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Eco Bags Wholesale | Eco Friendly Tote Bags

We are Eco friendly Bags Supplier and Manufacturer in China. We Supply Eco tote bags, eco shopping bags, eco produce bags, eco friendly reusable bags, gift bags, lunch bags, grocery bags, carry bags, retail packaging bags, etc. Our eco-friendly bags can provide a variety of materials, including non-woven fabrics, RPEt, Oxford cloth, cotton, canvas, TYVEK and other new materials, and provide customized styles and various printing, screen, digital, embroidery, heat transfer Printed etc.

Our custom eco bags with a cheap price and environmentally materials.

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China Best Eco Bags Supplier and Manufacturer

The One Packing Solution is the name for this one-stop solution for manufacturing eco bags. With a history and leverage behind them going back to 2009, and a long list of satisfied customers, this company´s goal is to build your next dream custom bag.

Indeed, they have worked for and met the obsessive, detail-oriented demands of brands such as Givenchy, Armani, Ted Baker, and plenty more. Through that exhaustive work process, they got to the heart of what working for the big leagues is all about. The results were both, astonishing and utterly successful. Armani wouldn´t put his last name on anything less than amazing.

The One Packing Solution, the professional Eco Bags Supplier, did it for them and can do it for you too.

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Starting a custom bag making business would require you to include eco bags in your arsenal. While there are tons of eco bag suppliers in the market, working with the best one requires skill.

But with this guide handy, you’ will never have problems getting an eco bag manufacturer! Not only will you learn about this particular product, but you will also be able to learn how to find the best eco bags manufacturers in the world!

If you’re on the hunt for learning what eco bags are, you’re just in the right page!

Without further ado, let’s head right onto the guide!

What is an Eco Bag?

Eco Bags, from what it’s called alone, you’ll already have an idea of what this particular product is.

For the benefit of everyone, though, eco bags or eco-friendly bags are containers that are produced through biodegradable or decomposing substances.

Unlike plastics, which can take hundreds to thousands of years to decay, eco bas are also better and more effective when it comes to caring for the environment.

Another thought of what eco friendly bags are is that they’re almost always recyclable. They remove and erase the need to utilize plastic bags that can only be used once – and these materials have been proven to harm or even be dangerous to the environment.

Eco bags are reusable bags made mostly with either recycled materials or eco-friendly fabrics. Although the era of “disposable” has come to an end (after inflicting the planet a lot of damage), humans need to carry stuff around and continue to use bags to do it. That is where eco bags come in (and save the day).

The Benefits Of Eco Bags

Eco bags are the bags or the containers that you can use versatility or flexibly.

You can use them for your groceries, for shopping, even for the bringing or the transporting of your things for work.

Unlike the usual and the traditional plastic bags, you can use eco bags on a wide array of uses and applications. You’ll never have shortages in using eco bags!

Finding the right eco bags supplier can be a game-changer for your company and also for your life as a consumer. It is not only a duty of big retailing companies to make this a cleaner, better planet, but also a daily responsibility for each of us. Let´s take a look at the benefits of using China eco friendly bags everywhere in the world.


Let´s take a look at some of the overall benefits of replacing traditional, polluting plastic bags with their eco friendly counterparts.

  • Eco Bags Help to fight pollution

– The intoxication of up to 100,000 mammals a year plus 10% of the total coastline debris are just a few statistics to show just how harmful plastic is. Stop it from doing any harm to our planet with the right eco bags supplier.

  • Reduce fossil fuel usage

– Every year, The United States alone employs 12 million barrels of petrol to manufacture plastic. Using eco-friendly and recycled materials, that number can drop drastically. Lower investment on cleanup – One ton of plastic bags costs $4,000 to be recycled. The product created after recycling sells for about $32. Plastic bags are very cheap to make but very expensive to clean up. China eco friendly bags are the perfect substitute for them.

How Do Eco Bags Help the Environment?

You can find a lot of benefits and advantages in using eco bags simply because of how they are.

However, a lot of people fail to realize these advantageous factors due to the fact that they oversee them.

Here are a few of the benefits of using and utilizing eco bags:

Less Pollution and Degradation

Did you know that plastic materials don’t actually make it to landfill areas? Therefore, they can’t decay and degrade.

Furthermore, plastics can’t also recycled because of their chemical composition – this is where the importance and the significance of eco bags come in.

