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As a beach bag manufacturer, we take great pride in providing high-quality and stylish bags for all your beach essentials. When you think of the beach, you think of fun, relaxation, and soaking up the sun. But before you can do that, you need to make sure you have all the essentials packed in a durable and dependable bag. That’s where we come in. Our bags are not only made to last, but they are also designed to match your beach style. From bold and colorful prints to classic and chic neutrals, our bags are the perfect accessory for any beach day. So grab your sunscreen, towel, and favorite book, and let our beach bags take care of the rest.


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Custom Beach Bags Manufacturer and Supplier in China. We manufacture and supply kinds of styles popular bulk custom beach bags, waterproof beach bags, canvas beach bags and cooler beach bags, etc.

Best Styles for Custom Beach Bags

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We are professional custom-made beach bags manufacturers of any custom style Beach Bags. Support bulk order quantity beach bags.We provide you with a variety of advanced equipment and printing processes best suited to the bulk needs of your organization or business. Such equipment include silk screen, gold stamp and other custom computer generated or hand made designs incorporated into mass production for your desired beach bags with your own preferred designs.

Or we shall propose designs to you and we shall work it out to finally come out with a beach bag product to your satisfaction.

We have a spacious and well maintained factory complete with well-trained on ground workers and technicians and engineers coordinating with them to give you strong and quality beach bags.

According to what you prefer, we provide both OEM service and ODM service for your customized Beach Bags which you can ultimately rebrand and market effectively as your own.

Whatever we produce are environment friendly Beach Bags made out of recyclable and reusable materials. And what you see out in the streets and the malls and the resorts are probably Beach Bags made in our factory.

We are a one stop service for all your needs for Beach Bags. Whether you will use them with the logo of your company on them for souvenirs and giveaways for your customers or mainly as your own products which you can rebrand and distribute worldwide. We have the capacity to provide you bulk production in the hundreds of thousands of units so that you can easily recoup your investment and make nice returns on your Beach Bags.

If you don’t have an idea on what design or structure of Beach Bag you want, we can provide you with our portfolio of what we have offered our satisfied customers before. Tried and tested designs, but which can always be customised and redesigned affording to your taste and the demands of your niche market. You select the thickness of the material, the style and also the printing reference.

You are always welcome to provide your own artwork or design. We hope to satisfy the aesthetic side in you with regards to the final output of your preferred Beach Bags. But we also provide our own designs for your own discretion to choose and use. We hope to work as a team with you so that the Beach Bags of your dreams will be born into fruition and reality


If you’re going to the beach this summer, chances are you are going to bring along a few things — and a beach bag is a perfect way to carry them. From keeping your sunscreen and towels, to holding your sunglasses, hats, and books, a beach bag is a practical (and stylish!) option for those who find themselves near the shore. But what exactly are beach bags and what beach bag is best for your next beach trip? Not to worry. In this article, The One Packing Solution — itself an excellent beach bags supplier — will explore beach bags and their materials, uses, styles, and benefits.

What Is A Beach Bag?

A beach bag is a hand, shoulder, or back-oriented bag specifically designed for use at the beach. Beach bags are designed to carry clothes, books, shoes, food, and valuables — with the elements of the beach environment in mind.

For this reason, beach bags have developed into many different sizes and styles, but with certain commonalities. Beach bags are meant to be portable and highly resistant to salt water, sand, and long periods of time in the sun.

What Are Beach Bags Used For?

Beach bags are primarily used for trips to the beach or shore. They can be designed for individual use, or made larger to accommodate the belongings of many people.

Individual beach bags are normally made to contain items like towels, bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, snacks, and books. In their simplest form, they consist of a bag body, two handles, and maybe a pocket on the interior or the exterior.

Individual beach bags are designed to for light and convenient use. In addition to this, they may contain a waterproofed coating and a meshed bottom for easy cleaning.

Larger beach bags are used for groups of two or more people, and families. Besides their bigger size, these beach bags contain more pockets, and may be made of more durable materials.

