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Commercial Grow Bags

The One Supply and Manufacture Commercial Grow Bags.

Our grow bags are made from High-Density Polyethylene and are designed to provide superior drainage and aeration to keep your plants healthy and thriving. They are perfect for outdoor container gardening, and they are great for potted and larger plants. The Commercial Grow Bags are very durable and have long-lasting strength, so you can count on them to hold up for multiple seasons. They are designed to keep moisture in while also allowing for adequate drainage to prevent root rot. Additionally, the porous design allows for superior air flow to promote healthy root growth.







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Commercial Grow Bags

Eco-Friendly – Commercial Grow Bags are made from recycled materials and are designed for maximum sustainability. With these bags, you can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving cash on growing supplies!

– Durable – Our grow bags are made to last! The heavy-duty construction keeps the shape of the bag and contents throughout all seasons, ensuring that your plants won’t be exposed to the elements.

– Reusable – Each bag can be reused up to 8 times! That means less waste and fewer trips to the store for more supplies. Plus, they’re easy to clean – simply rinse them out with water and let them air dry.

– Versatile – Our Commercial Grow Bags are perfect for a variety of planting types. Whether it’s flowers, vegetables, or herbs – they can all thrive in our bags!

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