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 We manufacture and supply bulk custom wine bottle gift bags, printed wine bags, reusable wine bags, canvas wine bags, paper wine bags, reusable wine gift bags, wine tote bags, insulated wine bags, wine bottle bags, single bottle bag, two bottle bags, four bottle wine bags, etc. Materials are jute, non woven, pvc, etc. Also support wholesale wine bags business.

Manufactured Main Styles for Custom Wine Bags

Custom Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Custom Wine Bottle Gift bags are ideal gifts for weddings, corporate events, or housewarming celebrations. They come in attractive shapes and color combinations. Also, most wine bags use durable fabrics and are reusable. You can also store jars and gifts with round bottoms in these wine bags.

Our Custom Wine Cooler Bags with printed logo. These insulated and portable wine cooler bags are an ideal gift for wine lovers. Cooler bags can keep the wine chilled for long hours due to their insulation designs. They usually consist of soft and durable polyester material with aluminum foil padding for wine bottles’ safety.

Custom Wine bottle bags come in different sizes and can carry one to six bottles as per their design. These wine bags qualify as an ideal gift for wine lovers and celebration parties, and wedding receptions. Usually, wine bags have attractive designs and colors. People use durable fabrics to design such bags.

Most wine carry bags are available in tote bags to allow users to carry one to six bottles at a time. These wine bags have strong handles and straps to hold the bottles safely. They also feature extra-thick padding for securing wine bottles. These wine bags are perfect for picnics, travel, and beach visits.

Single wine tote bags are a popular design. Parallel handles in these wine tote bags are useful for easy carriage. These bags are reusable, and you can carry your bottle to every holiday party in the season. You can also keep the champagne bottle, liquor, or other such round items.

2 Bottle wine bags have enough space to hold two wine bottles. Manufacturers design the bag in such a way that the padding saves the bottles from clanging together. The tote bags have sturdy handles for convenient carriage. Some tote bags come with foldable features so that you can store wine bags when not in use.

4 bottle wine tote bags could be carry more bottles.These square-shaped wine tote bags have strong handles and double stitching at the seams. Some bags may have a double zipper at the top. That’s why these bags are perfect for picnics and beach parties. Extra thick padding ensures the safety of bottles. You can keep four bottles upright for handy use.

A six-bottle wine tote bag allows you to carry a range of choices. These wine bags have extra strong handles and durable fabric to carry the load.You may use a single bottle wine tote bag for a housewarming party or a casual visit to a friend. But you may need a big tote bag to celebrate a big party and take care of varied preferences. 

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More Best Styles For Personalized Wine Bags

Product Categories

custom wine bags

wine bottle bags

Not all of us have the luxury of owning different types and kinds of wine bags. What many people think is that wine bags aren’t necessary, even if you regularly have alcohol bottles in your location.

But, if you have a business involving the use, selling, merchandising, and distributing of wine bags, you can bank and trust us here at The One to help you with it.

We’re China’s top selling bulk wine bags manufacturer – we’ll get to a lot more information after that. For now, let’s tackle some of the trending topics people are talking about as regards wine bags.

What Are Wine Bags?

Wine bags are the bags that you can use to carry or transport bottles if you’re traveling. There are many different types and kinds of custom wine bags.

Wine Bottle Bags

Care to add a bit of accent to your wines by offering a free bottle wine bag to your customers, but you’re not sure whether you want a single wine bag, a 2 bottle wine bag, a 4 bottle wine bag, or even a 6 bottle wine bag?

Don’t worry; in this guide about wine bottle bags, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about them. In addition to that, we’ll also impart some of the knowledge on how you can work with the best wine bottle bag manufacturer – you’ll also learn where you can order custom wine bottle bags, too!

Wine Bottle Bags are vessels or bags that are normally used to carry and to transport bottles of liquor, usually wine so that they’re neither carried by hand nor be placed inside a bag that’s not meant to carry it.

Ideally, the market for  wine bottle bags would be people who drink wine, as well as businesses that are involved in the retailing or the selling of wine. If you are the latter, you can use single, 2 bottle, 4 bottle, or 6 bottle wine bags as an attempt to upsell to your clients and customers.

So, what are these single, 2 bottle, 4 bottle, or 6 bottle wine bags?

single wine bag

Sample image of two (2) wine bottle bags

You can purchase those that have pockets to be able to hold many different bottles at once, and, there are those that do not have pockets, which are usually used to carry just one bottle.

