foldable and can be packed without causing too much hassle! We can maximize the usage of the PEVA material all throughout the carrier!

Unlike other carriers, ours are easily foldable without any chance of wrinkling your suits. They’re specifically designed and marked with extreme precision and accuracy, meaning, you can have it customized to your own liking, too. We can produce more than 500 pieces per day!

Printed PEVA Garment Bags

Plain or printed, The One can manufacture all different types and kinds of printed PEVA garment bags! You will never have any type of problem choosing our bags because they’re designed effectively and efficiently.

With The One’s printed PEVA garment bags, you can get it and rebrand the item so you can use it for your business. Just send over the design or the print that you’re looking for and we’ll give you different variations for it!

Branded PEVA Garment Bags

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the world’s most popular apparel brands, and we’ve learned their ways of production, enabling us to be talented and skilled when it comes to producing them!

Many well-known and popular brands have reached out to us for the production or manufacturing of their branded PEVA garment bags. We’re able to produce this line of items using many different raw materials for production.

PEVA Garment Shoulder Cover

Get our PEVA garment shoulder covers and protect the stature and the overall shape of your suit or dress!

Keep drafts, dusts, and other types of unwanted debris from your suits with our PEVA garment shoulder covers. Because it’s made from PEVA, it’s absolutely waterproof and water-resistant. You wouldn’t have any trouble or problem in storing your formal clothes any longer!

Is PEVA Material Safe For Clothes?

Contrary to popular belief, PEVA, short for polyethylene vinyl acetate is one of the better and safer materials you can use for the storing of your clothes and apparel.

Other than the fact that it’s breathable, you can also bank and count on it to protect and secure it from all types and kinds of mishap such as dust, water, moths, and even pesky insects!

And while it can guarantee the protection of your clothes, it’s not a magical material that can keep the straightness as it is. Therefore, it will be best to iron or dry clean the apparel first before storing them in the PEVA garment bag.

Single or Double Garment Bags

In the market, you have the option to choose whether you want a single garment bag or a double garment bag.

The primary benefit of single PEVA garment bags is the fact that it’s easy to store and carry, and it does not take up too much space. On the contrary, it’ll only be able to fit one (1) type of garment.

Double garment bags, on the other hand, are able to store up to two (2) garments, but can be space-consuming. Purchasing these would be ideal if you are to store more than two (2) garments.

The One as Your PEVA Garment Bag Manufacturer

We have been working with the PEVA material for more than a decade here at The One, and with this, we’re more than confident in producing the specific material for you.

Never will you be able to find a PEVA garment bag supplier or manufacturer as adept and as skilled as us!

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PEVA Garment Bags Styles

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