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Custom Dust Bags Suppliers and Manufacturers in China. We supply custom dust bags, dust bags for handbags, which are convenient for customers to store their own bags or equipment, and keep the bags clean. We can provide eco-friendly non-woven bags, and we can also provide clearly visible PVC bags, and of course we can also customize the materials and styles you want.

Best Dust Bags Styles For Clients

garment dust cover

Dust Bags for Clothes

Expensive, beautiful clothing deserves extra nice treatment. To protect your nice clothing from the Sun, dirt and moths you should use garment dust bags. Garment dust cover bags for clothing work great to protect your nice outfits from time and help them stay beautiful longer. With garment bags, your nice clothing will look better.

Drawstring Dance Shoe Bags

Dust Bags for Shoes

Shoes see a lot of movement: you must protect them if you want them to last. To keep dust off your favorite shoes, shoe dust bags are crucial. Dust bag for shoes can also protect them from grime, dirt and fading. Cloth bag for shoes also goes a long way to keep them out of the Sun!

dust bags suppliers

Dust Bags for Phone

Phones and their screens can be rather delicate. If you want to protect it from scratches, dust bags for phone are a good option to keep them safe in your pocket ! Phone dust bags are also excellent to keep your phone clean, sanitized and free from dirt !

dust bags suppliers

Dust Bags for Cushion

Cushions are one of the accesories of the house that gets used the most: if you protect them they will last longer. Dust bags for cushion go a long way to keep grease and dirt off them. Use Waterproof outdoor cushion storage bags for extra protection, and to prevent fading.

dust collect bags suppliers-5

Dust Collect Bags for Purse

If you have a favourite purse you probably hope it will last you many years. If you want to protect it, dust bags for purses are a good option. Store your bags in a cloth purse dust bag and keep it away from dust and grime. Purse dust cover bags are great !

Dust Bagas For Handbags

Dust Bags for Handbags

Handbags are rather delicate and that is why you should protect them. Protective dust bag for handbags are an excellent way to keep dust and grime off your accesories. Dust bags for hand bags are also a good way to keep your hand bags prettier for longer !

reusable vacuum cleaner bags

Reusable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

We supply various types of dust bags for vacuum cleaners. We accept custom vacuum cleaner dust bags.

dust collector filter bag

Dust Collect Bags

We Supply high-quality of dust collect bags, accepted customized logo and dust collect bags sizes.

Jewelry Dust Bags

Custom Dust Bags

We supply a variety of custom dust bags with customer's logo. We can do cotton cust bags, non woven dust bags, silk or satin dust bags, etc.

Custom-made Silk Dust Bags

Luxury Dust Bags

At The One, we take our job seriously. That's why we only use the highest quality materials in our products. Our dust bags are made from heavy-duty fabric that won't tear or rip, even under the most strenuous conditions.

dust bags suppliers

Dust Filter Bags

Dust Filter Bags are essential for keeping your home clean. They are made of high quality materials and are designed to last. They are easy to install and remove, and are a great way to keep your home free of dust and dirt.

hot selling non woven drawstring dust bag

Non woven Dust Bags

Non woven dust bags are ideal for keeping your home clean and tidy. Made from a breathable fabric, these bags help to prevent dust and dirt from building up, making it easy to dispose of waste and keep your home looking neat and tidy.

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China custom bags manufacturer and supplier

The One- China Leading Dust Bags Suppliers and Manufacturer

If you have a brand with dust bags that you consider plain and lacking character, we could help you give personality to your dust bags.

These dust bags are the facade of your company. They represent the character of your brand that you want to convey. At THE ONE, we propose features that reflect your brand’s virtues and that you can uniquely call your own. We offer to you different strong materials that can suit your fancy, like zippers tearing, button, velcro and handles which can adapt well to your unique and distinct dust bag.


We have been always the top maker of gift bags, dust bags and also other customized bag and packaging solutions. We already have more than 10 years of extensive experience in this field and we can think in advance for what you need for your brand’s success in its chosen niche in the market.

We have developed the best dust bag designs, and you will never run out of selections to choose from because our portfolio is so wide, and encompasses a lot of tastes of different customers.

We are obsessed with pleasing our customers and you will also be a beneficiary of our steady desire for perfection and satisfaction for our clients and we are happy if you achieve or even surpass your revenue targets. We will always be happy that we contributed to your success with our well-designed dust bags.

Aside from our quality dust bags, we also pride ourselves with our professional staff, who are always on the alert to serve you with your inquiries about your material and design needs. Every question you ask, we will answer with the best solutions that the industry can offer.

So if your brand is in need of a facelift through the use of quality dust bags, feel free to email us at THE ONE so we can see booming sales from your end within weeks.





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