Large beach bags often consist of a sturdy body, a few handles, and zippered pockets. Their interiors are usually used for multiple beach towels or articles of clothing. Their pockets may also be used to contain smaller items, like electronic devices, books, snacks, games, or valuables.

Larger beach bags — to accommodate those walking for long distances — may also have a long strap for carrying the bag over the shoulder. Finally, their interiors may be waterproof, or lined with insulated material to keep snack foods fresh.

Here, at The One, the best beach bags manufacturer will suggest you styles and give you some options for you to choose beach bags.

What Are The Best Beach Bags Styles in 2023?

Beach Tote Bags Wholesale

If tote bags are your all-time love when it comes to holidays, then these trendy picks with breathtaking designs and vibrant prints are a must-buy. Whether you want an over-sized bag or a compact beach tote bag that provides you with the right amount of storage, we have you covered.

Waterproof Vinyl Beach Bags

While you enjoy your day at the beach, these waterproof Vinyl beach bags are going to ensure that any liquid doesn’t seep into the bag and you can freely put it on wet sand. The waterproof material also locks any spills inside the bag if you have liquid items, thereby also making it easy to clean.

Mesh Beach Bags

Mesh beach bags not only allow you to carry your stuff super conveniently, but are also truly durable. The mesh construction makes them light-weight and easy-to-fold, while offering enough ventilation through the bag to dry wet clothes and damp towels quickly and keep them totally odor-free

Clear Beach Bags

Letting you get a quick glimpse of what’s in your bag and grab the stuff in an instant, clear beach bags are all about chic in their appearance. The material of these bags lets you clean them with a simple wipe, thereby making sure water, sand, or dirt doesn’t ruin them.

Canvas Tote Beach Bags

If you are looking for a bag that comes with amazing durability and strength, our canvas tote beach bags are all you need. The plain-woven fabric of the bags will handle even heavy items with great ease, without being at a risk of tearing when you are out.

Mesh Beach Bags with Cooler

Our premium mesh beach bags with cooler insulated insides make sure that you can enjoy your favorite icy drinks or fresh fruits in bright sunshine without worrying about them turning warm. Plus, you can find your perfect style and design to couple up with the great functionality of these bags.

What is considered the best style of beach bag will vary from person to person. There are, however, some beach bag styles that may be considered the “best” for different types of uses. This section will examine what styles of beach bags may be ideal for different situations.

Custom Made Beach bags

Custom Made Beach Bags For day trips for individuals, a lightweight canvas, vinyl, or nylon bag may be the ideal choice. This type of beach bag will have room for a towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. There may be zippered or locked pockets for sunglasses, a cell phone, or other valuables, but for the most part these beach bags will be tailor-made for pick-up-and-go day trips. You might also appreciate the meshing of simple single-person bags, making them easy to clean and use several times in a row.

Custom Beach bags for two-person trips.

For trips that are more than one individual (but not in groups of three or more), a larger PVC or nylon mesh bag would be a perfect choice. There are some mesh nylon bags that have multiple pockets for items such as water bottles, flip-flops, sunglasses, and towels — which are easily accessible, as they are located inside and outside of the bag. There will no longer be a conflict as to where things are — pocketed beach bags are a perfect solution to keep you and your partner’s belongings separate, clean, and ready.

Beach bags for groups of three or more.

For beach trips of groups of three or more, a larger, more sturdy nylon or vinyl bag would be sufficient to carry everyone’s belongings. These bags often come with multiple pockets, and in addition to this, these pockets may be lined with zippers to secure the contents inside. Large beach bags can also contain insulated linings to keep large amounts of snacks (like soda, water, and fruit) at cool temperatures.

Custom Logo Printed Beach Bags

All of our beach bags could be customized with printed logo, as we are a beach bags manufacturer, support bulk cheap printed beach bags orders.

What Are Popular Materials For Custom Beach Bags?