Unlike plastic bags, eco bags can reduce pollution and the degradation of plastic because they can be reused multiple times.

Less Plastic Waste

Do you know that most of the time, plastic doesn’t really decompose and ends up clogging a lot of drainage systems? Sometimes, they’re even eaten and consumed by turtles and other sea creatures.

So, if you utilize eco bags, you can be sure that your consumption of plastic is less. Meaning, they’ll be less impacting to the environment as well as the creatures.

Better and Easier to Clean

Plastic cleaning is actually one of the most expensive cleanups. On the average, plastic cleaning costs around $4,000 to clean just one (1) ton – and did you know that you’ll only be able to sell it for just $32?

Whereas using eco-friendly bags can actually mean that you don’t have to hire experts just to clean them. Plus, you’ll be able to reuse and recycle them, too.

It Consumes Less Space

This is in connection to the effects of plastic bags to the sea, drainage systems, and the lives of turtles and other sea creatures.

So, the best thing to do is to cut your plastic use and replace it with eco bags!

These are only some of the most customary benefits and advantages of using eco bags instead of plastic bags. But, they’re not everything – there are other advantageous situations and instances you can do with your daily lives.

Styles Of Eco Bags

Eco Friendly Tote Bags Wholesale

You can purchase all the different types of eco-friendly tote bags from us here at the one! We can even give you custom tote bags that are specific to your business needs, too!

Eco Tote Bag Printing

The One can perform excellent-quality eco tote bag printing, whether you want us to print your company’s logo or if you’re looking for a more stylish approach to the products you will be offering to the market!

Eco Tote Bag

You will never run out of options in choosing our eco tote bags because we have a lot in store for you! We can manufacture hundreds to thousands of eco tote bags for you on a daily basis! Contact us and find out the rates and prices that you can purchase them for!

Eco Friendly Lunch Bag

Want a lunch bag that is neither harming nor endangering the environment? Add our eco-friendly lunch bags to your library of products and get more sales than the competitors you have in your region!

Eco Friendly Retail Shopping Bags

Most of the time, retail shopping bags are disposable. With us here at The One, we can produce and manufacture eco friendly retail shopping bags that can be made out of organic and natural materials, all depending on your need!

Eco Jute Bags

We’re also capable of producing eco jute bags! They are available in every color that you want them to be! Send us the design and the sketch in PDF, AI, DWG, CAD, or any format and we’ll make your drawing a reality!

Eco Friendly Reusable Bags

Our lineup of eco-friendly reusable bags is solid and will never be disappointing. Choose from the wide variety of raw materials and products that we are able to work with! We have bamboo, nylon, PVC, cotton, canvas, leather, and many more!

Eco Friendly Gift Bags

The One can produce and manufacture eco-friendly gift bags that are stylish, natural, and easy to make! Never be ripped off in purchasing gift bags wholesale or in bulk ever again!

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

We here at The One can also help you if you need to manufacture and produce eco-friendly shopping bags that are available in a wide variety of colors! Whether you want a white bag, a dimmed bag, or a transparent bag, we got you!

Eco Friendly Grocery Bags

Our eco-friendly grocery bags are available in a wide range of sizes. Choose whatever works for the market of your business and we’ll gladly deliver! Reach out to us so that we can draw up a contract for it!

Eco Friendly Packaging Bags

If you’re looking for packaging bags that are better and more helpful to the environment, then we have what you need! We can produce eco-friendly packaging bags that are deemed to contribute to the overall state of nature.

Eco Friendly Produce Bags

The One’s eco-friendly produce bags are versatile and flexible to the extent that it’s not solely used for produce. You can use it as an alternative to shopping bags and grocery bags, too!

What Are the Negative Effects of Plastic Bags?

Pollution is just one of the many negative effects of plastic bags.

Apart from that, here are some of the situations and scenarios you want to avoid in the usage of plastic bags.

Toxic Substances

Due to its chemical composition, plastic bags release too few chemicals when they’re burned. These chemicals are toxic substances that do not only pose danger to our health, but also to the environment, too.


Plastics do not decay – they do but in hundreds of years. In fact, you have many different types of things and fixtures that are made from plastic!

Due to their non-decomposing state, you won’t be able to eradicate them, which forces production centers to recycle them.