What Are Difference Between Types of Wine Bottle Bags?

The different types of bottle wine bags would be distinctive to what it’s capable of holding.

For instance, if it’s a single bottle wine bag, you can use it to hold and to carry one (1) or a single bottle of wine; if it’s a 2 bottle wine bag, you’ll be able to carry two (2), and so on.

The most common types of bottle wine bags are single bottle wine bags, 2 bottle wine bags, 4 bottle wine bags, and 6 bottle wine bags.

Don’t get too caught up on their differences, because the only difference would be the amount it can hold or its overall capacity!

Here’s a table that can help you understand that more.

Single Bottle Wine Bag

2 Bottle Wine Bag

4 Bottle Wine Bag

6 Bottle Wine Bag

Can carry one (1) bottle.

Capable of carrying two (2) bottles; stronger than a single bottle bag.

Capable of carrying up to four (4) bottles; has more balance and is stronger than 2 bottle bags.

Can hold and carry up to six (6) wine bottles, the strongest of all.

NOTE: Bottle wine bag manufacturers aren’t limited to producing 6 bottle wine bags. However, it would be awkward and challenging to carry more than six (6) bottles of wine when you’re traveling.

You always have the option to contact a custom bottle wine bag manufacturer to specify and to customize your request.

Are There 2 Bottle Wine Gift Bags?

Yes! In fact, 2 bottle wine bags are considered the most common and the most customary form of wine bottle bags in the market.

Having and carrying two (2) bottles of wine is just enough for you to have a good and peaceful night. So, giving someone a gift of two (2)-bottle wine bags will absolutely make their day!

You’ll never have any trouble or problem finding 2 bottle wine gift bags. From The One, you can purchase different types of bottle wine bags!

Can You Purchase Custom Plastic Wine Bags?

Other than canvas or the regular textile for wine bottle bags, there are also plastic wine bags, which, of course, are far more durable, but less attractive than regular wine bags.

More often than not, plastic wine bags would be transparent, which allows people to be able to see through the bag.

On the contrary, there are other versions of these plastic wine bags that have colors printed onto them, but wouldn’t totally block out the contents of what’s inside the bag.

plastic wine bottle bags

Some of the major benefits and advantages of using plastic wine bags include:

  • Less prone to tearing and being cut
  • More durable and a lot stronger than paper bags
  • Reusable and can easily be cleaned
  • They can be repurposed and can be used for other things as well

What Styles Do You Have For Custom Wine Bags?

Custom Printed Wine Gift Bags

custom printed wine gift bags

Custom Printed Wine Bags

Custom Printed Wine Bags


Custom Printed Paper Wine Bags

custom printed paper wine bags

Custom Wine Bags With Logo

Bulk Fabric Wine Bags

Custom Reusable Wine Bags

Custom Canvas Wine Tote


What Materials and Styles Could You Supply For Bulk Wine Bags Wholesale?

Paper Wine Bags Wholesale

We supply bulk wine bottle gift bags wholesale, it could be 2 bottle wine gift bags, 4 bottle wine gift bags, 6 bottle wine gift bags, etc.

Wine Gift Bags Wholesale

We supply bulk craft paper wine bags, white paper board wine bags, brown or burgundy color paper wine bags wholesale business. All could be custom-made styles and logos.

Jute Wine Bags Wholesale

Our Jute wine bags could be made tote or drawstring bags, support wholesale business.

Wine Tote Bags Wholesale

There are bulk non woven wine tote bags, canvas tote wine bags, etc. wholesale with polyester handles or drawstring styles.

Fabric Wine Bags Wholesale

We supply non woven fabric wine bags, canvas fabric wine bags, cotton fabric wine bags etc. materials for our wine bottle bags.

Which Styles Of Wine Bottle Bags Could You Supply?

2 Bottle Wine Bags Wholesale
Our 2 bottle wine bags wholesale are one of the most popular wine bottle bags for wines. There are bulk of 2 bottle wine bags styles for your reference to support wholesale business.
4 Bottle Wine Bags Wholesale

If a 2 bottle wine bag is something that you think is not enough, or if you want to add another option for your wine bottle bags, then the next step would be to purchase 4 bottle wine bags wholesale!

Similar to single and 2 bottle wine bags, the manufacturers of these custom bottle wine bags would most likely be able to offer 4 bottle wine bags, too!

