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Custom Non woven Polypropylene Bags

Show your customers how much you care with custom non woven tote bags! Completely personalized and printed in bulk, they make a great addition to any occasion or event. Not only are these eco-friendly shopping bags stylish – thanks to their breathable design – but they can also be used as a long-term promotional tool for your brand. Get creative by adding logos, text and designs of all kinds at lower MOQs than ever before – offering unmissable value alongside unbeatable quality.

Customized Non woven Bags | Printed Non woven Bags With Logo

Our products are customizable and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit your individual preferences. The material is also eco-friendly and reusable, making it ideal for businesses that care about their environmental impact. Plus, each bag is made from high-grade materials to ensure long lasting durability. With our custom and printed non woven bags, you can be completely confident in their value and quality!

Custom Non woven Bags Design

Non woven Recyclable polypropylene Bags

Custom Non woven Bags FAQs

We can supply non woven tote bags, non woven cooler bags, non woven drawstring bags, non woven wine bags, etc. Any style we can customize for you.



We Supply screen printing, heat transfer, hot stamp, laminated printing, etc. for our non woven bags.

We can make any size for our customers, No matter small or big, we all can do it by sewing machine or auto-made machine.

Our economical shopping bags are the ultimate bargain – order in bulk and save even more! With prices as low as US$0.50 each, you won’t find better value. And because our minimum orders vary by style, it’s easy to get exactly what you need at a great price!

Options For Custom Printed Non woven Shopping Bags With Logo in Bulk

Luxury market or retail  market? 

Look at our selection of non woven bags:

Custom Non woven Bags Working Process

Custom Printed Non woven Bags Available

Show the world that you care about fashion, function and sustainability with our top-tier custom non woven tote bags. Our reliable range of color options and design features offers something for everyone – from brand promotion to daily style needs. And rest assured knowing that each one is crafted from strong yet eco-friendly material designed to resist wear while still having a minimal environmental impact! Let us help you craft an eye catching bag perfectly tailored towards your special desires today.

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Why Custom Non woven Bags?

How To Customize Non woven Bags?

Custom Non woven Bags are the perfect way to show off your business. Not only will they keep you organized and looking stylish, but with just a few custom touches, it’ll be like putting on an eye-catching walking advertisement for your company! Here’s how easily turn these everyday items into attractive promotional tools:

1. Customize the perfect non-woven bag for your organization with our selection of tough and stylish fabrics! Our lightweight, eco-friendly nonwovens are perfect for easily printing logos, slogans or designs on them – ensuring everyone can proudly represent you.

2. When selecting a non woven bag, size matters! Make sure to select the one that fits your needs perfectly. For athletes looking for an extra storage solution while on-the-go, consider opting for a larger model with enough space to hold water bottles and other essentials.

3. Make your logo the focal point with our custom non woven bags! You can make a bold statement for your brand by adding an eye-catching representation of what you do on a useful and fashionable item. Maximize exposure to potential clients through incorporating additional elements like slogan or website info.

4. With the right color scheme, your non woven bag becomes an integral part of your company brand. Create a unified presence and put forth cohesive messaging with complementary colors that will help make every marketing effort truly stand out!

5. Show your customers you care about them with giveaway non woven bags! Non woven bags are a great way to spread the word of your business and can easily be distributed at events like trade shows or fairs. For those who don’t have time to stop by, offer these stylish promotional items on sale in-store or through your website.

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