Consumes More Space

In comparison to other materials and substances, plastic bags consume more space. It’s a fact because you’ll be able to see a lot of plastic bags in your household – even in your workspace.

What this means is that you’ll be able to conserve space and position in your area when you refrain from using plastic.

Where Are Eco Bags Made?

Eco bags aren’t made in just one specific country or region – you can find a lot of eco bag manufacturing companies and businesses in the world!

There are suppliers and manufacturers in the United States (U.S.), there are eco bag manufacturers in India and in China – and anywhere else in the world!

Should you want to get the best and the highest quality of eco bags, though, choosing to work with Chinese eco bag manufacturers will be the best choice for you!

A lot of businesses trust and choose to work with Chinese eco bag manufacturers because of the cheapness and the competitiveness of their prices and rates. Not only that, they’re also the most sought-after manufacturers due to the fact that they’re flexible and versatile!

Are Green Biodegradable Shopping Bags Really Eco Friendly?

Yes, biodegradable and eco bags are advertised and marketed as solutions that are the best for the environment.

Due to their structure, they’re capable of being broken down into harmless and safe materials. Biodegradable plastics, on the other hand, too, are better than the conventional and the traditional plastic materials and substances that we utilize.

Why Do You Need to Use Eco Bags?

There are a ton of advantages and benefits in using eco-friendly bags.

Some of the best and the most common ones include:

Cheaper and More Practical

One of the primary benefits you can get from using eco-friendly bags is that they’re cheaper, more affordable, and more practical compared to the usual and the regular plastic bags. Think about it, eco bags are reusable – meaning, you don’t have to purchase plastic every single time you need one.

Takes Up Less Room

Plastic bags are among the materials that take up the most room on your household. Wherever you look, you’ll find plastic in your living and your working space.

Stronger and More Durable

Eco bags, compared to regular plastic bags, are stronger, more durable, and tougher. What this simply means is that they’re able to hold more weight.

This will require you to use fewer bags than what you normally would use with regular plastics.

Where Are the Best Eco Friendly Bag Manufacturers Located?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of eco bag manufacturers you can trust for the supplication of your products.

You can go and work with U.S. eco bag manufacturers, European eco bags suppliers, Canadian, English, and even Vietnamese ones. However, you’ll find more of the success if you trust Chinese eco bag manufacturers.

We here at The One are deemed and considered to be your one-stop solution for the manufacturing of your eco-friendly bags.

We’ve been in the business for more than a decade so you can be confident of the skills and the overall experiences we have.

Do You Offer Custom Eco Bags Wholesale?

Yes! As a matter of fact, that’s one of the strengths that we have.

Unlike other eco bag manufacturing companies, we here at The One focus on the customization or the specification of eco bags for your business needs.

Whatever size, dimensions, and customizations you want and need for your eco bags, you can trust and bank on us to get you what you need!

We support below Eco Bags Wholesale

Eco Friendly Tote Bags Wholesale

Eco Friendly Grocery Bags Wholesale

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags Wholesale

Eco Friendly Carry Bags Wholesale

Eco Friendly Gift Bags Wholesale

Other Products You Can Purchase

Apart from eco bags, you can also purchase a ton of different bags wholesale when you decide to work with us.

You can get promotional bags, custom cooler bags, tote bags, duffle bags, and many more!

The One will never leave you in disappointment in providing everything you need. We have every bit of products you’re looking for.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Eco Bags?

Are you a customer buying your favorite items from your favorite brand? These are some of the benefits of eco bags for you:

  • Strength and durability

– Eco bags made with eco-friendly or recycled materials are more durable and also stronger than the thin, highly-polluting HDPE plastic bags from the past. With only one purchase, you might have a bag that will last you for months or even years!

  • Be a part of the change 

-Asking for and using eco bags is being part of the change. Indeed, choosing to buy from those companies that utilize eco-friendly materials for their packaging is fostering the growth of businesses that care for the environment. In short, it is to do your part as a citizen of the world.

  • Reduce space

– We all used to have this place in our house where we would stash our plastic bags. With the use of eco bags, you can say goodbye to those old practices and recover that space in your house to maybe get a nice interior plant.

What Are The Advantage Of Using Eco Bags For Companies

As a company, finding the right eco bags supplier is paramount. Furthermore, having a partnership with an eco-bags manufacturer that can design, manufacture, and ship personalized models for your company is achieving more than one goal at the same time.

