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Custom Garment Bags | Wholesale Garment Bags | Personalized Garment Bags

We supply custom garment bags, wholesale garment bags, personalized garment bags with printed logos, suit bags, dress bags and also you can personalized branded logo garment bags, suit bags, dance garment bags, wedding dress bags, support wholesale garment bags. 

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Custom Garment Bags Personalized Printed Suit Bags, Dress Bags, Dance Bags 

As an experienced professional custom garment bags with printed logo manufacturer, we are your best choice for a wide range of garment bags to meet the needs of men and women. Whether you’re looking for garment bags for wedding guests, your menswear store or for bespoke tailoring establishments, we can assist with garment bags in all sizes for your customers.

Custom Luxury Garment Bags | Custom Leather Garment Bags

We are known as a reliable wholesaler of custom garment bags and can deliver large quantities of garment bags to your establishment within the timeline that is best for you. We supply custom luxury garment bags, custom leather garment bags for high quality menswear, suits, bridals, gowns, dance wear etc. We also facilitate retail purchases, so see us first for your personal garment bag needs. We can help with garment bags for your school graduation, church choir or community event.

Custom Plastic Garment Bags

We are a custom plastic garment bags supplier with more than a decade of experience in the sector. Our custom plastic garment bags could be made PEVA or Vinyl materials. We make all of our bags from scratch and know how to design a bag that can withstand the rigors of any environment that shoppers travel through on their way to work or a formal event. We enjoy making custom garment bags for petite, curvy or extra-tall frames and can help to ensure that the items customers purchase from your boutique are always kept properly preserved until they are ready to wear them.

Custom Printed Garment Bags | Wholesale Garment Bags With Logo

1. We supply Heat transfer printing garment bags.

2. We supply Screen Printing Garment bags.

3. We Supply Embroidered Garment Bags

Nowadays, many businesses use custom garment bags as a means of advertising their products and services. If you operate a boutique and want potential shoppers to learn more about what you offer, it’s a good idea to make sure each garment bag you provide has your logo. It should be displayed in a way that matches the personality of your brand so that it commands the right type of attention from potential shoppers.

We have our own printing room, so we don’t need to outsource the task to another company. Every step of the process is handled by our talented team members, who are committed to delivering top-quality printed custom garment bags to you. Your safety and that of our team and your customers is our priority, and we ensure that our printed garment bags are always AZO Free.

We can help with making sure your logo stands out on your custom garment bags. Talk to us about your goals for anything that you need to be printed on your garment bag. Our printed garment bags can be made for community events such as barbecues and sports competitions, or business seminars, annual retreats, and shareholder meetings.

We can make your brand distinctive with printing that sets you apart. We have the knowledge and skill to complete simple screen printing jobs that present your tagline on as many custom garment bags as you wish. We also have the equipment and expertise necessary to utilize heat transfer or supply embroidered garment bags.

Branded Garment Bags and Our Certification

Our company has successfully built a reputation for quality branded garment bags through our partnerships with local and international companies. We have worked with several brands that are known throughout the world, such as Macy’s, Lowes, and Ted Baker. We have also supplied popular brands like D&G, Vertu, and CASABLANCA with garment bags in the quantities that they need.

We have gained contracts with businesses of all sizes because of our work ethic and the fact that we always deliver on time. Our garment bags complement the style and aesthetic of brands like Ted Baker. We use durable materials that customers such as Lowe’s know will provide the protection required for both suits and heavy-duty clothing. Trust us to bring the same expertise to creating the custom garment bags that you need for any purpose.

Custom garment bags to match your clothing lines are accepted. If you need OEM and ODM garment bags to fit any garment lines, these are both welcomed. Our factory and everything we produce, match the exacting requirements necessary for us to attain leading certification. We have gained both BSCI and SEDEX certification, so you know that the highest standards for the textile sector are met with our garment bags.

Wholesale Garment Bags with Printed Logo

We support wholesale garment bags with logo business, we can offer jacket garment bags, children garment bags, wedding gown garment bags, dress garment bags, suit garment bags. For materials, we have breathable non woven garment bags, clear plastic garment bags, PEVA garment bags, Vinyl garment bags, cotton&canvas  garment bags with zippered or no zippered styles. All garment bags could be made black, pink, red, navy, etc. colors you want.

Garment Bags Wholesale Styles

Zippered Garment Bags Wholesale

We can make zippered garment bags wholesale for zipper straight or zipper around.

Canvas/Cotton Garment Bags Wholesale

We have heavy duty canvas or cotton material for garment bags wholesale business.

