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We are wholesale canvas bags, canvas tote bags, heavy duty canvas bags manufacturer and supplier in China, Canvas bags are also one of the biodegradable materials, and strong sturdiness is its best advantage. At the same time, the price is relatively low compared to other leather materials. It is the first choice for shopping bags. The One Supplied bulk custom canvas tote bags, any size, any style, and printing you can tell us.

Manufactured Styles for Canvas Bags

These are tribal bags that reflect the rich ancient culture of the country. Moreover, this is a beautiful bag that has one compartment on the inside. This provides you with a large space to stuff all your essential items from the workplace or school or for a casual hangout. This bag has been skillfully crafted and can be carried by all age groups. Moreover, looking for a matching outfit for this bag is a walk in the park. Thus, enabling you to maintain your elegant look and supplement the look with an ancient culturist touch from the canvas tote bag.

canvas beach bag

Frequent beach visitors have a treat of their own. The canvas beach bags are simple and decent tailored bags that can be carried to the beach. They are more versatile and available at affordable prices from all leading stores countrywide. The bag has been fitted with short straps for ease of carrying. Moreover, they have a big compartment to accommodate all your beach accessories. On the inside, you get additional easy-access pockets where you can securely place small items such as your smartphone. Furthermore, you can sun-proof your beach bag by procuring a spray containing ultra-violate protection of the contents in the bag.

full printed canvas tote bag

The printed canvas bags are durable, customizable, and eco-friendly. Moreover, since the bags comprise a 100% polyester canvas fabric, they are customized through sublimation, transfer CAD- cut vinyl and foils, or by the use of heat transfer foils and papers. Nevertheless, use a damp washcloth, some soap, and cold water to clean a printed canvas bag. However, you can also spot-clean your printed canvas bags using a mild and safe cleaning ingredient. To protect the prints from UV rays that cause fading, apply a canvas varnish preferably a giclee sealer to protect both the ink and canvas.

canvas messenger bag

They can also be termed as a canvas messenger bag. These are the best bags to buy if you are in the market looking for fashionable, durable shoulder bags. They are capable of holding a decent amount of gear. Moreover, these classy bags have a roomy compartment and come in a simple design. The canvas shoulder bag is comfortable and can hold a medium-sized laptop, folders, and a water bottle. The front has been fitted with easy-access smaller pockets which you can carry items such as house keys or a smartphone charger. Additionally, the shoulder straps have been padded for support and are adjustable.

canvas drawstring bags

The canvas drawstring bag also known as the cinch bags is a small versatile bag. The bag can put together all your travel essentials such as the contact lens solution, hairdryer, and makeup kit. Moreover, the bag can be used to carry dirty clothes when traveling, sweaty clothes after a rigorous gym session. Also, you can use the bag as a toiletry kit when traveling. The drawstring besides performing closure functions can also be used as the bag’s handle for it to be carried by hand or as shoulder slings. Moreover, these canvas drawstring bags are easy to care for since they are machine washable.

canvas zipper pouch

Cotton Canvas Makeup Bags Wholesale

The canvas zipper pouch has a small compartment fit for keeping your hand-held essentials. Moreover, they are beneficial since they keep your essentials organized and easy to pick. On the inside, the pouch has internal pockets that can hold your field notes, a pen, a plane ticket, cash, a smartphone, and identification documents while you are on the go. Notably, the canvas zipped pouch has pinned and seems to allow denting of the corners. Furthermore, the canvas pouches have a dependable zipper which is made of stainless steel to prevent rust formation especially after washing.

custom wax canvas tote bag-1

Waxed canvas bags are different from ordinary canvas bags. It looks like a retro bag and is also a popular style.

Waxed canvas bags can also be equipped with different bag handles. If you use leather handles, you will feel a premium bag

canvas bag manufacturer

The precise superlative to describe these bags are tough, long, and tear-free. Moreover, the rope handles are tough yet attractive thus giving these bags an elegant but rustic attraction. Moreover, they are available in various sizes and colors, and the thickness of the rope straps. Additionally, these bags are customizable, 100% recyclable, and easy to care for since they can be machine-washed.

Custom Leather Handle Canvas Tote Bag​9 (5)

The canvas shopping bags are sometimes referred to as bag-for-life in areas such as the UK. These bags are an archetypal type of bag which are made of sturdy canvas and can be patched up with thick leather on the handles or the base. The sturdy handles are essential to support the weight of the bag making it easy for you to carry your items to the car and leaving the cart at the entrance. Moreover, the canvas shopping bags are easy to care for since you can easily wash them using a washing machine. Furthermore, these bags are eco- friendly and are reusable thus making them cost-effective.