Let´s take a look at some of the benefits that China eco bags can bring to your company:

  • Do your part

– By supporting eco-friendly materials and items, you and your company are doing your part for a better world. It all starts within; make it a part of your company´s vision and cascade it to every employee.

  • Positive advertising

– If people carry around beautifully-crafted, eco-friendly, strong, and useful eco bags with your company´s name on them; you´ll be helping the environment and your brand at the same time. There is no better advertising than happy customers and a positive environmental image.

  • Competitive advantage

– Since some countries, stores, and cities have started taxing plastic to reduce usage, starting your eco bag line today is a competitive advantage for the near future. Don´t wait until you have to and do it in a rush, take the green path today and be ahead of all competition.

What Are The Types Of Eco Bags?

Now that you know the reasons why you should make the change to eco bags, it is time to see which options you can ask your eco bags supplier for. Although what follows is not a complete list, you´ll find all the (nearly endless) China eco bags options here.


Eco bags cover a lot of ground; it is safe to say that there is one for every need. Let´s briefly go through some of the best-sellers:

  • Tote Eco Bags

– Few things look better on your shoulder than a good tote bag with a nice inscription. They can be imprinted with company-related imagery and slogans over a wide variety of materials (more on that in a bit).

  • Foldable Shopping Eco Bags

– If saving space and looking good is something you share with your clientele, then foldable shopping bags with beautifully printed (or embroidery) logos can be a definite winner.

  • Drawstring Eco Bags

– The perfect eco-friendly presentation for products that are small and classy is a drawstring bag. Just add your company name and let your customers reuse them a million times carrying your logo around; it is a win-win situation. Adding to these in the list you could have a cooler, grocery, laundry, and many other types in all sorts of materials. Let your customers spread the word for you by giving them a bag they will want to continue using for their every-day chores.

What Are The Materials Of Eco Bags?

As an eco bags manufacturer will offer you a wide array of materials to work with. Let’s go very briefly over some of the most common ones:· PEVA – This material could be considered an eco-friendly alternative to PVC because it is Chlorine-free and biodegradable. Yet, it holds most of the benefits of its cousin like being highly durable, flexible, and water and tear-resistant.

  • Cotton and Canvas Eco Bag Material

– Especially common for tote bags, these natural fibers are highly durable, reusable, and easy to shape into most options. They will look great with your company logo and a clever slogan in the supermarket line.

Cotton and canvas bags are the most common type of bags. This is made with natural-fibers like traditional cotton, organic cotton, or recycled cotton bags. Since it is common in the store, your customer knows it and buy easily. You can import cotton and canvas bags from our company. We are the leading supplier and manufacturer in China.

  • Jute Eco Bag Material

– This is a material that humans have been using for millenniums. It is 100% biodegradable, and also recyclable. Furthermore, a hectare of jute plants generates 11 tons of oxygen while also consuming 15 tons of carbon dioxide; it doesn’t even generate toxic gases when burnt! The best of it all? It holds prints well and looks even better.

Jute can make great Reusable Grocery BagsThe customer can go shopping with a jute bag in their hand. Thus, the customer will look stylish. So, import the jute bags in various colors and designs from the professional shopping bags manufacturer and suppliers in China. If you are importing shopping bags from China, you are rest assured you’re getting the good quality jute bags that even you’re customer will patronize your product.

  • Tyvek Eco Bag Material

Tyvek (Tyvek. DuPont cloth) is the trademark of DuPont’s series of sheet products. It is spunbonded polyamide (spunbonded olefin) formed by spinning and bonding countless fine polyethylene fibers. This unique The advantages of jet spinning technology Tyvek include: not easy to deform, soft and smooth, light and tough, excellent non-doping, anti-penetration, resistance to water stains, and no adhesive.

  • Rpet Eco Bag Material

– This eco-friendly material is made with recycled polyester. This strong, porous, water and tear-proof material will last for a very long time. It is ideal to be a corporate gift that will last for years.

Recycled PET bag looks and feels like a fabric but is made of plastic. Most of the time, the customer used recycled PET bags because these are durable and eco-friendly. Import recycled pet bags for your business from the best shopping bag manufacturer and suppliers in China area.

What Certifications Do you have For Eco Bags?

