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As a manufacturer of custom drawstring bags, backpacks, and pouches, we are committed to providing customers with quality products made from the highest grade materials. We understand that your brand’s reputation stands behind our product and strive to exceed expectations. Our drawstring bags come in a range of sizes and styles; allowing customers to personalize their own look. Further customize your bag or pouch with screen printing, monograms or embroidery. Designed for your specific needs, you can be sure that your logo will look its best. Order now and experience the difference of having a manufacturer dedicated to achieving excellence in quality and craftsmanship.


Custom drawstring bags from us are the perfect solution for your business or organization! We offer custom designs and branding, with a wide range of customizable features to create the perfect bag for your distinct needs. Whether you need printed logo bags, a particular color scheme, unique materials, or a custom size – we have everything you need to get the job done. With custom drawstring bags from us, there is no doubt that you and your clients will be completely satisfied. Every bag is created with absolute precision and attention to detail, ensuring quality and durability every time. 

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With us, you have all the options when it comes to custom drawstring bags! Show off your brand with one of our designs or get creative and design a bag that is uniquely yours. All of our bags are crafted from durable materials so they’ll stand up to everyday use without compromising on eco-friendliness. Our range of colors gives them an added touch for eye-catching style – why not try something new today?

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Finding a custom drawstring bag manufacturer is always something that gets in the way of business. As a matter of fact, it’s part, if not the most time-consuming part of the business at all.

That’s the reason this guide is perfect for you! For today, we’ll not help you source out the best custom drawstring bag suppliers you can work with in the market!

Before we dive into that further, though, let us learn too few information about what custom drawstring bags are.

What is a Custom Drawstring Bag?

It is a type of drawstring bag where it’s customized according to your needs.

Two (4) custom drawstring bag examples

beautiful canvas drawstring bags
beautiful canvas drawstring bags

Whether it’s for personal use or if you’re going to use it for business, the design, style, and the overall look will depend on you!

As a manufacturer, we take pride in crafting each drawstring bag from durable and sustainable materials. Our bags are designed to be rugged yet lightweight, so they can withstand daily wear and tear but remain comfortable and easy to carry. We strive to use eco-friendly fabric whenever possible, including natural cotton, linen, hemp, and jute. This helps reduce our environmental footprint while also providing long-lasting bags that your customers will love!

How Do You Customize a Drawstring Bag With Logo?

Customizing a drawstring bag can be as simple as decorating it. And, when it comes to decorating drawstring bags, you have a ton of different options.

You can choose to customize not the body of the drawstring bag itself. As a matter of fact, you can decorate and tailor its straps and the strings of it as well!

What Are Drawstring Bags Made Of?

As a manufacturer, customizing drawstring bags with your logo adds a unique and professional touch to any bag. By choosing to customize your drawstring bag, you can make sure that it stands out among the competition, providing you with the best return on your investment. The customization process is relatively easy and affordable; simply provide us with an image or details  that you would like printed onto the pouch and they will professionally custom print it on! 

How Much Do Custom Drawstring Bags Cost?

Our bags are made with the highest quality materials, so that they are able to stand up to regular use while still looking great. We work hard to keep our prices low, so you can get the best value when purchasing your custom drawstring bag. With our manufacturer direct pricing, you can always be assured that you will be getting a great product at an unbeatable price.

Can I Wash a Drawstring Bag?

Yes, in fact, most of the materials used to manufacture it can all be machine-washed.

Image of how you can machine wash a drawstring bag

These materials include nylon, canvas, regular cotton fabric, and other types of synthetic fabrics.

They’re safe to wash and you don’t have to worry about the prints! Do take note, though, that it’s recommended to put it inside a laundry bag first to avoid rupturing if it comes in contact with another type of fabric.

Can You Run With a Drawstring Bag?

Yes, you can use a drawstring bag if you’re going for a run. However, you have to make sure that it’s enclosed properly to avoid dropping whatever is in the bag.