Clear Vinyl Garment Bags Wholesale

Clear Plastic garment bags are one of our professional garment bags. Like Vinyl garment bags or PEVA garment bags.

Bridal Garment Bags Wholesale

We made many styles of bridal garment bags wholesale , for long sizes and bottom gusset styles.

Custom Garment Bags Wholesale

We can make screen printed, embroidery, heat transfer custom garment bags wholesale etc. printing.

Branded Garment Bags Wholesale

We can make branded garment bags for bulk order quantity.

Fabric Garment Bags Wholesale

All of fabric garment bag we can do, like nylon garment bags, PEVA garment bags, non woven garment bags.

Non woven Garment Bags Wholesale

Non woven garment bags is a breathable material and a cheap price, it is a good option for making garment bags.

Delivery Time And Sample

To view our work in person, just contact us. We can send samples directly to you. All of our samples are free and you’ll only need to pay for shipping.

Since we want you to receive your free samples quickly, we use an express service to get them to you. This ensures that you’ll receive the samples within three to five days. Communicate with us about your hopes for your custom printed garment bags with your brand and we can make them a reality.

Our team is ready to assist with your goals for marketing. We produce bags that help you to deliver a complete, satisfying experience to your own apparel customers. Orders are usually completed within 30 days, with smaller quantities being ready for you in as little as 25 days.

What Hot Selling Styles Custom Garment Bags You  Supply?

New trends emerge every DAT and we work hard to ensure that the garment bags we offer are always current. Our designers pay attention to what our local and international clients need so that we are always the first to be prepared with printed garment bags for their products.

When you want to know what are the best hot sellers in the garment bags sector, talk to our knowledgeable team. We can guide you in your selection so that when your customers receive garment bags from you, they have the sense of pleasure that comes from knowing that they are ahead of the game. We are professional for making branded garment bags.

We have studied trends related to custom garment bags for different seasons. For example, we know what emerging trends are for wedding dresses across different regions and ensure that we guide our customers in developing custom garment bags that are hit and will sell quickly because they attract modern brides.

Our customers usually purchase garment bags in the following styles:

1. Custom Suit Bags | Personalized Mens Garment Bags

Custom suit bags-1

We custom non woven suit bags, PEVA suit bags, vinyl/PVC suit bags, nylon suit bags and canvas suit bags, etc.

2. Custom Bridal Garment Bags | Personalised Dress Bags | Logo Dress Garment Bags

big logo bridal dress bag

We supply custom non woven dress bags, PEVA dress bags, vinyl/PVC dress bags, nylon polyester dress bags and canvas dress bags etc. with custom printed logo.

3. Custom Cloth Garment Bags | Personalized Costume Bags


We can make non woven costume bags, PEVA costume bags, clear costume bags which are the most popular styles.

All our custom-made logo garment bags could be made printed, customized size and materials.

garment bag printing

Our clear dance garment bags are made of strong materials like PVC but are transparent, so they display your dance costume beautifully. We have lines for both adults and children who perform in theatre and can even print your dance company’s logo on custom garment bags.

Our breathable non wove custom garment bags are effective at keeping dust and stains from your suits. You can have your suit prepared for any meeting and go to the airport or on the train with it inside one of our non woven garment bags. Women and men who are traveling on business will find that this breathable garment bag is a helpful asset, which helps them to look their best. Its zipper allows you to remove your suit without wrinkling it in any way while prolonging the life of the fabric.

Whether you’re aiming to protect a luxurious evening dress or a strapless wedding dress for your big day, we have options that totally shield your apparel. Our stylish big logo wedding dress bags are designed to spaciously fit even the longest formal gowns.

All your logo printed garment bags requirements, we can meet them!


What Material You Can Supply For Custom Garment Bags

Plastic PEVA Garment Bags

Canvas Garment Bags

Non woven Garment Bags

Vinyl Garment Bags

We supply non woven and PEVA custom garment bags for all of your needs. We ensure that we remain in the know on the benefits of all the fabrics that we use. Most of our bags are made of materials that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Even if a beverage is accidentally spilled on your custom garment bag, the liquid can be quickly wiped away.

We have custom garment bags made from nylon, cotton and even organza, to match the style of your dresses and business attire. The materials for each of our personalized garment bags are selected to complement the clothing inside them. We consider the function of each bag but the style is also important to each person who uses our bags.

If you want to use other materials, we can make arrangements that match your needs. We aim for toxin-free products so just tell us what you would like to have, and we can find the material for your custom garment bags.

Except custom garment bags, we also make laundry bags, cosmetic bags, eco bags, non woven bags, grocery bags, wine bags, drawstring bags, etc.

Custom Garment Bags

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