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Why Choose Us to Manufacture Canvas Bags

BSCI & SEDEX-certified

Our company is recognized and certified for producing high-quality custom canvas bags. Materials sourced and used for producing all our products are of good quality.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

We pride ourselves in offering you the best of the best. With over 10 years’ experience as one of China’s leading bag manufacturer, we are trending towards providing our services to the Global market with great dedication. The One employs the best techniques, such as digital printing, heat transfer, and many more, to produce the best products.

AZO-free Bags

We consider our customers as our number 1 concern. All our canvas bags are eco-friendly and are designed to make your life easier, not harder.

Quality Bags

Bags manufactured at The One are durable, strong, and very functional. They are built to last, and we provide bags of top-notch quality always.

Unique Styles and Designs

We manufacture plain, branded, and designed canvas bags that showcase unique designs. Our products are designed to make carrying goods, loads, and stationaries easy and comfortable. Styles such as non-woven tote bags, cotton canvas tote bags, and many more with spectacular designs are also available.

Global Supply

The One supplies products to every country worldwide. We have a wide supply chain network that delivers canvas bags quickly.

The One- Your Classy Canvas Bags Wholesale Manufacturer

We are a China-based canvas bags manufacturer situated in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, that have been in business since 2009. The One Packing Solution is known for the production of custom bags that are of the best quality. We work with a team of over 100 experienced individuals, and we started with the production of custom laundry bags, reusable shopping bags, cooler bags, wine bags, and a whole lot more.

All our products are eco-friendly, making them exceptional bags to use for your DAILY ACTIVITIES. We are certified expert canvas bag manufacturers. We employ high-class techniques in the manufacturing process of all canvas bags available in our store.

Do you need canvas bags in bulk at a relatively cheap price? Require canvas bags with high-end taste? Looking for a bag that is durable and functional? We’ve got you covered. Customer satisfaction is essential to us, and we manufacture canvas bags of exceptional brilliance.

Our tailors are tailored to meet your needs. We are well-experienced as a manufacturer of canvas bags in China, and we provide suppliers, retailers, and branded customers with canvas bags of the best quality. Choose The One Packing Solution and access the best of canvas tote bags.

We make your canvas bags look classy and feel fantastic!

The One is always searching for the best quality material to design canvas bags to meet your unique packaging needs. We are amongst the leading canvas bags manufacturers and packaging solution providers of custom bags to help you highlight your brand. We have grown with an attitude of obsession towards making perfect designs by paying attention to details.

The One is engaged in developing specialized and best canvas bag designs with a rich experience of more than ten years. We are proud to be a canvas bags manufacturer with top-of-the-line bags that meet our clients’ needs to their 100% satisfaction.

The One provides guaranteed quality canvas bags with required professional assistance. With our unique services and high-quality canvas bags, we can help your brand to boom the market. If you find our canvas bags interesting and need customized designs, please drop us an email inquiry to get in touch with us and experience our quality

Worldwide, canvas bags are popular among people of different ages and social classes. The young and old, rich, and poor make use of this bag thanks to its capabilities. There are different types of canvas bag which are associated with its use. They are used in everyday life from home to the workplace, and their tenacity cannot be overemphasized. Of the many universally acceptable bags, canvas bags stand out because of its simplicity. Learn more about the quality of canvas bags and their tote-version.

personalized canvas totes

What Is A Canvas Bag?

Canvas bags, as the name implies, are bags made out of canvas – materials popularly used by artists as the base of their medium and in making tents. This material is popularly used for making luxurious tote bags as they appear more stylish and classy.

Before going further, let’s discuss canvas tote bags. The word ‘tote’ simply means “to convey,” and canvas tote bags are large bags used for conveying heavy and lots of loads.

Canvas bags are comfortable for conveying things from stationeries to foodstuff to tools and a lot more. Canvas bags have become an appropriate bag for people who cherish simplicity with class.

Custom bluk printed canvas tote bag

What Are Canvas Bags Made Of?

Canvas bags are large bags made out of fabric materials derived from cotton or linen or the combination of both. Tote bags woven out of canvas are popularly known for their durability and flexibility, coupled with easy customization.

There are two major types of canvas – plain and duck canvas. The material is generally thick and strong enough to handle various tasks. The type of canvas bag materials will depend on your specific need.

