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We supply bulk cheap custom printed reusable grocery bags with logo, custom reusable shopping bags with logo, custom foldable reusable bags, custom reusable produce bags, custom reusable tote bags, custom reusable grocery bags,  custom reusable gift bag with printed logo, etc.

Our reusable bag materials are mainly non-woven, canvas, cotton, linen, jute, rpet, etc. These materials are AZO FREE and ECO-FRIENDLY.
Environmental protection is now a very important topic all over the world, as a bag manufacturer, we have a responsibility to recommend reusable bags to our customers.

Our bags have a wide range of applications, they can be used in malls, homes, shopping, beaches, restaurants, and we have a design team that can design unique bags according to your ideas! If you have any plans to purchase bags, please send us an email.


Custom Printed Reusable Bags With Logo

At our factory, you will find the perfect reusable bag with logo design to promote your business. We can custom-print any type of logo onto our variety of bag materials, ranging from polypropylene and cotton to non-woven polypropylene. Our custom bags are lightweight, durable and long lasting, making them ideal for effective advertising of your company or product. We understand the power of custom printing to build or strengthen brand recognition which is why we are dedicated to providing only high quality goods that guarantee excellent results. Get in touch with us today to discuss how our custom printed reusable bags can help elevate your organization!

Custom Reusable Bags Design

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Branded Reusable Shopping Bags FAQs

As we are reusable bag manufacturer and supplier, we accept personalized reusable shopping bags. It is easily for reusable bags that have your name or your brand printed in front or back. Reusable grocery bags can be customized depending on the design that you want to get published on them.

The custom reusable shopping bags can be where your products are packaged. Some manufacturers are given it away for free to entice the consumers to buy their products. You can also do the same if you have a business.

Why we manufacture reusable bags? Here are some good suggestions for you to choose reusable bags for your brands.

1.Conserving Resources

It takes a lot of resources to produce a few pieces of plastic bags. Since the reusable shopping bag is usually made with recycled materials, therefore it’s the best choice.

You can also use the custom reuseable shopping bag for other things. It’s more versatile than using plastic bags that can break easily. Plus, it looks a lot better compared to plastic.

2.Decreasing Pollution

Plastic is everywhere around the world, and it’s the most significant pollutant of our planet. If everyone will use a custom reuseable shopping bag and use it for several times, it will help decrease the pollution that we currently have.

Since you can reuse it and is eco-friendly at the same time, you no longer have to throw a lot of plastics anymore. Since most of the things you buy are already wrapped in plastic, using the custom reuseable shopping bag can decrease the plastic wastes.

3.Protecting Marine Life

The wildlife is the first who get victimized by the dumping of plastic wastes. It will help the marine creatures if you choose the custom shopping bag over plastic bags.

Many ocean animals we’re getting killed because they are accidentally ingesting plastic. It consists of harmful substances that will be dangerous to marine life in general.

4.Saving Money

You can save money if you bring a reusable shopping bag when you go out to shop. Most of the groceries and shopping centers charge you for plastic bags now. It’s mandated by law to stop too much plastic usage.

Since the custom shopping bag is also might durable, you don’t have to buy it over and over. You can simply reuse it whenever you have to buy your groceries.

5.Repurposing for Other Usage

Custom reuseable shopping bags are not just for putting your groceries. Some of them look almost like a tote bag already. You can use it to carry your books, snacks, and other items.

You can even use it as an extra bag for your clothes or shoes. That way, you don’t have to buy another bag anymore. You can also use it as a give away for those who may need them.

We already manufactured and supplied many kinds of materials reusable bags for our customers, so we can recommend the most suitable materials for you.


You can choose the material of the customized shopping bag for your company to have. It depends on your budget and your campaign. You can discuss it with the manufacturer of the shopping bag to help you decide.


When it comes to getting the custom reuseable shopping bag, you have to decide on the size. If you want it to be used as a grocery shopping bag, it’s best to go for a bigger size. It will also mean that your brand name will be more prominent so more people can notice it.


Your logo will be added to the custom reuseable shopping bag, so it’s essential to know the features of it. Some bags can be folded when not in use; others can be carried as a shoulder bag, etc. Choose which one can highlight your brand logo.

Because of we are directly factory manufacturer and supplier for reusable bags, we can print your shopping bags for what position you want.

If you choose a custom reuseable shopping bag that can be carried over the shoulders, it’s best to have your logo printed on the lower portion. That way, the design will still be visible when it’s being used. Some brand logos are in the middle of it and can be hand-carried. Depending on the feature of the shopping bag, you should make sure that your brand logo will be visible, especially if it’s in use.

. Our print types include foil, screen, heat press and flexographic printing. See the product details for more information.


We can help you to use our reusable shopping bags to promote your business

You can promote your business efficiently with the use of personalized grocery shopping bags. Just make sure to add your business logo as well as your contact details. It will be your business calling card for your customers to keep.

By giving away these personalized grocery shopping bags, other people who may not know about your business will already become aware. You can reach more people when they see your brand name from one of these customized shopping bags.

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Custom Printed Reusable Shopping Bags Available

Our custom reusable shopping bags are the perfect fit for any business, no matter your needs! With a range of colors and styles to choose from or even create yourself with our team’s help, you’ll find something sturdy and stylish that will show off your brand. What’s more – all materials used in production guarantee minimal environmental impact so rest assured knowing every bag is eco-friendly too!

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Custom reusable bags are of our best professional products, we can supply you bulk cheap custom-made reusable shopping bags, reusable tote bags, reusable wine bags, reusable grocery bags etc.  Also support wholesale reusable bags business. OEM and ODM service are both welcome.

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