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We manufacture and supply bulk custom heavy duty mesh laundry bags wholesale for delicates, for shoes, for bras, mesh wash laundry bags with zippers, drawstring mesh laundry bags used for washing machine, etc. Our styles had drawstring mesh laundry bags, no matter small or big mesh laundry bags are, we all can custom made for you!

We passed EN12171 Testing and all raw materials are AZO free and passed MSDS Testing.

The difference between a fine mesh and a coarse mesh lies in the pull force of the water on the clothes. The water flow of the coarse net is stronger, and the cleaning power is higher than that of the fine net. However, if the clothes are not too dirty, choose the fine net to protect the clothes, and also reduce the lint produced by the friction of other clothes, and it is not easy to pilling.

Our Custom Mesh Laundry Bags with Zipper are used for delicates, bras, socks, clothes, etc. Support Wholesale Business. Lower MOQ to Start.


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Bulk small or big mesh Laundry Bags for delicates, washing machine, clothes, shoes, bras and socks mesh laundry bags Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. The One is a professional manufacturer of mesh laundry bags with a history of more than 10 years. We can customize any type of mesh dry cleaning bag according to your detailed requirements. Let The One design and manufacture your mesh laundry bags, let your dry cleaner brand transfer the hot sales of mesh belt soaring! 

We can provide bulk heavy duty nylon mesh net laundry bags wholesale that can be repeatedly washed in the washing machine. This kind of bag can be printed with heat transfer printing, which can prevent printing replacement and promote your brand well. Now, we have more discounts and more styles of mesh dry cleaning bags to choose from.

We supply small mesh laundry bags, large mesh laundry bags, extra mesh laundry bags, 

Custom Mesh Laundry Bags Wholesale Design

Mesh Laundry Bags

Wholesale Mesh Laundry Bags FAQs

At The One, we are proud to offer a convenient and convenient laundry solution. Our mesh laundry bags come with a durable, fine-mesh construction that allows them to trap lint and hair while protecting delicate items such as lingerie and hosiery. The bags can hold even the bulkiest of comforters or duvets and provide an easy-to-carry space saver when it comes time to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer. Simply twist the drawstring closure at the top of the bag for an extra tight seal for smooth laundry transport. With multiple sizes ranging from small (14” x 28”) to extra large (21”x33”), our mesh laundry bags have you covered for any size of clothing load.

Usually we ask 500 pieces for our available styles for the wholesale mesh laundry bags business, and around 3000 pieces for custom colors and styles.

Customizing wholesale laundry bags with logos is a smart way to show customers that your services are dependable and professional. Our production process uses advanced printing technology to ensure high-quality logos that look great and last. We guarantee that these personalized laundry bags with your logo will make a strong, lasting impression on your customers. Whether you have an established brand or are just starting out, our experienced team of experts can help you design the perfect logo solution for any size business. With our convenient ordering process and quick turnaround times, you’ll be able to provide branded laundry boxes in no time!

Yes, we welcome OEM orders, custom printings are available.

Options For Custom Mesh Laundry Bags With Logo in Bulk

Luxury Market Or Retail Market:

Look at our selection of mesh laundry bags:

Custom Mesh Laundry Bags Working Process

Custom Printed Mesh Laundry Bags Available

Give your brand a boost with our unique mesh laundry bags! Our top-quality, stylish tote bags are the perfect solution for everyday life. Crafted from strong and durable material that’s gentle on Mother Earth too – you’ll be able to find the ideal bag in any color or design among our wide selection of options. Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us help create something special just for you!

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How To Make Mesh Laundry Bags?

Producing mesh laundry bags is a relatively straight-forward process which requires minimal resources and time. First, begin by cutting the mesh fabric into appropriate sizes to form basic bag shapes for stitching. Polyester or nylon fabrics work best, as they don’t fray easily. Then reinforce the edges of the fabric pieces by sewing them together with a high-quality thread that can resist abrasion and corrosion over time. Securely double stitch the sides and top of the bag for added strength with a basic straight stitch. Afterward, add drawstrings to each side of the top of the bag with reinforced stitching at every inch or so to create sturdy and reliable handles for transport. Finally, use heavy duty trims like Velcro lines between two sides of the bag to ensure airtightness once it’s packed up fully! With this method you can be sure your customers will get custom designed laundry bags that independent in quality use after use!

How To Make Mesh Laundry Bags
Mesh Laundry Bags With Zipper

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