6 Bottle Wine Tote Wholesale

And if you want to spice up your catalog, you can decide to offer 6 bottle wine bags wholesale to clients and businesses, too!

The business of merchandising and reselling bags will never go out of business. Why? – Because people need it, and at the same time, these types of bags can usually be repurposed!

You might be surprised at the number of manufacturers that’ll be able to offer 6 bottle wine tote bags wholesale. All you have to do is to know where to find them and they’ll automatically approach you!

Here with us at The One, we’ll never turn down and request you may have. We offer everything from regular 2 bottle wine bags up to 6 bottle wine tote wholesale! The more you purchase, the more discounts we can give you!

How to Purchase Custom Reusable Wine Bottle Bags?

Purchasing custom reusable bottle wine bags should never be a problem. The process is simple, easy, and it’s convenient!

To help you with it, here’s a general structure or process of how you can purchase bottle wine bags from manufacturers and suppliers.

 Finalize Your Style and Design

Since you’re dealing with custom bottle wine bags, the first step is to make sure that you’re final with your style and your design.

Going to the next step without concluding this step can cause a lot of delays to the lead time. So, finalize everything from the style, the colors, the design, and the material that you want to use for your bottle wine bag.

Wine Bottle Bags

Here with us at The One, you can purchase wine bag holders that are able to hold one (1), two (2), and even more bottles.

Sing Bottle Wine Bags

custom wine bags

Image of what a wine bottle bag holder looks like

In fact, we can help you produce custom wine bottle bags so that it matches the theme and the overall genre of your business!

Double Wine Bottle Bag

Do you want a wine bag holder that’s capable of holding more than one (1) bottle?

2 bottle wine bags

Image of what a double wine bag holder looks like

Are you looking for a multi-purpose wine bag that’s efficient? Get double win bag holders and many more from us here at The One.

We have the complete set of engineers that can help you if you need a nylon wine bag holder, jute material type of wine bag, PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate material, and even bamboo!

Whatever business you are in and wherever you are in the world, you can definitely bank and count on us!  

Could You Custom Wine Bag Sizes?

We can supply standard wine bag sizes or also we accept custom bags sizes.

Standard double bottle wine bags measure anywhere about 8 ½ x 15 ½ x 3 3/8.

wine bottle bags-2

Image of a paper wine bottle bag holder

Single wine paper bags, on the other hand, can be as simple as cutting it in half, reducing the overall width of it.

Take note, though, that this standard size is applicable to thin and regular bottles only. You wouldn’t be able to fit fat and thick bottles in it.

Whatever wine paper bag size you need, you can absolutely find what you’re looking for when you decide to work here with us at The One. We’re skilled and adept in producing custom wine bags, no matter what size, shape, form, and style you’re looking for.

What Wine Bags Could You Design?

custom wine bags

Image of different wine bag designs you can purchase in the market.

We can custom by customer’s wine bag design or we also can make by our customer’s idea.

There’s no written rule that you can’t copy the design or the structure of wine bags. You can use them as basis of how you plan on structuring or building your own.

If you plan on working with us here at The One, all you have to do is to send us a copy (CAD) file of the design you want and we’ll work on it!

Custom Wine Bags Styles

We can make bulk wine bags styles for your reference, all our reusable wine bags could be made printed logos.

Custom Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Each custom wine bottle gift bag comes with built-in drawstring, which make it easy to close and open, convenient for wine bottle storage.

GREAT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: The wine bottle bags are suitable as gift bag or wine decoration. Perfect for home storage, visiting, parties, wedding ceremony, anniversary, birthday, bridal shower, housewarming, travel, holiday celebration family reunion, Valentine, Christmas, thanksgiving, new year and other festivals.

Custom Printed Paper Wine Bags

If you ever find yourself in need of custom printed paper wine bags, you can consider The One as your go-to manufacturer, too.

As we mentioned above, we can work with whatever type of material you want for your wine bags. Whether you’re looking for paper wine bags, nylon wine bags, PEVA wine bags, or even plastic (polycarbonate or PC) wine bags, we got you!

Get custom printed paper wine bags for you or for your business without spending a fortune for it!

Custom Insulated Wine Bags Wholesale

Did you know that there are some wine bags that offer insulation?

custom wine bags
paper bag 1

Sample image of custom insulated wine bags

Yes, they’re made in order to keep the temperature of the wine bottle consistent.