If you need a bag for running errands comfortably, the plain canvas bag material will be a perfect option. However, if you need a regular bag for your daily use, the duck material will be more appropriate as it is more tightly woven. Besides, canvas bags can be customized to suit your taste – being a material associated with arts.

Women who want to use these bags for professional purposes can easily choose designs that suit them the most. Connect with canvas tote bag manufacturers that can help you create fascinating and appropriate bag designs.

polycotton bag materialMaterial

What is the weight of Canvas tote bags?

Canvas tote bags are generally produced in different sizes, which means that their weight will vary. There is a difference in the weight of the bags, and the weight is directly proportional to the size of the bag. Therefore, a small bag will weigh less compared to a big/large bag and vice versa.

The weight of canvas tote bags usually ranges between 8 oz. and 24 oz.; however, the most popular canvas tote bags weigh 10 oz. to 12 oz.

The weight of canvas tote bags to choose from mostly depends on what you plan to use the bag for.

A canvas tote bag you plan to use for conveying heavy luggage or loads should be heavier than that recommended for simple tasks.

Several add-ons play a crucial role in the weight of the bag, such as the sides/bottom gussets.However, the age of the user, young or old, will also determine the weight of the bag to choose from.

How To Make Personalized Canvas Bags?

Tote bags have become the flavour of the season, and they are beginning to receive a lot of recognition in the fashion world.

Canvas tote bags, regardless of the shape, style, or design, can be personalized and manufactured to suit your taste – thanks to the canvas materials.

These bags do not have to be blank and shabby. The canvas materials make it very easy and convenient to print and showcase designs.

If you need canvas tote bags to hand out as gifts to your customers, order bulk tote bags with your business logo from canvas bags manufacturers in China.

Artistic designs, quotes, names, logos, and even pictures can be printed on canvas tote bags.

You can personalize your canvas tote bags and make them representative of your nature. So, YES – canvas tote bags can be personalized.

What is the Shape of Canvas tote bags?

The unique thing to note about all tote bags is that they can come in different shapes depending on the design of the maker.

Canvas tote bags do have hollowed carriage coupled with long, straight, and wide handles that can be carried comfortably.

The bags can either be rectangular or squared shape, and the most common designs do have a rectangular shape.

The square-shaped tote bags are usually used for producing small bags that can only hold small things.

Now, the shape of the canvas bag will depend on what you want, and there is a whole lot to choose from.

What is the price of Canvas tote bags?

The advantage of canvas tote bags as a recommendation for Everyday use is that it is relatively cheap and affordable.Canvas tote bags, regardless of the designs or styles, can be the perfect bag for you.

Whether you plan to use it as a household bag or working bag, they are cheap. Tote bags can be priced as low as $3 and as high as $15 – $20.

However, there are a luxury and Improved Essential canvas tote bags that may cost more than regular canvas tote bags.

Moreover, canvas tote bags designed for work may cost more than regular canvas tote bags as they may have more features and are of a professional standard.

These bags are of high quality, and they come at prices you can afford.

Get your spacious, durable canvas tote bags at a low price from canvas bags manufacturers in China.

What Are Canvas Tote Bags Used For?

Tote bags crafted out of canvas are widely known for their simple look coupled with versatility. The usefulness of these bags is numerous, and they fit perfectly well in all settings. Whether you are looking for bags that you can use comfortably on travels or to work, canvas tote bags are the perfect gig for you.

These bags are used as:

  • Shopping bags
  • Daytime purse
  • Travel/Picnic bags
  • Storage space
  • Work/School bags
  • Gym bags, etc.

As you can see, the functionality of these bags is unlimited. Choose this bag for maximum comfort with impeccable style.

There are canvas tote bags that are coated and waterproofed to suit specific needs. Nothing is impossible with these bags, and we can bring any design to life.

canvas bag manufacturer-3

Benefits Of Using Canvas Bags

Bags made out of canvas materials are the new normal in almost all aspects of our lives because of their usefulness. These bags have many advantages with an increased rate of acceptability and versatility as an essential part of our everyday life.