Modern custom beach bags are made of several materials that were chosen for repeated use and frequent trips to the beach. These include canvas, jute, vinyl, cotton, nylon, and coatings of different waterproof synthetics like polyurethane or PVC.

Canvas Beach Bags

Canvas is a very popular beach bag material, used originally for sails, tents, and painting surfaces. In beach bags, canvas is made with either a cotton or linen base, and coated with waterproof synthetics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Jute Beach Bags

Jute is another beach bag material, that can be combined with canvas and other materials. Made from plants of the genus Corchorus, jute is woven into fabric known as burlap or hessian. Like canvas, jute may be coated in waterproof synthetics — but it is naturally UV resistant, and its derived fabrics are porous.

Cotton Beach Bags

Cotton may be used as a canvas base in beach bags. It is also popular, however, as the basis for rope-like beach bag handles. Finally, some beach bags may be made entirely from cotton-based netting.

Vinyl PVC Beach Bags

Vinyl (a common name for vinyl chloride) is a synthetic material made from carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine atoms. It is made into a fabric that is waterproof, sandproof, and easy to clean. Beach bags — their bodies and their meshing — can be made of vinyl and its derivatives.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one such derivative of vinyl, and it is also commonly found in beach bags. Noted for its soft texture and flexibility, PVC is often stretched and cut into sheets. A waterproof synthetic, PVC is not only used for beach bag walls and straps, but also as a waterproof coating for other materials.

Nylon is a synthetic material that is considered a thermoplastic (pliable at certain temperatures) polymer. In beach bags, nylon can be stretched to make light, thin walls, or structured to be incredibly durable.

Though not waterproof in itself (it is often coated with other waterproof synthetics), nylon can be made into a wide range of beach bags. Examples include simple grab-and-go bags to very complex, multi-pocketed day trip bags.

What Are Some Features Of Beach Bags?

Beach bags typically have a number of features that are conducive to days at the shore, in sand and sun, and to travel in general. Here are a few features of beach bags and an explanation of their purposes.


Beach bags are often made with different materials (such as canvas, PVC, vinyl, and nylon) but what they most often have in common are waterproofing elements. In many cases, materials that may not be waterproof on their own — such as canvas and nylon — are coated with waterproof synthetics that help water (especially salt water) either roll off or otherwise not soak into the bag’s body.

Sun Protection

Some beach bags are made of materials that are naturally protected against sun and UV exposure, such as jute. This can help the bag last for long hours when exposed to the sun on hot days. If this is not the case, some beach bags are designed to be adequately protected against the sun through the use of brighter colors and dyes that are less likely to fade.


The simplest beach bags may not contain zippers, but those that do feature zippers that can contain valuables, sunglasses, sunblock, and other small items. Zippers can come in handy for items that might otherwise blow away in strong winds. If beachgoers are trying to keep their wet and dry clothes separate, a beach bag with zippered compartments might just be the solution.


Some beach bags have bodies that are made of entirely solid fabrics. This is good for containing a large number of items in one place, but may not be the best choice for long exposure on a sandy beach. Excess sand may make solid fabric-bodied beach bags difficult to clean. In order to solve this problem, beach bag manufacturers have provided meshing — either in the beach bag’s pockets or the bodies of beach bags themselves. Mesh sides, bottoms, and pockets allow sand to fall through the beach bag, keeping belongings sand-free and making the beach bag much easier to clean.


Staying on the beach for long periods of time can heat beach bags significantly. Because of this, ice-cold water, soft drinks, fruit, and other snacks may become warm and unpleasant to enjoy. For this, some beach bag manufacturers have developed interior beach bag linings that are waterproof and insulated. This way, cold drinks and snacks can be kept at relatively stable temperatures.


Even the simplest of beach bags contain one or two pockets. These pockets can hold many things, from sunglasses cases, to sunscreen, to books, bottles, and wireless cell phone chargers. In larger beach bags, pockets can be more numerous — and can accommodate things like sandles, small towels, magazines, and snacks. Pockets can have open linings for easy access, or zippered linings to keep personal belongings in place. When it comes to beach bags, you can almost never have too many pockets.