You can purchase one from us here at The One and be amazed at the overall effectiveness and efficiency of it.

Many people like to categorize them as cooler bags, but our products are actually different. As a matter of fact, you’ll know that it’s an insulated wine bag because of how it’s structured. The overall form is different.

Fret not because whatever request you may have for your custom insulated wine bags, we’re just a message or a call away!

Custom Reusable Wine Bags

Our reusable wine bags could be made non woven , canvas, jute, cotton, etc. materials. They are cheap wine bags prices and with durable quality.

Custom Wine Tote Bags

Custom wine tote bags are durable and light weight, washable. Perfectly for carrying wine and act as great gift bag.

Designer Wine Gift Bags

If you thought that designer bags are limited to handbags and purses only, think again.

custom wine bags
paper bag2

Image of a luxury designer wine bag

You can also purchase wine gift bags that are designer items and use it for the movement or the transportation of your wine bottles.

And across the entire state country of China, we at The One are deemed and considered as the most trusted and the most relied on wine bag manufacturer. We’re so trusted to the extent that designer brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and others trust us to create custom wine bags for them!

Bulk Wine Bags Online

Nowadays, you will easily be able to find wine bags online. You have eBay, Amazon, Etsy – you even have other physical stores within your vicinity or area.

non woven wine bottle bag

Sample image of the different selections of wine bottle bags on eBay

But, you need to realize that most of these wine bag suppliers get their materials and products from China. They’re able to position the price higher because they’re the ones spending for the freight, shipping, and they’re the ones marketing the product.

What you can do to get a ton of savings is to work directly with a Chinese wine bag manufacturer – like us here at The One. You’ll not only get cheaper and more affordable rates, you can also get high quality of products without worrying much about where to get them.

Bulk Reusable Wine Bags Wholesale

custom bags manufactuer workshopImage of a wine bag factory creating wine bag

If you ever find yourself in need of bulk wine bags wholesale, The One would also be your best bet. We’re skilled and adept in producing and manufacturing thousands of wine bags monthly.

Let us know about the schedule and the production rate you need and we’ll be more than ready to help you!

Wine Bags Wholesale Australia

Australia is a country that consumes wine more often than other countries. Therefore, you can consider it a haven for wine bags.

If your business is in Australia and you’re looking for wine bags wholesale to complement your products, trusting us here at The One will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Our business spans from all across the globe, offering multiple types and kinds of bulk wine bags for different types and kinds of businesses.

Insulated Wine Cooler Bag Wholesale

Here at The One, you’ll never run out of options of the types of wine bags you’ll purchase. We have regular double bottle wine bags, wine cooler bags wholesale, tote wine bags, and many other wine bags you can think of.

With The One, we’ll proactively send you all the information that you need to know about our manufacturing procedure of bottle wine bags. You will never have to ask us for everything – we’ll proactively give it to you!

From what the best and the most recommended material to use is – up to the maintenance and the care that you need to do with it, we got you!

Which Wine Bottle Bag Supplier Can You Trust?

Here with us at The One, you will never run out of options in styling and designing custom bulk bottle wine bags. We can supply your business with single bottle wine bags, 2 bottle wine bags, 4 bottle wine bags – even 6 bottle wine bags!

The best part about choosing The One is that we can manufacture custom products for you! We can produce and manufacture bottle wine bags using a wide variety of materials, from regular cotton, polyester, nylon, vinyl, and more!

In addition to that, we can also offer insulated bottle wine bags, which are perfect for long-distance travels and even for gifting!

Benefits of Choosing The One’s Wine Bottle Bags

  • Lots of different options for bottle wine bags – you can even customize your orders!
  • We have a low minimum order requirement
  • We can manufacture and produce thermally insulated bottle wine bags
  • The One can accept specific and custom orders of bottle wine bags!
  • Under our employ are skilled and experienced bag makers, don’t worry about quality!

Choosing The One as your bottle wine bag manufacturing company will definitely be your best choice. As a matter of fact, you will never be able to find a manufacturer that’s as skilled and as adept as us!

Regardless of your location, The One will be a call or an email away to send the bottle wine bag that you need your way!

Other than those, we’re also capable of producing other types of bags such as waterproof bagsgarment rack coversmesh bagstyvek bagsdrawstring bags, dust bags, eco bags, custom cooler bags, cosmetic bags, promotional or advertising bags, and many more!

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