The uniqueness of these bags comes from the simple style it possesses. Nowadays, they are not just used for running errands in stores and markets; they are now competing with classic leather bags in the fashion world. The benefits of canvas tote bags include but are not limited to:

  • Massive strength: the canvas materials from which these bags are woven out are very sturdy as they make handling large and heavy loads easier. The material is heat tolerant to a certain extent and will easily return to its normal shape and size when stretched. They are very strong, and this makes them useful for different activities.
  • Durability: canvas tote bags are built and designed to last. They are very resilient to wear and tear following their rugged texture and structure, which makes them long-lasting. Its useful life is incredible due to its adaptability to various environmental conditions.
  • Improved versatility: the functionality of these canvas tote bags are exceptional, and they are suitable for many purposes. The utility of this type of bag has a wide range of fields; they can be carried to the office. Regardless of your need; camping, travel, work, etc., there are canvas tote bags that are suitable to meet such needs.
  • Eco-friendliness: the material used for making canvas bags is made out of cotton, which is biodegradable, making it beneficial to the environment. From the production stage to the final product, they have a positive impact on the environment. The canvas material ensures environmental sustainability as well as sustainable living.
  • Better designs and styles: canvas bags encourage great design with exceptional simplicity. Waterproofing and coating are applied to canvas materials, and they can be used to produce bags of astonishing designs that will suit specific needs. Need a bag that can be used on the beach conveniently; you are covered.

Who Can Use Canvas Tote Bags?

Canvas bags can be used by anyone – young or old. This is what makes it a special accessory to own.

This bag can be utilized to suit different purposes either at work, at home, and even outdoor.

You don’t have to worry about size; even though they are generally large, there are now modifications to it.

There are canvas tote bags of different sizes based on who wants to use it.

Young children will use small bags, while adults will find larger bags more appropriate.

This can be a perfect bag for you when going to the gym or beach to have some fun.

If you need storage space for your regular tools or a handy bag for heavy books, canvas tote bags can be a perfect deal-breaker for you.

canvas bag manufacturer-4

What is the size of Canvas tote bags?

Canvas tote bags come in different shapes and sizes.

However, different factors affect the size of the bag suitable for you.

Basically, the older the user, the bigger the size.

Get to select the appropriate specification of bags from canvas bags manufacturers in China. This is essential when making orders of products.

Whether you need small to large-sized canvas tote bags, there are canvas bags suppliers in China that can make your product a realization.

canvas bag size

Why you should choose Canvas tote bags

No doubt tote bags generally have incredible usefulness, but those crafted out of canvas are even more different. Canvas tote bags have brought these simple and specious bags to the limelight of the fashion and professional world.

Take the benefit of canvas bags:

  • Flexibility: these bags are well-designed and crafted for functionality at its best. Bags made from canvas materials are known to be able to relax properly just after stretching. They are perfect accessories for outdoor use even when the temperature is high.
  • Fashionable: simple and stylish– that’s what the canvas tote bag connotes. Tote bags give their users a special and outstanding appearance, among others. They can be branded to give an astonishing appearance.
  • Convenience: tote bags made from canvas are lightweight, making them easy to use. The weight of these bags are so light and are generally comfy. This makes them an easy accessory to carry and use for conveying heavy loads.
  • Customizable: made out of artistic material used for making fine portraits and drawings. Canvas tote bags can be designed to meet specific standards and look more professional. There are canvas bags manufacturer in China that offer custom designs.
  • Functionality: opt for this bag regardless of what you want to do – it will always stand out. It can be used at work, home, and outings. They are spacious and strong, which means they will be very useful in every possible way.

There are canvas bags, suppliers, and manufacturers in China that are always ready to help you bring out your design. No matter the design you have made, some suppliers will get it done within a short interval. 

Here comes the point when the most important decision is to be made.

This is choosing a canvas bags manufacturer in China.

It is important to select a manufacturer with experience in producing quality canvas bags.

The quality of the bag produced will affect the acceptability of your customers.

Therefore, take your time to find a professional and reliable manufacturer that can help produce bags of superb quality.

Also, pay attention to canvas bag suppliers that can help with delivery with no delay.

custom waxed canvas bags-8embrioderied logo1full printed canvas tote bag


Canvas bags are always of high quality, and we hope to provide you with appropriate guidance in selecting the best manufacturer for your bags. We hope you can have access to canvas tote bags that can meet your specific needs and make getting things done much easier.

Get the best canvas tote bags in the market with ease. Have fun with peace of mind.   

Where To Buy Canvas Tote Bags?

As One Of the Best Canvas Bags Manufacturer and Supplier, You can buy canvas tote bags from us- The One which have professional workers for making custom canvas bags for you, and make the unique design for you with your logos. Will reply in a fast time and will give you full suggestions for your bags. Our Canvas Bags styles are many types, like canvas drawstring bags, canvas storage bags, canvas zipper pouches, canvas tote bags, canvas duffle bags, canvas cosmetic bags, and canvas grocery bags, etc.

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