What certifications can ensure you the good quality of your eco bags manufacturer? Well, let´s take a look at what prestige and good business practices have gotten for The One Packing Solution.

SEDEX Certification

The SEDEX certification, in case you are not familiar with it, is granted by a non-profit organization. The aim is to keep all business practices within a frame of ethical boundaries that could potentially make the world a better, more joust place for all of us. Because The One Packing Solution believes in such a future for our planet, they cascaded this vision to every employee and, after hard work, they got the certification.

For you as a customer, it means that you can rest assure you and your data will always be in safe hands, properly managed, and stored.

BSCI Certification

As an eco-bags manufacturer, The One Packing Solution works with lots of different suppliers that provide top-notch materials to create the best eco bags possible. Being BSCI certified means that standard, proper workplace conditions maintain all across the supply chain. In other words, this means that The One Packing Solution certifies the materials used for the bags come only from suppliers that show social and environmental responsibility.

The only way to be an eco-bags supplier delivering products that are truly great for our world is to be BSCI certified. Doing business with The One Packing Solution, you can rest assured that is the case.

AZO-free All bags coming out of The One Packing Solution are guaranteed to be 100% AZO-free. Making the world a better place while manufacturing quality products means to dye fabric responsibly avoiding this high polluting shortcut.

What Service Could You Supply For Eco Bags?

In case you are not familiar with them, let´s take a look at these business models briefly:

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) – In this business model, the company works with the client from the conception of the idea to the design, development, and production of the pieces.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) – In this business model, the company solely materializes a client´s creation to the specs requested.

The One Packing Solution is not only an eco-bags supplier; it is indeed a one-stop solution. Combining these two business models (OEM & ODM) means that the company is perfectly equipped to offer you the design of your bag from scratch to be exactly the way you dream it or to manufacture your specifications right down to the last inch.

Furthermore, the team of experts working at The One Packing Solution will guide you through the process of choosing materials, design, and more to create the perfect piece for you. No other eco-bags manufacturer in the market can offer you a solution as complete as this one today.

Supply Eco Bags With Unbeatable Prices

Finally, but definitely not less important, the prices offered by The One Packing Solution cannot be beaten by any other China eco bags company. As an eco-bags supplier, bearing the proud certifications throughout the manufacturing process, and with the highest standard of quality control and production, affordability is a feat, a historical achievement.

Working with The One Packing Solution you´ll ensure your money´s worth in every penny spent with results that will far surpass your highest expectations.

Eco-Bags to make a stand

According to recent statistics, humans use an average of 500 billion bags a year. That is to say that each of us will consume around 150 bags from January to December. Each of those plastic bags is used an average of 12 minutes and takes up to 1,000 years to degrade. Yes, it is a horrifying scenario.

What does this have to do with your brand? Well, a brand´s reputation is created with long years of right choices. Furthermore, those brands that stand out from the pack do it by standing for something; something that matters. What happens to you when you see a company logo printed on a surface, a fabric? You start associating the brand with what you see. What would you like to see your brand be identified with? Using regular HDPE bags will mean to be associated with mindless use of toxic plastic that will end up on the shores of some paradise beach. Well, that´s exactly why you need to start thinking about eco bags as a company policy.

What Printing Technology Could Be Used For Eco Bags?

As a good eco bags supplier , we can always offer the option to personalize your eco bags to suit your needs. For example, a great idea is to use them as gifts or to give them away with the purchase of a select item. Also, it is great for bag retailers; buying from The One Packing Solution which is eco bags manufacturer with competitive prices and adding your logo is a great way of doing business. China eco bags can work with several logo-transfer techniques depending on the material and the request. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Heat printing

– Using transfer paper and a heat press, the logo is transferred to the fabric. This technique works wonders for high-detail designs.

  • Digital printing

– Imagine a giant digital printer that feeds on fabric instead of paper. After the printing process is finished, heat is used to cure the ink. This is the perfect method for small images and very intricate designs.

  • Screen printing

– Stencils have been around for many decades and are used in many different endeavors. Using screens and stencils (and good-quality ink), artistic results can be achieved. Ideal for cotton tote bags with a fashionable twist.

  • Embroidery

– If you want to create a luxurious bag or give it that classy touch, nothing beats embroidery. With today´s technology, any text or image can be turned into beautiful embroidery taking your bag to the next level.

Eco Bags Buying Guide

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