Image of a woman running while wearing a drawstring bag

Moreover, be sure that it’s clinched tightly to your back to avoid items coming out of it.

Custom-Made Drawstring Bag

Beside that, of course, you can also speak to your manufacturer about producing custom-made drawstring bags.

You can outline and detail to them how you want the custom drawstring bag to look like. You can alter and specify the size, the shape, what strap you want for it, what fabric, and the like.

Can You Order Custom Small Drawstring Bags With Logo?

Yes! There are a lot of custom drawstring bag manufacturers and suppliers that offer not only color, but also logo-printing services.

You can count on these suppliers to produce any size from small custom drawstring bags, to medium-sized, and even large ones.  

Where Can You Find Custom Drawstring Bags For Jewelry?

The market will never be empty if you’re looking for custom drawstring bags for jewelry.

Example of custom drawstring bags or pouches for jewelry

As a matter of fact, almost all suppliers can specify and directly produce drawstring bags you can use for small items like jewelry.

That brings us to our next point, which is….

Custom Drawstring Bags vs. Custom Drawstring Pouch

Knowing the difference between a custom drawstring pouch and a custom drawstring bag is crucial to whatever business you are in.

For instance, if you are in the business of retailing of small items, a pouch will be the best. Otherwise, getting a custom drawstring bag might be the option you are looking to take.

More often than not, custom drawstring bags refer to the “regular-sized” drawstring bags that you know. They’re the ones you can carry on your shoulder, just like a backpack.

Custom drawstring pouches, though, are a bit different. These pouches can be complementary covers to whatever small item you have like jewelry, sunglasses, hairbrushes, and other small items.

Where to Find Custom Drawstring Bags Wholesale?

You can buy drawstring bags from us, we specialize in offering quality drawstring bags for sale. Our selection of drawstring bags is designed to ensure you find exactly what you need. Whether it be for outdoor adventure or professional use, our range of styles and sizes make us an ideal choice when it comes to finding the perfect drawstring bag. So if you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer that can provide top-notch drawstring bags at an affordable price, look no further – we have got you covered!

When it comes to wholesale custom drawstring bag suppliers and manufacturers, you will never have any problems if you choose a Chinese company.

A worker in a custom drawstring bag-manufacturing factory

Most, if not all Chinese custom drawstring bag suppliers offer consistent quality of products. In addition to that, you can also expect them to really cater to your needs.

Some of the benefits of choosing a Chinese custom drawstring bag manufacturer includes: Cheaper price, which means higher profitability

  • Better and more stable connections in the industry
  • OEM products are guaranteed
  • Will always be ready to support you if you have questions and concerns

But, out of all custom drawstring bag manufacturers in the market, which one can you trust?

We here at The One have been the country’s favorite whenever they need custom drawstring bags. Because of the consistency of the quality and the customer experience we offer our clients, we’re loved and sought-after even by companies overseas.

As a matter of fact, we’ve formed partnerships that no other custom drawstring bag manufacturers will ever achieve.

Why is The One the Best Custom Drawstring Bag Manufacturer?

We’re not just skilled and experienced – we are passionate about what we do, too. Basically, we pour our hearts out in every project that we get to satisfy your needs.

Furthermore, we also do not stop learning and developing strategies to make everything better.

We here at The One will be the best custom drawstring bag supplier you’ll ever want to work with. Under our employ are highly qualified and skilled people who are part of our Research & Development (R&D) team who are all ready to customize whatever bags you want!

Other Products We Offer

And if you think that our skills and our experiences are limited to custom drawstring bags, think again!

We are also the #1 choice when it comes to other bags and containers such as dust bags, cosmetic bags, sports bags, eco bags, advertising bags, custom cooler bags, and many more!

So, if you want to work with the best custom drawstring bag manufacturer, there’s no better option than to choose us here at The One!

Call us or email us today and we’ll surely respond to you within 4 hours (during business time). You will never regret your decision of choosing The One for your custom drawstring bags!

Custom Drawstring Bags – The Complete FAQ Guide

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