Do You Support Wholesale Beach Bags?

Of course, we are beach bags manufacturer and supplier, we have some beach bags support wholesale business.

We can make bulk cheap beach bags wholesale business below:

Jute Beach Bags Wholesale

Beach Tote Bags Wholesale

Canvas Beach Bags Wholesale

Boutique Beach Bags Wholesale

Clear Beach Bags Wholesale

Blank Beach Bags Wholesale

Mesh Beach Bags Wholesale

What Are The Benefits Of Beach Bags?

There are several benefits to using beach bags. From the cleanliness and waterproofed fabrics, to portability, style, and convenience, beach bags have qualities that can improve almost any beach trip.


Unlike regular bags and backpacks, beach bags are designed to remain clean in beach environments. The wear and tear brought on by exposure to sand, surf, and sun may break down a normal bag — but beach bags are very different. Beach bags may contain features like meshing, waterproofing, and UV-resistant fabrics to help them last longer on extended periods near the shore. For this reason, you may not have to spend hours shaking sand out of your bag once you are off the beach, or run the bag through extended periods in a washing machine. A clean beach bag can be used for multiple beach trips, especially helpful if you are on vacation — going to the beach for multiple days in a row.

Waterproofed Fabrics

Almost in the same category as cleanliness, beach bags benefit from waterproofed fabrics. If the bag body fabric is canvas, vinyl, PVC, nylon, or other sythentics — chances are the bag has been waterproofed to some degree. It isn’t likely that you will carry a beach bag into the waves with you, but it does help if your bag is somewhat waterproof. If you have to put away wet clothes or towels, waterproofed interiors can help immensely, making the bag that much easier to clean once you return home.


Beach bags aren’t camping or duffel bags — they are designed to be more portable than that. A simple beach bag can be carried by the handle, or over the shoulder. If you are carrying larger items with you to the beach (like umbrellas, coolers, and large beach towels) you will appreciate the portability of well constructed beach bag.


. Because beach bags are tailor-made for the shore, they are extremely convenient for beachgoers. The amount of cleaning and care needed for normal bags at the beach might be excessive, given their conduciveness to soaking up water or wet sand. Beach bags, however, are more convenient because they are waterproof and easier to clean from exposure to sandy conditions. They are also somewhat smaller and able to balance on the sand (or blanket) near beachgoers.


Beach bags, since their original forms decades ago, are made in a variety of styles fitting to a variety of beachgoer personalities. From solid cloth colors, to intricate woven straw designs, to the many patterns you may see on beach bags today — can fit all types of beaches, trips, and seasons. Beach bags today are available in striped, floral, solid, print, and illustrated patterns, and have a wide range of colors to choose from. Whether you are at a local beach with your family or just looking for a getaway beach somewhere on a tropical island, there is a style of beach bag available for you.

How to Make A Beach Bag?

Each beach bag made out needed to be confirmed materials first, after these our workers will be cutting materials and confirmed styles. Most Of the beach bags are made by sewing machine. Some bags like vinyl beach bags will be made using a pressing machine.

How To Pack A Beach Bag?

Usually beach bags packed as an unfolding way, which will not let the beach bags crumpled. Some customers will need to save the space for the carton, then some times will let us to fold the beach bags.

Where To Buy Beach Bags?

Beach bags have been around for years, but only in recent times has the diversity of beach bags flourished. Beach bags are now available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, and there seems to be a bag for every type of use.

That said, there are still basic features that all beach bags have. Whether it is waterproofing, resistance to the sun and sand, or just easy convenience, beach bags are designed to make your trip that much easier.

As a custom beach bags manufacturer and supplier, The One Packing Solution encourages you to make the beach bag choice that suits you perfectly. Here we have the best beach bags and popular beach bags styles for you to make your business ahead of other competitors.

Except beach bags, we also sell sports bagsduffle bagswaterproof bagsfanny packs etc.

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